Dec 3, 2017

Prescience About A Gold Mining Family

Once in a while, amidst the array of personal life references and random encounters, I dream about such topics of a political or social nature. Government overthrow, hunger and poverty in a population, control, political unrest, nuclear power. When these topics are so real I can recall names I've never heard of, see places and situations and cultural aspects I was unfamiliar with before experiencing them in this state, I am compelled to record them. They hold a sense of prevalence I cannot ignore. If only to curb the feeling of helplessness I get when I wake from these realistic scenes and people, I translate them to words here. The issues are too specific, the people are in real danger. As much as I want to pretend it's not real, I know what I saw will be proven to me again and again in the coming weeks and reinforce the powerlessness within this power.

Let me start by saying that I know little to nothing about Soviet Russia. The few things I do know is what was said to the children of Fatima, and what my apocalyptic phone game based in Russia includes (mostly vocabulary and places I can't pronounce). And of course, what is currently happening with our president, something I have stayed blissfully ignorant of. Be a beacon. That has been my motto. Radiate love, and organize the forces for a better response and outcome than violence to the matters at hand.

Night/Morning of December 2nd/3rd 2017...

Oct 17, 2017

Mounds of Western US Revisited

Three years ago, I posted an extensive analysis on a few geologic mound sites in an exploration of pyramidal harmonics and antigravitic craft technology. A group of investigators sought out the sites I referenced and discussed, in particular, an aerial shot in the middle of the Shasta National Forest of mounds encircled by trenches...

"Lemurian Mounds of Mount Shasta: Mandate Weird War" Video