Aug 4, 2016

To New RGMP Experiencers

New cases of the RGMP continue to pour in, and will likely never stop. Be informed my team has recently released a complete report in the form of an ebook on the phenomenon, including its history, case reports, in-depth survey analyses, final theories and conclusions; everything you need or would want to know about our investigation over the past four years in a revised, cleanly laid out way. I ask you first consider purchasing the dossier (linked in right hand bar) before sending inquiries about the phenomenon itself. I am no longer investigating RGMP cases, but I will continue to answer other related inquiries, such as questions or comments you may have after reading the dossier.

Future posts on this blog will be dedicated to further dream research (that is, channeling information, images, events; downloaded information about things you're conscious life couldn't know), as well as strange occurrences, eye-witness accounts or unusual encounters.

To report a strange occurrence, account, or encounter for consideration, email us at with a clear statement of your permission for it to be published on this site. I will follow up with you about details before writing a report.

Thank you for your continued support and interest! Remember to view popular posts in the list to the right of this post, or in the pages bar above.

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