Aug 5, 2014

Worms Again Connected to RGMP

 I reacted in it with astonishment at how everything was coinciding, because in my dreaming self, I knew this was connected to the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP).

Dream from July 28th 2014

I go out the front door of my house that is a combination of my parent's home and mine. I'm chasing after my kitten whom I have just recently began to allow outdoor access (but through my back door) in real life. I'm upset at whomever let him out the front, though I did recognize in my dream self that he is okay to be outside. My dream self recognized that my waking self had approved of him being outdoors, and so instead went along with the course of the dream with an observer's point of view. It was as if it cued to me that this was a dream message by having a starting element be inaccurate to what my emotional mind had already dealt with, granting permission to my kitten to be out on his own, per his wishes.

Something catches my eye on the ground in the bark chips. It burrowed under a disturbed patch of bark. I thought it was my kitten, even though I swear I saw him run further to the right. Still, I investigated, pushing the mound around until a creature surfaced. The moment I saw the color of it through the bark, it lurched up and attached itself to my arm. I could feel it so clearly, its leeching grip. I screamed and called for someone to help me remove it.

It was maggot colored, with a light gray pattern of squiggle marks, similar to the White slug, pictured below. The creature I saw did not have antennae or any discernible end for a head as the slug does.

Someone, a gay male friend, pulled it off to reveal its impression where it sucked on my skin, a rectangular shape with two half circles touching end to end. I found the distinctness of the symbol important because it looked nothing like the shape of the creature. I second guessed what I saw, and tried to imagine the creature being in that shape on the bottom with such distinct right angles, but it didn't fit. 

When I looked at it again because the pain was steady and not subsiding, it had swelled into a lump with small porous holes with a pus-like substance oozing out and popping like acid under my skin. The pain was terrible, making the dream experience incredibly real. I had full awareness and connection of my waking memories, dreams, and knowledge. I reacted in it with astonishment at how everything was coinciding, because in my dreaming self, I knew this was connected to the red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP).

My gay friend ushered me inside to a doctor of the Resistance (underground, shady place where field agents have to get treated by undercover doctors; a theme I've seen before). He pulled little worms out of the holes in my skin. The creature planted its eggs into a host (me) for warmth and food when hatched. I was satisfied he got all the larvae out, but it got me wondering if there were others I didn't know about inside my body. My heart and chest was hurting. The Resistance doctor, whom I felt I knew, x-rayed my chest to discover I had multiple full grown adults of the same species worm crawling freely through my inner chest. After seeing him pull those small ones out, the length of these adult ones creeped me out, but it verified something to me. I knew (in the dream) that they feed unsuspectingly and can find their way into our bodies without us knowing. I couldn't recall an encounter matching that same level of pain, I would have felt it, which I interpreted in the dream to mean they had a way of hiding their attacks either by doing so when the victim is asleep or numbing the victim to its presence.

Programmed Love

There was something more in this dream. A large machine that seemed used and out of date, but continued to perform its duties. No one monitored it anymore. It went through the motions of its programming. I want to say it was a heavy-duty washing machine, for washing large loads of sheets or laundry. The machine was angry that its purpose for creation had become outdated. It was no longer used for what it was created for, but was never turned off. It was left to run on its timer to the point of driving it mad, expressed as glitches of spontaneous start-up. This scene was tied to Chris, my childhood friend whom I somehow can't seem to avoid. I do feel a mechanized concern and attraction toward him that surpasses all reason and realism.

The machine was a danger to us. Although I felt sorry for it, it had to be stopped before it killed one of us. It had almost turned carnivorous, reaching out for us with a mouth like the back of a garbage truck that wanted to crunch us down. We had to deal with it before I could see the doctor.

Coincidentally, I did just see Chris after a decade of silence last weekend. It went horribly. We were awkward and he was not ready to see me. I stopped in with family after our encounter and happened to turn to a local talk show station talking about alien abduction. I was suddenly snapped back to my life thinking "Oh yeah, that area I am so interested in. That's where I need to refocus my energy."

This dream may have been a forecast of things to come, that I would need to face the machine before learning about the worms inside my body.

Dreams can be very confusing because we can't see them as direct representations of material things and events. They are concentrated energy and emotion and life in symbolic forms. A chair in a dream is not made of wood molecules. A chair in a dream is made of the need to sit down, or the taunting inability to stop moving for a moment, or a number of other thought-driven compositions. Because of that, the worm connection is difficult to interpret. The worms might be the festering obsession within us about this phenomenon, the want to figure it out.

I need to change my Call-Response approach. Due to a recent recurrence of the marks in one of my cases, I need to channel information about how to predict if an individual will experience them again (for a second time, or more). See Case Study #5 Recurrence (TBA).

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