Nov 29, 2015

RGMP Case Report #19 James: "Something was different..."

Taken fifteen hours after they were found. These marks faded fast. Original image cropped and adjusted slightly for sharpness and contrast.

      James is a thirty-two year old male located in Virginia. He is Christian, holds a master's degree, works in the corporate world and describes himself as an average, suburban, middle-class guy who enjoys football. He balances the more material aspects of his life by being an inveterate outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, really any opportunity to get outside. He is, in general, in good health with no allergies.

Nov 14, 2015

UFO Photobomb

A photo showcased in George Filer's (regional director of MUFON) weekly UFO report summary featured a large colony-style saucer ship this week in an overcast sky above Orlando, Florida. 

Image sent in by report to MUFON, mentioned in Filer's Files #46-2015.

The Return of Geologic and Climate Phenomena Dreams

Summary: Three geologic and weather mentions of recent; Empathic downloads; Exploring my dream ability as it relates to interpersonal world events; My first inside look at the White Hats and Black Hats inter-relationship. Update below!