Aug 16, 2014

Secret Underground Rooms

There is hot chatter. Someone knows about secret, unmarked chambers in the underground train system. They bring out a holographic map direct from his memory to show the group. Red dots mark spots along the tunnels where he learned hidden chambers to be.

He removed the dots for comparison against the default map that showed the outlay of the tunnels and any crevices. "The spaces weren't identified when the map was originally made."

"Let's go check it out." An older man says, and heads off toward the tunnel access.

Flashlights in hand, we walk through the unlit tunnels. As with any darkness in dreamscape, our bodies are clearly visible against a backdrop of darkness, but the edges and corners of the tunnel walls are outlined, as if someone traced them with a white color pencil on black paper.

I'm following this group as one of the youngest members. I do offer something, even though the courage, experience, and knowledge of the others outweighs mine... Maybe focused intent? The rest tend to wander around exploring every corner of the space, but I can pause and examine things closer.

We enter in to the closest secret space to where we were, knowing there were still many along this tunnel. It's a modern business office with a kitchen and cubicles. There's a microwave, pantry, and fridge. We find food stocked for long-term living. We could live here. Someone placed the original construction and time period this was built in to be the '60's, but the modern amenities were of today's technology and style.

In our excitement about this rare find, everyone shouts out all the things of value or interest they find. We're all thinking this is a perfect, and unexpected, treasure of a bunker to survive the apocalypse that has broken out on the surface. Why would anyone have left this, and how has no one else found this? I don't recall the details of the apocalypse.

"It's not marked, remember." Someone in my party says, as they explore a side room. No one is searching for this because they don't know to look for it.

I inspect the cubicles. These were long-term working areas. Slots on the walls where pictures of family must have hung were empty. Papers were scattered around. The workers left in a hurry, grabbing certain files and papers. The apocalyptic emergency happened sudden enough, the workers had no time to grab everything they should have. I read some of the papers and quickly realize this was a secret governmental office that had intelligence and plans for things the public never knew about.

"Uh, guys. There's a folder here for every year in the 2000's and up. Are you sure this was made in the 60's? There's even folders here for years beyond this one. 2135?!" What could they possibly know about a year over a hundred years in the future? Some of the food packaging had been around since the 60's, sealed and preserved in such a way to last long storage times. The fridge looked old enough to be from that era, as well. But the modern construction, the style of the swivel chairs, the modern look of the kitchen and microwave, even the decor, all matched modern times.

The information suggested this office to be a base of operations, long-term planning and analysis for a larger base. It was clearly a human-run operation, but they had access to information for a 200 year span of history. They had access to technology way before it was ever released to the public. The folders of the years was accumulations of sequences of events and forecasts and how they turned out. It was like a time-monitoring, and research station, assembling the facts and predictions and comparing against real time. They were trying to understand how sequences of events led to larger changes in the extended time line. Their 2135 folder, and any year further and further away, would be more incomplete than those that have passed. Meaning, they're still compiling and comparing information. These were everyday working humans who specialized in processing this type of data, just as any accountant or programmer processes a specialized set of data. These ones, happened to be doing it in a secret project, in a secret space, under a secret budget. They grabbed pictures of family, and dear mementos, along with classified materials, showing their priorities and humanity.

The information they worked with did, however, allow the organization as a whole to try and control for, or against, certain forecasts and predictions. 

The more we found, the more unsettled we became. What if there's a silent alarm system? What if they return to reclaim their classified information from looters? What if they decide to use this space again? We decide to explore the other chambers along the tunnel before choosing to stay at the first  one we come to. We'll need more comparison as to what to make of what we've found that the other chambers might provide.  

Note: There was a code I tried to remember, along with the year 2135, as I knew I was starting to return to the waking state. The code was a sting of numbers I saw on a paper laying on the desk. Started with a 9, and was maybe 15 characters long. No hyphens or periods. I took it from a statistical analysis with formulas. I really do need to get better at encoding mathematical data in my dreams, or so many other dreams have told me. See dreams about forgetting to do my math homework. Huh, I always interpreted that to mean I needed to review math subjects from school, which yes, I suppose would help me visualize and conceptualize such data. I also took those dreams to mean I have the information I need (about a topic I'm inquiring), but I have to put it together and do the math.

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