Oct 17, 2017

Mounds of Western US Revisited

Three years ago, I posted an extensive analysis on a few geologic mound sites in an exploration of pyramidal harmonics and antigravitic craft technology. A group of investigators sought out the sites I referenced and discussed, in particular, an aerial shot in the middle of the Shasta National Forest of mounds encircled by trenches...

"Lemurian Mounds of Mount Shasta: Mandate Weird War" Video 

They noted how the trenches are likely muddied at certain times of year, and the acoustics of the open space where the mounds are located.

I reread my post on this, and the attached two dreams (updates at end of post) I had on the subject. In those dreams, placement was an important factor --where my choir was singing, our arrangement on the high risers, etc. Mandate33's observations of the trenches being trampled by animals during the rains. Their logical guess was perhaps this site is a favorite equestrian ground. However, at least a few of those footprint trails belong to local wildlife: deer.

Screenshot at 10:20 to highlight shape of prints in trenches around one of the mounds.

I've been a hunter/gatherer in the West Coastal states all my life, and come from a family of hunter/gatherers. Given the relative size to this man's foot, the divider in the middle, and the locale, those tracks are likely deer, not horses, possibly cattle. In other words, this site could simply be a favorite feeding ground for deer. Doe especially prefer open grassland for feeding at sunrise and sunset, when they're not in covered trees. These areas provide them room to run from predators. Those trenches may be the only adequate water source for miles when the rains come, considering the flatness of the land.

What if the magic happens when the trenches are filled with water, and tones are sung on top of the mounds? This design (so to speak) is what I've landed upon as being essential to creating a craft capable of light travel. Encircled by water, rounded, an application of resonance, as well as electricity, and the proper material (bismuth and palladium micro alloy perhaps). The electrical field would be created by the sun. Many believe an ancient understanding and technology utilizing natural elements has been lost. A megalithic technology. A technology dependent on resonance.

My gal friend and I have been hell bent lately on creating a contact experience with friendly extra-dimensionals. Our plan is to find a high point, like a mountain or hill, and play a resonance bowl with pure thought and intent in our hearts to summon a craft to observe. How fortuitous that my old post has returned to my consciousness at this time. First on our agenda is to try to generate a tonal reply while we are in deprivation tanks together. There is a new spa nearby that offers this. We're taking it a step further. I believe our combined intent will amplify any signal one of us would make. When I've done this before I've received airy intervals like a flute playing. I'm a singer. My voice is my instrument. But to hear those long two notes played on the air around me was both incredible and eerie.

I love traipsing through the forest. Perhaps I will perform at that site now that the rains have started in the area.

Thanks to Mandate for their interest. I'm happy to have helped guide your adventure.

For more on Experiments with Communication and Technologies, see lists numbers 4 and 6 in the Investigations page. 

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