May 23, 2015

French Investigator on the Target Symbol/Mark Phenomenon

The red grid mark phenomenon (RGMP) has just become even stranger with the discovery of another investigation series on a french forum site (translated to English here, untranslated in French here).

Featured at left, TSMP Investigator's Case No. 1 reported in 2005.

An investigator with the username Mikerynos37, general alias Mikerynos, and real name Rémy, lists 12 of his case reports on a health forum Doctissimo with an additional 3 new cases posted to the forum thread by the experiencers themselves. Like so many of RGMP experiencers, those who have found strange circular symbols imprinted or burned onto their skin have sought answers and find their way on health forums and paranormal sites.

Remy has collected over a hundred incidents of circular burn-like symbols. Like me, he is inclined to inquire as to whether the person had any esoteric experience around the time of the mark's appearance, or note any unusual sleep the night prior. The investigation's home, Unusual Target / Touraine Insolite (translated to English here, untranslated original site in French here), was started in 2007, and with cases coming in as recently as 2015, his ongoing investigation has amassed over a hundred cases.

Some of his findings and case studies were published in an article in the seasonal magazine release of Parasciences (translated to English here).

Published article (in French) in the Parasciences magazine about the target symbol phenomenon, featuring his case numbers 1, 11, and 15. 
Remy has compiled a reference sheet on the variations of target marks experiencers report.

Reference guide (3 pages) of approximately 97 variations of the circular symbol found burned or imprinted on the skin of experiencers.

Preliminary Cross-Comparison of the RGMP and TSMP
  • An unusually deep sleep is sometimes reported by the experiencer preceding the discovery of the mark.
  • Many of the listed cases report a faint burning sensation at the site before later discovery a mark, although a few others report no sensation at all, thus not even noticing the mark until presumably hours or days after it's appearance. The number of people who report any kind of sensation associated to their grid mark in the RGMP is significantly lower, frankly rare. 
  • The TSMP does appear to remain much longer than RGMP, understandable given the extend of scarring and damage to the tissue seen in the TSMP.
  • Target symbol marks tend to appear on the breasts, chest, and shoulders, giving it the tag name "Mark of the Breast," whereas RGMs appear all over the body, with particular locations being the back and shoulders as well.
  • Based on the 15 cases on the thread, the phenomenon's profile seems to be female either in their 20's or mid-life (40's - 60's?). (Preliminary observation)
  • Personality profiles match in a few obvious ways between the two phenomena. 1) Experiencers tend to be spiritual people or open-minded individuals, the types who might consider seeing a medium or have a spirit guide; 2) They either firmly discount any extraterrestrial/higher-dimensional intelligence being responsible of their marks, or highly suspect a supernatural cause. [Note: Neither investigation team seems to subscribe to any one cause yet.]
I have sent a request for collaboration to Remy, and plan to explore the Unusual Target website more thoroughly in time.

Search posts by Mikerynos/Remy on the Doctissimo thread from his profile page (English translation here. Untranslated in French here.)

All translations are courtesy of Google Translate. 

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Contact Mikerynos to report a TSMP case or inquire about his investigative findings at either or (both of which were listed in his forum thread). 

To report a RGMP incidence, contact my team by using the Contact Form in the right-hand column of this website, or (and we would greatly appreciate both) fill out a questionnaire on your mark which will ensure we have all your info and report here. We highly encourage filling out this questionnaire. Expect a reply within a week after initial contact.


  1. I woke up to find a strange circle pattern on my chest!

  2. I found one of these marks today and I have no explanation for it

  3. I noticed a red mark on the inside of my upper left arm 2 days ago. It looks exactly like the first mark in the second row of the third page of marks