Aug 19, 2014

Update on Astral Abduction and Observations of Time Travel

A guest on has confirmed the existence of astral abduction. Abduction is already highly scrutinized, so when I swore I experienced an abduction of my consciousness, I wondered "Who would believe this?"

As a lucid dreamer, I have experienced meditative and dreaming states of every stage of sleep. Some are terrifyingly real, some are real, but very clearly a dream. I can recognize not only when I'm dreaming, but what information I'm out to learn, and can trigger full awareness of information from my waking life. 

So, when I moved from the freedom of the dreamscape into an abductee chair, I said "Oh god, this is not a dream." My consciousness was completely there. If you tried to wake me in this world, I would not have responded (the mother instinct in me allows me to wake at the slightest disturbance). I knew the moment I awoke in that chair that this was a whole different reality. The beings I encountered were verified to me later by other contactee collaborative descriptions.

Debra's guest "Charlie" was abducted repeatedly by both an alien race and our own military. In fact, he says, our military carry out most of the abductions nowadays. Perhaps they made a new pact with the aliens that if they collected what they needed, the aliens would stop their own abductions. This would allow the military to better track who is taken, and how they are returned.

The wealth of information he shared with host Debra Jane East left her uneasy. She could hear the truth in everything he said, but it did nothing to soften the blow of the content he shared.

Time Travel Application

Having avidly pursued the science of time-travel technology, fourth-dimensional phasing, light-bending cloaking tech, while compiling research in consciousness, abduction and contactee accounts of ET tech and capabilities, one topic Charlie divulged was of particular interest to me.

He said the ET abductors used time-travel technology as frequently and easily as we use a microwave. They take a person and return them at the time of the original taking. He recalls being taken for hours, then returned hovering over his body waiting for the time stream to catch up. When he was laid back into the same spot his body of what was to him a few hours ago, he simply merged with his old self, then continued in the timeline of that old self as if he were never taken.

Brilliant! I mean, awful, obviously, but also rather brilliant. The question of not only time loss, but time stretch and condensation has bothered the validity of abduction experiences.

My memory of the only other abduction type experience I've had was so strange, I couldn't figure it out before now. The day my red grid marks appeared on my palms, I had memory of a "dream" that felt like it happened two days ago. I was carried (literally) out of a portal in the street beside my house (I rarely dream about my actual home or area). I saw the portal come into our time line as if I were looking at it and watched my tall military clad Darian walk out with me --small as a child-- thrown over his shoulder. I didn't want to go home, I had finally found him --my imaginary friend, my guardian, my channel link-- and I wanted to return to his ship in the other dimension.

The portal had no shape or form, but when it materialized, the timeline of this realm halted and turned shades of grey like a background window on a computer. The portal entrance was the only spot (transparent) that retained the vibrancy of the physical realm. We stepped out, and the time line continued. I felt this and saw this when the background of the scene came back into color. Walking onto the paused time of the world made it feel like a background as well, like I was walking across a thin stage with the grey scene of my neighborhood painted on the backdrop. Then, when it came to the foreground, I felt we had immersed three dimensionally into it.

Charlie is not the first to confirm the existence of gateways across space-time, and time-travel technology. How else could they get here from other planets, expect by knowing how to traverse the space-time barrier of light. How do they move with light? How do they bend it in such a way as to cloak themselves? The real question is how do we harness already existing light? Is it about erecting a field? Is it about manipulating the molecular structure of the object? Still I ask, how does imagination interact with light? How is technology that materializes thought related to this area of science?


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