Aug 25, 2014

Hidden Terrestrials: Gnomes received a series of images taken from a Pennsylvanian's high quality game camera
showing a purplish-pink gnome looking creature walking down a path in the deep woods. They measured the creature to be about four foot tall, standing on thin, branch-looking legs.

See Linda's full report with images here.

There was no mention in the Alien Races Book I have been reviewing on whether there is a species responsible for the gnome myth of Scandinavia and the North-Eastern region of America. Elves (Ellina) were mentioned, of the Germanic myth, but they are a trickster race, delighting in scaring off humans and stealing things from them. General pop culture might be referring to the same myth when we say a little creature stole our keys or socks when we misplace them.

Garden gnomes, however, are caretakers of plants and vegetation, particularly the forests. They have been spotted on Earth for at least 2000 years, and remain largely undetected by humans.

The creature in the photos sent by the Pennsylvania writer showed a creature with large, overhanging eyebrow-like sockets, and a boomerang- or hat-like appendage shaped head. This appendage may have been mistaken for the classic pointed hat gnomes are stereotyped as wearing. A line or divot traces along, what we would call a forehead, giving the creatures top portion the appearance of a hat placed on a round head.

It also wears a red sweater, also characteristic of garden gnomes. However this creature is clearly not humanesque. Its skin is not peach, its head, including the elongated chin and head, are not human, but early witnesses could only make out certain details and had to fill in the rest. The creature moves fast, traveling in and out of the frame in only two seconds.

If such a species has been around for so long, why would it not be mentioned in a book compiling all known alien species? For that matter, why was Bigfoot not listed either?

There is a whole other classification of creatures unknown to us that are not necessarily extraterrestrial. These may very well be natives to Earth, or Earth's higher dimensions, but are reclusive, and wary of human civilization. Just as whales have their domain in the water, we have domain over parts of land. Wolves, bears, and large wild cats share the land with other regional dominant groups. Why can't there be dominant groups in parts of our planets wild better at hiding than the large animals we are aware of? Species with comparative intelligence to our own. We could find terrestrial aliens on our own planet.

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