Nov 29, 2016

Material Plane, Crystal Tech, and Horus' Life

Every night I dream. Only some tickle me into compulsory description. Here are two from the last two nights that reminisce of topics and themes I previously explored. That were so vivid and impactful in their experience, it would be a disservice to not recount them.

Key Concepts: Life simulation, crystal technology, resonance amplification, consciousness reboot; Ancient Egypt, Horus' life and purpose represented.

November 29th, 2016 -

How do I begin to describe it. There was no first image, and my impression of the situation feels inaccurate, or limiting, perhaps interpretive. What did I see? What did I experience? Navigating a series of trails. The map is sometimes clear. The upper middle trail holds the starting point where we appeared in the game with crystals around our neck. The crystals are important but we're not sure what they're for. I theorize their purpose as I go. Are they beacons? Do they represent our fertility in this test? All we're told is make it to the escape point with your crystal. Overcome the obstacles, survive. Some of the participants may try to impede or sabotage your progress. It was a race.

We were there for days. Some were killed either by dangers or by sorrow and starvation, but they didn't die. They became stationary, unable to progress because of whatever obstacles impeded them. They slowly withered. I figured, after days, someone had to have figured out the puzzle and made it to the escape point. There's a vehicle or method there that allows a person (or persons, if shared) to leave the live test.

We are mostly dressed like ragged hikers, carrying what supplies we've found on our backs. A few are able to keep moving, exploring the terrain and trails and waypoints. Others get trapped in circumstance.

In one way, the situation takes the form of a warzone where we are dodging explosions, navigating through high metal bridges, a network of black steel bars. The participants moving through the simulation, unattached to the source or reason for the war, have an unspoken immunity. We don't let that deter us from responding to the reality of the environment. We hide and dodge, and work in groups at times to safely get through the warzone.

At one waypoint is a fully stocked, makeshift base. Someone spent a great deal of time searching a torn city for supplies to store. Their goal was obviously longevity, yet they are nowhere to be found. A creature lurks beneath the base and surrounding ruins of a modern city. I find products long forgotten. I can almost taste the peanut butter flavored jar of something I hadn't had since a childhood I can't remember. I knew it all so vividly there and I can still put myself in the moment, but memories not seen in the dreamscape aren't retained by this material body. The collection was incredible and well organized. Anything you could need or want was there.

The floor of this makeshift holding or warehouse was uneven and broken, jutting up from some protrusion underneathe. The walls of the rooms were tilted and bent, making each room feel like a different vortex.

Somehow I understood how this creature, what threatened progress to this point, moved and thought. Knowing it's motivations allowed me to predict its movements. I was only cautious of it to a degree. Otherwise I felt very free to move about, even with it under my feet. When the moments it would strike or display its dissatisfaction arose, I could avoid it easily. It must have been a deterrent for many of the others. Sometimes I could divine where they were on the map if I honed in on them. A few kept their distance out of town in hesitation of what they were aware existed here. If they only knew how relatively nonthreatening the beast was, they maybe would've overtook me already.

After a time indulging at the supply house, I backtracked on the original trail into the game to find an old friend sitting at a picnic table in dismay. He was disheartened and hungry. I hugged him, granting him my hope and understanding, and invited him to travel with me. I shared my knowledge and food and he was uplifted.

Throughout the trial, our crystals would get chipped. Shards would break off because it would drop or smack against a rock we fell against. If it became too faded (we learned), we had to return to the starting point in the middle trail and restore our crystal to original form and beauty. I had to return at least twice, especially near the end when I learned even the slightest ding effected its quality for use.

A man wandered in and out of the game bartering deals with the participants to encourage their success. The deal was if you could retrieve tools from a dropped helicopter, and a new crystal, he would show you how to escape at the end point. He had tried with many of them already before coming to me, expressing simply that he moved on when the others encountered obstacles too great for them to navigate. In essence, they were derailed from the plan so much so that he moved on. There was something odd about him. He was not a master of the game, and he was not a participant. He knew how the technology at the end worked though and wanted to aid participants in a more timely escape. Ultimately I feel like I couldn't entirely trust him, but we did all want to understand how the technology worked. Even upon arriving at the escape point we still have to figure out how the crystal ties in to our escape.

Myself and one other learn that the crystal is a resonance amplifier. It organizes the resonance in a way that provides lift or effect on matter. The crystal had to be perfectly shaped (its original form upon entry) to provide the maximum effect. In a room is a large round rock or wall with a ripple and divot at its center. When I put my broken crystal in, the background resonance emanating from the rock is concentrated through the crystal at me and whomever else is around me in an expanding wave from the focal point. I feel the effect of the wave like the waves rolls through you when treading at the ocean shore. My body moves with it, absorbing and releasing the energy, and feeling the pressure of the water shift around you. But the effect wasn't strong enough, so I had to return twice with a new crystal. On the last time, however, time was running out. There were new threats in the simulation that would kill our bodies and trip our consciousness back to an earlier moment when we supposedly could change the outcome. Except, the moment I was brought back to didn't save the young pregnant woman/daughter I was with. I returned to the moment right before she was sliced in half from the bottom up agonizingly slow. I get distracted by the pain and confusion of her thoughts in that experience and end up repeating it without change three times before I woke up. I got stuck in a loop as the others had, but so close to true escape.

November 28th, 2016 -

For the longest time through this dream, I don't know who I am, what my name is, but I know my role.

I volunteer for one of the leads in a play. The script is about sacrifice for the Queen, whom I love (I'm male). I rehearse and experience it like its real, sometimes not knowing anymore whether I am acting or truly living and creating the story as I go. I don't always know my lines, but I continue as if it were real, moving with the events and confronting the challenges like real life. I find the story is actually about my character and the sacrifices he makes. There's a coming siege and threat to the good Queen's life and place as ruler. She is a kind, compassionate, humble young woman whom I learn is named Isis. The setting becomes very clearly Egyptian based, but with differences from our modern concept of ancient Egyptian dress, honor, caste, and furnishing. The detail is exquisite in the right places, and simply natural in others. The halls are long and wide, made of hardened sandstone or solid clay. I'm a guard, defender to the Queen, serving this character role in the play for lack of interest. A male coordinator in his own uniform of color and gold, adorned in a headdress and accents approaches me from one side of the long hall I monitor to tell me I must perform the role now. There is an urgency and humble concern in his voice. I begin to protest, explaining the performance wasn't supposed to be until hours later. The threat we were holding the play in preparation for has become more present, it must happen now or not at all. He hands me my costume head and things become clear. I see myself in a canine egyptian head, a finely made purple overcoat and loose off-white pantaloons. The status I appear is far higher than the status I was as a guardsman. As I see myself, I also finally recognize myself. I am Horus, both son and moon. Both sun and king. In my act of sacrifice I become king. I love the Queen. I am confused about my seemingly dual and contraindicated relationship to the Queen, yet I am filled with a sense of clarity and knowing. My higher brain, the one belonging to waking life, is trying to understand what my in-dream brain has realized and is in awe over. I accept and defer to my in-dream knowledge of what I am about to do. I see the whole future of my dream character laid out. It was all there in the story of the play. And now I must fulfill its (the role's) destiny and protect the Queen in this very real and present danger. I accept my fate and the history my name will produce from this act, throw the outfit on and rush into the main hall where the Queen is rushing away in prayer.

Exploration: If my memory serves, I believe Horus is a Jackal and is the god of the underworld. I'm also sure he is the son of Isis and Osiris but perhaps there is some strange or unclear delineation of his true relation to them.

Research tie-in after dream recorded: Not a jackal. Horus is the Falcon headed god --my spirit animal of late, how synchronistic; I see falcons everywhere, so I asked my partner to look them up. In a native american tradition, they are believed to hold the power of foresight and knowing. I thought, how perfect. Horus is most often symbolized by a falcon hieroglyph.

"In early Egypt, Horus was the brother of Isis, Osiris, Set and Nephthys. As different cults formed, he became the son of Isis and Osiris. Isis remained the sister of Osiris, Set and Nephthys." (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Horus served many functions in the deity hierarchy. He was revered as god of the sky. "Since Horus was said to be the sky, he was considered to also contain the sun and moon." Whoa, that's just creepy.

The Eye of Horus was an ancient symbol connected to the solar goddess Wedjat's power of omniscience. It often appeared by Isis and later gods, perhaps those who harnessed Wedjat's power. The symbol's power was meant to protect the king in the afterlife and ward off evil.

For whatever it might mean, in the first dream the upper trail on the map was where the warzone was, the middle was where the entrance to the plane was, and the lower was the exist, however, the upper and lower were connected as a straight line where they intersected with the middle. In terms of elevation, the middle seemed higher in altitude among the trees, and the lower one where the city ruins lay as a waypoint was lower in elevation. The final end point where the crystal tech escape was felt underground, but light still came in the side. I mention this because Horus is described to be the patron of lower Egypt, while his rival, Set, was the patron of upper Egypt until Horus defeated him. The conflict between Horus and Set is enduring. Set kills Osiris, and Isis escapes to birth Horus. She tells him he must protect the people and avenge his father.

Anubis, or Anapa, is the Jackal-headed god of the underworld. In the Old Kingdom, Anubis was protector or processor of the dead. Seeing his face over mine as Horus holds its own symbolism given the acceptance and knowing that his death was approaching.

Horus is celebrated at Winter Solstice, a time fast approaching, and a practiced holiday in place of the modern tradition in my home. However, I had never heard that Horus had any association to this astronomical time. It is the longest night and a turning point in the astronomical calendar when the sun will be appearing longer each day. Thus the celebration is perhaps a return toward the sun.

In his origin myth, "Horus was born to the goddess Isis after she retrieved all the dismembered body parts of her murdered husband Osiris..." This could explain the absence of the king in the dream, a fact I was acutely aware of in the dream by way of thoughts of curiosity, though never investigated or vocalized.

Pharaohs were the manifestations of Horus in life, protecting and ruling the kingdom, and of Osiris in death. Seems his effect was indeed great for him to be considered the great king of Egypt.

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