Jun 28, 2015

RGMP Case Report #14: Julia Murray

Julia, 21, applies her part-time studies in Mortuary Sciences as a Funeral Director in Connecticut. "Work is my passion," she says. "If I'm not at work, I'm studying for school. Leaves me little time for real hobbies..." Life keeps her busy. But everything stopped in the afternoon of May 13th, 2015 during a restful check at the mirror; a surprise was about to demand some of her precious attention. Under her chin was a small grid of dots in a vaguely symmetrical pattern. This was not like her common bruising episodes, waking up with inexplicable sore spots, this was something altogether more specific, and it brought her back in time to when another unusual encounter with the unknown occurred.

When Julia was 14 years old, an unprecedented event happened to her and her family of 5 that left a lasting imprint on her, her mother, and her brother for years to come.

Jun 16, 2015

RGMP Case Report #13: Kayla in Texas

Kayla is 19 years old and wrote us in late May. In her words, she was "sort of scared." Her marks appeared in a rectangular shape to the left of her right shoulder blade and she counted 19 dots, describing them as looking like mini hickeys. As is typical, there was no pain or sensation associated with them and she could not be exactly sure as to the date when they appeared, though she assumes it was in the early morning hours around May 26th, a little after 2am.
Oddly, her boyfriend took the picture, forgot, and then told her 2 days later.

Jun 14, 2015

RGMP Case Report #12: Jim V.

See 9/30/15 update below.

June 6th, 2015 - A year of intermittent contact is finally ready to produce a brief report on Jim's incidence of grid marks. He contacted me back in June of 2014, with spotty emails bleeding out a few more details about what happened around the 15th of that month to lead him to me.

What immediately caught my attention at the time was that he was the first, besides myself, to report profuse sweating the night his marks appeared.

 Jim's marks appeared on his mid-back around June 15th, 2014, captured here in the upper half of the frame, on his left side.

RGMP Case Report #11: Nicole

Nicole read about my investigation back in May 2014 and left a comment on the History and Symptoms Summary post our readers are probably familiar with by now if you're following this series.

I tracked her down through social media and finally got a hit back some months later. My efforts managed to excite a brief dialogue with her about her marks appearance.

Her original comment was to the point, "woke up with this same shit today," which was made the morning she discovered "a perfect square of 16 dots" on her shoulder. Unfortunately she didn't think to take a picture at the time, and because it took us so long to touch base, the marks had disappeared before I could ask her to. "The dots looked like small bruises and faded with in a couple days."

She couldn't place the pattern to her bedding or anything around her that made sense. The last thing I got from her was that she considers herself a 'spiritual person' and hence maybe the mark's were spiritual in nature. I think if anything it was meant to highlight her curiosity and open-mindedness to whatever the truth might be.

That was all I was able to get from her. Her latest reply was Feb 10, 2015.

If you or someone you know have experienced the RGMP, please contact our investigative team by using the contact form in the right-hand column of this website. We also ask you fill out a General Info Collection Form here to help us expedite the process and get to the details of your case. 

See the Investigations Page for an archive listing of all posts and published case reports on this phenomenon.

RGMP Case Report #10: Jillian, Part 1 Introduction

   "I've had a lot of paranormal activity in my life, actually. I've always had a very active imagination and I feel there is a certain power to manifest reality through thoughts and writing, and much of my existence I pretty much wrote up myself. Some pockets of my life seem more enchanted than others. There was one period that lasted for about a week where everything I dreamed, even though they were small, mundane occurrences, showed up on my waking life immediately upon waking." --Jillian

Jun 13, 2015

Correspondence with French Investigator

A case of mine tipped me off to a french investigator who has been compiling cases as early as 2005 of a similar phenomenon, which I refer to as the target symbol marks.
(See my introductory post here.)

Remy and I have emailed a few times for the purpose of comparing notes on our two phenomenon. He had this summary to share about his years investigating the target marks (in his words):

Compulsive Scribing/Drawing

In August of last year (2014), I posted an image of symbols I was inspired to draw. Ever since downloading those symbols onto that paper I have been trying to conjure that old compulsion without success.

For weeks I had been restless with these lines and motions flowing through my body, wanting to be released somehow. It was distracting. While playing with my son, we decided to draw with chalk outside. The restlessness took any opportunity to be translated into the physical world. Being with my son gave me many instances to try and figure out what that this need was and how to let it out. Something wanted to be expressed.

I figured my fascination was with fluidity in nature, the elegance of dance, the way electrical current flows, the grace of a pictogram. I thought I was just trying to discover my artistic style. I tried to draw flowers and wings and flowing things without satisfaction. The only thing that felt freeing and satisfying to the inclination was to draw in a close space with certain swipes that filled a box shape. That wasn't of course what I was thinking at that time, that's just what ended up coming out. I loved the abstract symmetry of the unrecognizable symbols I was creating. In the chalk, they just looked like meaningless lines and curves. It wasn't until I sat down and committed to letting it flow out that I saw the pattern that suggested it might be some kind of writing. It's beautiful to my eye. I enjoyed doing it and let myself play by using a different color in-between each exercise in space. The product of the above page was the result of only about 30 minutes (tops) of leisurely drawing. Afterward, when I had no more room and no more symbols to try, I was incredibly relieved, sleepy and happy at the same time, like I had completed a masterpiece of inspiration (though I realize its on a crumbled piece of printing paper, lol!). However, I was just happy the restlessness was gone. I was very modest about it, assuming it was just a jumble of thought and feeling translated into 1 and 2 dimensions.

Jun 6, 2015

Elaina: A Followup

                                           image credit: my blog                                       

Back in February, Jennifer wrote a report on Elaina, one of our more fascinating cases. She has continued to communicate with us off and on--something that is rare for people who write in. I was intrigued by some things Jennifer mentioned and so I wrote Elaina. Like me, she has experienced "levitation", or out of body experiences. Here is one of her stories, best told in her own words.