Aug 29, 2014

Channeled Language?

Symbols drawn as free consciousness August 28th, 2014
By myself, Jennifer

I don't know what they are, I don't know if they are anything at all, just know I have been obsessing about drawing them for months. These were done in free-flow, meaning I didn't try to impose any kind of reason to them as I drew them, other than what felt right for the space. Again, maybe its all nothing.

I sat down to draw with my son, failed at my first attempt to draw a squirrel, and decided to indulge the nagging feeling to finally draw the strange designs my hand naturally keeps wanting to. Everytime I picked up a marker I wanted to do a symbol from this design/style. I'm not assigning meaning yet to them. It just felt great to finally draw them.

They are ordered oddly, in an 's' swirl from bottom left to top (as numbered). The only one I did try and 'guide' or assign meaning to as I drew it was number 14, and if you also notice, it fits the least amongst the others. Consider that one my test symbol.

Read followup examination and comparison of these symbols here.
Read the 2015 update Compulsive Scribing.

Fear Itself Creates Entry Points, Not Universal Actions

Morning August 28/29th 2014

Need to type it out before it bursts out of me. Very distracting this morning.

Dream: I come home (my real home, though my sisters also live with us) after having been gone only a short time to find our house in disarray. Furniture turned over, items scattered about. Someone had broke into our home. We couldn't believe how quickly they came in and messed things up. We were gone barely the blink of an eye. They must have been watching us. I knew they had been doing this for sometime. Maybe this time I could find clues as to who it is.

I searched around the house and found a purple zip-close binder filled with papers. I open it up and find personal notes written about me by the owner of the binder. Notes that suggested this person thought intimately of me; his day to day feelings. He was delusional, thinking we were together. I walked into the kitchen and found a bag he left on our counter of his personal affects. I became more attuned to him and saw him peaking and pacing outside our backyard fence.

This was my chance to confront the being who terrorizes our home, and tests our sense of security. I go to the door and he meets me inside the gate at my door, overly excited, if not desperate, to see me face-to-face.

"Wait," I tell him, holding the door ajar to limit his contact. He seems to know things about us all, calling out greetings to my sisters by name. "I will come out to you, and only me." I can feel his energy and intentions. He wants desperately to be against me, to hold my presence and attentions. I'm overwhelmed by his aggressive desire, though he is thin, young, and would appear harmless in appearance. His delusion is so strong, it makes him dangerous. "I will be yours, but you have to stay away from the others." I proposed.

"You will be mine?" He states excitedly, having had no other focus except to have me anyway.

"Yes. You can do what you want with me. But not them."

Aug 26, 2014

Wolf Invasion: Tread Slowly, Don't Run

Summary: Surprise presentation to prepare for or accept defeat; Interrupted execution after such brilliant short-term planning; Wolves ravage the town, killing and chasing; Apathy controls my fear; Secret to evasion; Successful infiltration of wolf lair.

"This dream was the first time I successfully managed to evade them without incident or chase, and infiltrate their ranks."

Dream Night of August 25/26th 2014 -

Aug 25, 2014


Yesterday "Jodie" (referred to earlier in this post) slept over at my house and upon waking she told me about a dream she had the previous night. It had something to do with her taking a vacation to Jerusalem. There was a song playing in the dream but she couldn't remember which one it was. Many of her recent dreams have featured songs and they sometimes have seemingly pretty pointed messages. I've observed this with great interest since I've had relatively little music featured in my dreams. I think about the thousands of songs most of us have listened to and wonder how Psyche would select from this library for a particular night. Songs often replay themselves in dreams with remarkable clarity too, which makes me wonder how much music affects us on an unconscious level that it sets itself so readily in the mind. Perhaps that's a little scary.
The morning Jodie awoke with this dream on her mind we went to breakfast at an upscale restaurant downtown and while we were waiting for our food a song came on: "Babylon" by David Gray. She suddenly realized that this was the song from her dream. Interestingly, Babylon could be thought of as an opposite of Jerusalem. In particular, the dream featured these lyrics:         
 If you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now
We were only at that restaurant because someone had given me a gift card for use there. We had delayed going there several times but this day just worked out and the card was even expired. Would she have remembered that song if she hadn't had the memory cue right there at a confluence of events? Maybe, maybe not, but I find some reassurance in these synchronicities that arise out of our field of existence.
I once had an odd dream featuring a person I worked with at summer camp and then the next day I was walking through a crowded area in a park and my path intersected with this person. I hadn't seen them in many months. For whatever reason, I had decided to take a different path than what was entirely logical. Maybe synchronicity needed my thinking and moving a little differently in order to make itself known. If Jodie and I had used the gift card before it expired we might not have learned what song was in her dream and certainly not in such an interesting way. Maybe synchronicity asks us to do something a little differently each day so that something timeless and acausal can manifest into our realm. We need to stay out of the rut of normality and cold logic and ease into the flow of life and psyche.
Later on, Jodie also told me that when she was a teenager she had a number of experiences where she would have a dream with a song and then hear it on the radio the following morning. These often weren't Top 40 type songs but more obscure numbers. I wonder what this pattern is trying to communicate. These odd little synchronicities seem like a concert of sorts. We are playing, conducting, and being played by the universe.

(Originally published 8/25/14)

Hidden Terrestrials: Gnomes received a series of images taken from a Pennsylvanian's high quality game camera
showing a purplish-pink gnome looking creature walking down a path in the deep woods. They measured the creature to be about four foot tall, standing on thin, branch-looking legs.

See Linda's full report with images here.

There was no mention in the Alien Races Book I have been reviewing on whether there is a species responsible for the gnome myth of Scandinavia and the North-Eastern region of America. Elves (Ellina) were mentioned, of the Germanic myth, but they are a trickster race, delighting in scaring off humans and stealing things from them. General pop culture might be referring to the same myth when we say a little creature stole our keys or socks when we misplace them.

Garden gnomes, however, are caretakers of plants and vegetation, particularly the forests. They have been spotted on Earth for at least 2000 years, and remain largely undetected by humans.

The creature in the photos sent by the Pennsylvania writer showed a creature with large, overhanging eyebrow-like sockets, and a boomerang- or hat-like appendage shaped head. This appendage may have been mistaken for the classic pointed hat gnomes are stereotyped as wearing. A line or divot traces along, what we would call a forehead, giving the creatures top portion the appearance of a hat placed on a round head.

It also wears a red sweater, also characteristic of garden gnomes. However this creature is clearly not humanesque. Its skin is not peach, its head, including the elongated chin and head, are not human, but early witnesses could only make out certain details and had to fill in the rest. The creature moves fast, traveling in and out of the frame in only two seconds.

If such a species has been around for so long, why would it not be mentioned in a book compiling all known alien species? For that matter, why was Bigfoot not listed either?

There is a whole other classification of creatures unknown to us that are not necessarily extraterrestrial. These may very well be natives to Earth, or Earth's higher dimensions, but are reclusive, and wary of human civilization. Just as whales have their domain in the water, we have domain over parts of land. Wolves, bears, and large wild cats share the land with other regional dominant groups. Why can't there be dominant groups in parts of our planets wild better at hiding than the large animals we are aware of? Species with comparative intelligence to our own. We could find terrestrial aliens on our own planet.

The Introduction to Alien Races Book, Part 2

Recommend reading revised version of Part 1, comparing key races from the book and the civilian forum. For image reference, open the pdf of this book to view in tandem as you read this review.

After reading through this book, there are a couple conclusions one can derive about humanity and how we fit in the grand scheme of things. We are clearly technologically outmatched and inferior, for one. Multiple races perform abductions, suggesting we are easily manipulated, or spiritually dumb. Proof of our lack of advancement and retardation as a species compared to those who visit Earth, most of the species' average lifespan per individual is over hundred years. Our collective species loses the wisdom of age more quickly than others. We are a young species. Those listed in this book are coming from second and third planetary homes.

I point out this reality to encourage you reader to not settle for a reaction within yourself that rests at any extremity of fear, surrender, or trust. We cannot match their experience or knowledge, perhaps. But we must understand that our perspective is as valid as theirs in the grander scheme of life. Be open to learn who they are and how they live and what they say, but maintain a space for your own voice and humanity.

Aug 19, 2014

Update on Astral Abduction and Observations of Time Travel

A guest on has confirmed the existence of astral abduction. Abduction is already highly scrutinized, so when I swore I experienced an abduction of my consciousness, I wondered "Who would believe this?"

As a lucid dreamer, I have experienced meditative and dreaming states of every stage of sleep. Some are terrifyingly real, some are real, but very clearly a dream. I can recognize not only when I'm dreaming, but what information I'm out to learn, and can trigger full awareness of information from my waking life. 

So, when I moved from the freedom of the dreamscape into an abductee chair, I said "Oh god, this is not a dream." My consciousness was completely there. If you tried to wake me in this world, I would not have responded (the mother instinct in me allows me to wake at the slightest disturbance). I knew the moment I awoke in that chair that this was a whole different reality. The beings I encountered were verified to me later by other contactee collaborative descriptions.

Debra's guest "Charlie" was abducted repeatedly by both an alien race and our own military. In fact, he says, our military carry out most of the abductions nowadays. Perhaps they made a new pact with the aliens that if they collected what they needed, the aliens would stop their own abductions. This would allow the military to better track who is taken, and how they are returned.

The wealth of information he shared with host Debra Jane East left her uneasy. She could hear the truth in everything he said, but it did nothing to soften the blow of the content he shared.

Aug 16, 2014

Secret Underground Rooms

There is hot chatter. Someone knows about secret, unmarked chambers in the underground train system. They bring out a holographic map direct from his memory to show the group. Red dots mark spots along the tunnels where he learned hidden chambers to be.

He removed the dots for comparison against the default map that showed the outlay of the tunnels and any crevices. "The spaces weren't identified when the map was originally made."

"Let's go check it out." An older man says, and heads off toward the tunnel access.

A Word to the Wise

People will try to discourage the power of yours dreams. They will tell you it is all in your own psychological space, that there is no entanglement going on with other forces beyond you to produce the complex scenes and stories your meditative brain weaves. Dreams are a meditation. The will of the conscious mind is rested save for a few concentrated things. Those things are what determine the direction your dreaming will go, but they do not determine the story. The story is assembled by your unconscious from input of when you were awake, AND when you are asleep. When you are asleep, your mind is free to explore the fifth dimensional reality without judgement from your waking self, which is grounded so much in the physical state that it resists giving credence to all things of pure consciousness.

Aug 5, 2014

Case Study #5's Recurrence of Red Marks

The red grid marks return for one previous experiencer. What can we learn from the dis/similarities between the two occurrences?

Jacob's original case was unusual for two reasons:  1) these marks were the largest I had ever seen in the modern phenomenon, and 2) the grid was horizontal and vertical. They resembled so closely the ones photographed in the first documented case of the marks.

Jacob's first set of marks reported to my team, occurred June 21st 2014.

Worms Again Connected to RGMP

 I reacted in it with astonishment at how everything was coinciding, because in my dreaming self, I knew this was connected to the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP).

Dream from July 28th 2014

I go out the front door of my house that is a combination of my parent's home and mine. I'm chasing after my kitten whom I have just recently began to allow outdoor access (but through my back door) in real life. I'm upset at whomever let him out the front, though I did recognize in my dream self that he is okay to be outside. My dream self recognized that my waking self had approved of him being outdoors, and so instead went along with the course of the dream with an observer's point of view. It was as if it cued to me that this was a dream message by having a starting element be inaccurate to what my emotional mind had already dealt with, granting permission to my kitten to be out on his own, per his wishes.

Something catches my eye on the ground in the bark chips. It burrowed under a disturbed patch of bark. I thought it was my kitten, even though I swear I saw him run further to the right. Still, I investigated, pushing the mound around until a creature surfaced. The moment I saw the color of it through the bark, it lurched up and attached itself to my arm. I could feel it so clearly, its leeching grip. I screamed and called for someone to help me remove it.