Aug 5, 2014

Case Study #5's Recurrence of Red Marks

The red grid marks return for one previous experiencer. What can we learn from the dis/similarities between the two occurrences?

Jacob's original case was unusual for two reasons:  1) these marks were the largest I had ever seen in the modern phenomenon, and 2) the grid was horizontal and vertical. They resembled so closely the ones photographed in the first documented case of the marks.

Jacob's first set of marks reported to my team, occurred June 21st 2014.

Stephen Michalak encountered an unknown craft near Falcon Lake in Canada back in 1967. The craft was open and unattended, so Michalak explored the outside, touched the craft, peaked inside. When he was done, the craft closed up, and shot a blast of air at him through what looked to be an exhaust grate. It left marks on his chest in a large horizontal/vertical grid.

First reported case of red grid marks. Photographed in hospital. 
Michalak was treated for radiation sickness.

Nowadays, the marks tend to be significantly smaller, in a smaller grid, and the rows tend to be diagonal. However, looking back at Jordon's case, his honeycomb pattern on the back was also composed of rather horizontal/vertical rows. 

Jordon's (Case Study #1) similarly vertical/horizontal rowed pattern from May 2012.

Even more intriguing about Jacob's case that I'm only seeing in maybe a quarter of my cases is his marks recur. July 21st, 2014, a month after his previous incident, Stark awoke again with marks on his back. 

Second occurrence of the marks one month later, this time, absent of the grid pattern.

Each dot measures about 12 mm in diameter. But in this instance, they are not in any discernible grid pattern. In fact, they seem to be an echo in intensity compared to the previous one. I know crop circles sometimes grow a 'ghost' circle the following year after it appeared. The 'ghost' circle will be less clean and not as clear as the original one because it is produced from the effect the source had on the crop that created it last year. The crops or soil in the affected area were not fully recovered, leaving an echo of the circle that was previously there. 

Skin doesn't grow the same way crops do, but I do wonder if there is a connection here between the two phenomena. 

Jacob had a guess of his own, "I think the the dots with patterns could be positive forces and the ones without could be negative forces." He suggested the original patterned mark was influence by positive forces, and this newer one, in its lack of symmetry, was influenced by a more negative force. 
Whatever the reason may be, it adds a new piece to the puzzle, and I like finding new pieces. Hard to put a puzzle together with only a few of the pieces to work with. 

He asked a reiki, native American master to come to his home and do a cleansing, of sorts. This man believes the marks are "...etheric negative implants and need to be removed as they can alter mood and have other negative impacts." I have been unable to contact this master, but Jacob had an hour and a half session with him, concluding with the master saying he would no longer have any problems with the marks recurring. 

Let me reiterate that there is still no evidence to suggest these marks are negative or have any direct negative impact on the person or their spiritual body. They can be both enlightening, and disconcerting, or nothing at all, since most experience no adverse symptoms from their appearance and presence. Stark again complained of no dreams, encounters, or pain from the night the marks appeared, but he does seem to be annoyed by them, hence calling someone to cleanse the space. 

To read more case studies in the RGMP investigation, see the archive listing here. If you, or someone you know, has experienced this phenomenon, please report it using the contact form on the right side panel.

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  1. Hello! I'm from Russia. I got perfect round spots in the form of a circle on my back