Aug 16, 2014

A Word to the Wise

People will try to discourage the power of yours dreams. They will tell you it is all in your own psychological space, that there is no entanglement going on with other forces beyond you to produce the complex scenes and stories your meditative brain weaves. Dreams are a meditation. The will of the conscious mind is rested save for a few concentrated things. Those things are what determine the direction your dreaming will go, but they do not determine the story. The story is assembled by your unconscious from input of when you were awake, AND when you are asleep. When you are asleep, your mind is free to explore the fifth dimensional reality without judgement from your waking self, which is grounded so much in the physical state that it resists giving credence to all things of pure consciousness.

Let your dreams inspire you. Let them challenge you to believe some greater reality feeds and interacts with the solid-state one. Don't impose solid-state interpretations on them when you are remembering them. Their truths are evident when we let ourselves be present in the memory of the dream experience. Consider the whole story, not just one element. Dare to believe it is a communication with another reality, that you walked in another plane, on another planet with a higher vibration. They can show us so much if we just believe in their power.

When you dream, remember it exactly as you experienced it first. Don't let someone else reduce its validity. In fact, I strongly recommend against letting someone interpret it for you before you've had the chance to transcribe it or meditate back through it. Encode it in your memory as you would read a book. Dreams are full body experiences. Place yourself back in it, wherever you can remember that sticks out, and simply walk through the experience again, like a memory. Remember it as if it happened already and you are just trying to record it. Describe all the unbelievable powers you have:  telepathy, foresight, time-stream branching, knowing, overlapping or alternating images, emotions, instantaneous scene changes, thoughts during the experience. Record without judgement. Save that for later, if you must.

If you were an eyewitness to an event or crime, you would be asked to remember it exactly as you can. Now, we know eyewitness testimonies of the same event can vary greatly on the details. That's not the point. You would try your hardest to remember it exactly. Be careful with this approach because your logical brain will try to make sense of nonsensical things. The greatest detriment to dream study is how much we impose solid state logic on the events we witness in the sub-material realm.

Accept what your dream was without fear, doubt, resistance, or judgment. Okay, you had a dream about killing someone. Okay, you had a dream about having sex with your cousin. Okay, you saw a terrifying figure. Acknowledge it first. Acknowledge what you felt. Give yourself permission to think about it for the sake of recall. It will do you more good than trying to ignore it happened in the loneliness of your mind. 

Dreams may be exaggerations of your emotional states, but what is incredible is that they incorporate emotional states of other real people as well. They provide a clarity we can't achieve while awake. The challenge we face in properly understanding what each dream's 'purpose' is, has more to do with understanding how that realm works, and how you the individual communicates with it. They are not stand alone experiences.

Mediums recognize symbols from the dead to infer certain worldly conclusions. A white dove might mean (only specifically to this medium) that the person in question died an unexpected death. You must learn what they are trying to show you and what form those messages take for you. For instance, I generally recognize water to be my symbol for the dream state, and wooden buildings or play structures to be representative of the solid state world. That means, the space around those wooden structures also represents the dream state at times. So, when I see a play structure over water, I know some kind of crazy cross-over between both worlds is shown that I still don't understand. But it gave me the building tools to recognize the depth of such a combination of symbols.

Let your spirit soar. Be awed by the incredible images and fantastical things your unconscious mind witnesses. Know your dreams are both part of you and separate from you. Explore the realm they offer us a window into. Do not be discouraged for too long by the lack of control you have over them. They are telling you something important you are refusing to listen to. Observe and participate, listen and speak up. Your imagination is the only limitation you face. Rise out of despair and fear by learning to envision what it looks like for you to. Ask for guidance when you need it. Learn to communicate WITH the other realm.

First, you must let it be. 

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