Nov 14, 2015

UFO Photobomb

A photo showcased in George Filer's (regional director of MUFON) weekly UFO report summary featured a large colony-style saucer ship this week in an overcast sky above Orlando, Florida. 

Image sent in by report to MUFON, mentioned in Filer's Files #46-2015.

The craft is faded into the background of the sky. Is this light-bending, camouflage/cloaking technology... on an entire ship? Is it teetering between dimensional-phasing? 
This was not some blurry picture of a few lights in the sky using the zoom function, this was a clear cell phone image in daytime. The photographer of the image said "...[N]o one actually saw the object until after the picture was taken on November 2, 2015."   Filer's description text explained "The person taking the photo was taking a picture of the rainbow. When they went back and looked at the phone, they saw the object." This is a completely reasonable explanation of a random find to me, being someone who would take a picture of a rainbow as well.
This phenomenon resembles what I've seen in a few dreams of UAC's (unidentified aerial crafts) being partially transparent against the backdrop, and having a reflective quality at different angles. Some parts were partially visible while others were not and the entire object had a refractive quality to it that made it appear in various stages of transparency. See my post on Interdimensionality.
 I love the clarity of this photo. Look at the outermost ring of lights in a stripe around the craft. The unevenness of the lit vs dark pixels of the craft resembles rooms of a skyskraper. There is no pattern to which boxes are lit and which aren't. That stripe could be where the occupants living quarters are. That would make sense for optimal viewing of the surroundings.  
It's no new surprise for someone to find something in a photo that wasn't there originally. One of the earliest instances of this we are aware of in the UFO community is the classic Solway Firth spaceman picture. 
Templeton took a series of photos of his daughter during an outing in 1964 that became an international mystery. Read the full story here or here. Note: Though it is not mentioned in many histories of the Templeton photo, it is important to note that he took three pictures in sequence. The 'anomalous' photo was 2 of 3 in the series, where 1 and 3 showed no anomaly. I also want to point out that closer examination of the figure in the background reveals an arm back swing and protruding shoulder blade that would suggest the figure is walking away from the camera, not facing it, which means the astronaut visor of the photo is actually the back of the figure's head and neck. The MIB men who questioned Templeton specifically called it an alien when asking where Templeton saw the figure from the photo.
So what is it about the camera that allows it to capture things not visible to the naked eye? Are those objects moving at rapid speeds? Are they hidden in a spectra of light the human eye can't see and only the flash of light preceeding a picture catches it in a spectra film can record? 
Serious ufologists who search the skies for UFOs use infrared sensors and electromagnetic tools to detect objects our eyes can't. They already acknowledge one of the best ways for an advanced species to visit Earth with minimal detection by its transient population is by hiding in a spectra their eyes can't detect. Maybe detectable to nocturnal animals, or those dependent on sonar or whom have electromagnetic sensitivities, but not humans. The question remains for many of us: are they interdimensional or physical with cloaking tech? See How Invisibility Cloaks Work? and Japanese Cloaking Device video.

UPDATE: Jordon has informed me this may be a hoax photo, a possibility of course we always have to consider when receiving evidence 'too good to be true.' I'm leaving up this post on the chance it or others like it may not be deliberately photoshopped. However, it is terribly frustrating to hear that there are social experimenters out there purposefully sending out viral photos to test how people pick it up and roll with it. Even video and photographic evidence proven to be legitimate and inexplicable have critics bent on turning public opinion on it. When the crop circle phenomenon blew up in the media, people widely dismissed them as hoaxes after a pair of men with boards on ropes came forward saying they were circlemakers and 'disclosed' how they and others must be doing it. There is enough cerealogical evidence to prove many were not produced in that manner (see Colin Andrews Research). 

Many whistleblowers have discussed various disinformation tactics, including spreading rumors with grains of truth to test and stir public debate, both as a way of getting some truth out and also to obfuscate the truth.  

Jordon dug up a few examples and said to be wary of claims where they state the object appeared in the photo but wasn't seen by the naked eye. Of course there is an obvious reason why, tampering being done after a photo is taken, constructions overlain on images. Filer believed the photographer (taken by cell phone) could not have altered the image to produce the resulting craft due to his opinion of her technical ability:  "The person taking the picture can barely take a picture let alone make a fake one."

Still, Jordon and I question the depth of that investigation, and Filer's overall voice in his choice of content and opinions as expressed in his weekly reports. I commend his willingness to basically "not give a fuck" in reporting everything he's already become convinced is real, but we really have to analyze everything we see from any source if we are to come to our own conclusion. Truth will supposedly be evident by scientific process, granting some amount of freedom to journalists in their freedom to simply discuss things still on the fringes. But there-in lies the problem. There is too much obfuscation, not enough ways to prove the sightings and experiences, and the need for these topics to be discussed as freely and openly as possible without so much instantaneous ridicule and disregard. I believe Filer is simply trying to contribute to an open conversation about it all with some amount of verification in his and MUFON's process, as my own team tries to do. If the phenomenon which the above photo suggests is real, there will be enough instances around the world of credible people coming forward with the same report. That's what we have to watch for, not immediately discredit a photo because it looks 'too good to be true,' because then we might dismiss something full of evidence that is indeed true and ground-breaking to everything we're trying to test and understand.

CE5 Initiative has produced hours of video showing objects only detectable via infrared technology (aka not visible in our natural range of spectra). I attached strongly to this photo (above) because of the many dreams I've had demonstrating a kind of phasing, or cloaking technology, dreams that show a sky full of hidden activity, but I could never interpret how that was possible. This photo gave me a scientific possibility to consider, regardless of whether it's real or not.  

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