Sep 19, 2013


In my research and intrinsic motivation to understand the fabric of reality and its relationship with perception -because it is key to explaining how beings are able to manifest, or phase, in and out of our dimension/reality/space-time line - I came across an account detailed in a book by Ruth Montgomery "Aliens Among Us" (which always ignites the tune to "Angels Among Us" in my head), in which she relays her correspondence with a contactee and walk-in who identified the visitors his son first encountered as Kantarians (so they called themselves). He told Ruth they are 'interdimensional' beings rather than from our own space-time continuum. They are one race who has guided Earth since our beginnings and are devoted to helping us through an eventual cataclysm, as they have done before. "Itan informed that he and his friends were from another planet that existed in another dimension. They had visited Earth for centuries and had attempted to make some contact with humans, but found most of them to be too manipulative and selfish..." (pg 91).

My subconscious fleetingly thought "I still don't understand interdimensionality" and moved on, without dwelling on it. The feelings was a simple truth that surfaced for an instant than subsided. I didn't pay much mind to it because it has been a piece of the enigma I have been trying to comprehend.

Last night's dream let me experience how this interdimensionality feels, in order for me to understand it. I understand through psychological experience, visually and immersively, thus dreams are a perfect method for my learning. I'm in a small group of at least two other women (mothers from my waking life). We are skipping through dimensions all based on the same outline. Not the same space-time, each dimension is its own space on its own timeline, however, it all features the same setting outline and the same colony of people as outlines. They are each independent, but similar. Only way I know to describe it is to take a page from a children's coloring book and copy it. Give ten different people and children a page and let them color it. Each will be unique, but ultimately it is based on the same template or outline, just colored differently. Each dimension is based on the same template of a building and a culture of people. But the culture, dress, personalities, details in each dimension is 'colored' differently.

For instance, in one dimension we had to leave quickly because the dress we manifested in was inaccurate to the cultural expectations. Everyone was in clean, tight, metallic fabric jumpsuits. The building was pristine and clean, filled with light, and sterile. One of my team (maybe me) showed up in a colorful, accessorized, punk outfit that offended the standard. We were pursued until we could jump to another dimension. But the jumps were seamless. There was no device or control I remember utilizing, it just happened without transition. Almost like a start over, but we were moving around the building. The angle may have mattered. Each side showed us a different dimension but from the front again. Imagine a four-sided building with a door on the south side. If you go around to the west side, you are at the west end of that building where there is no door. But if you jump to another dimension (or expression of the same template), that west side is now the south side with the door of a different dimension. The door doesn't lead to another dimension, it is merely the entrance to the same building but that somehow is turned so that its south is another dimension's west.

In all the dimensions we came to, we couldn't explain who we were, or show that we were dimension jumping. Our outfits changed when we manifested, either by our thoughtful design or by some programming of the jumping power, I don't know. Either way the point was to try to blend a little, while maintaining expression of our purpose, that is, to help these other dimensions. We had knowledge of an imminent future in which all the dimensions would share, a point which they all (or some of them at least) would be intersecting. We wanted to help those dimensions that would listen to improve their conditions and ability and knowledge and awareness as we had. We did not feel 'better than' the other dimensions. Our paths had simply been more privileged so as to allow us earlier advancement over theirs. Something about our 'coloring' of the template gave us an advantage to overcoming our barriers - each dimension has its own challenges to overcome.

Finally we arrived at a dimension that was presently dealing with the disaster that we had already faced, so we knew what needed to be done. We had information that would help them understand what was happening and how to survive and stabilize their broken civilization. They were willing to listen, and so we walked with them up the same stairs I saw in each dimension. But in this one, the atmosphere was darker, broken ceiling and sparks flew from torn wires. Rubble lay everywhere and the people looked as though they had been going through an attack. What was happening was some event they didn't understand, and so couldn't devise a solution or plan for coping. We walked in conversation, glad to have met a dimension of the same template from which our own dimension was based on, and one of them said something that elicited a joke out of me to my teammate. The background from the joke came from something from one of the other dimensions we visited, and the punch line was how that aspect was the same, yet different between the two dimensions. The same element was present in both, but its connotation was different in each individual one so that the same phrase about it changed the meaning and thus the attached feeling.

One of the inhabitants asked what we meant, and we dismissed it. We couldn't describe too much about the other dimensions, though we could explain we were dimensional travelers, more because it would distract from their present predicament and they wouldn't understand it yet anyway than some principle of secrecy we had to keep. In general, we were very open and honest with them about who we were, but limited our information to what is necessary to help the situation at hand. We were very confident and calm that we could help them save themselves, the only requirement we needed was that they were willing to listen and try out our guidance.

There's a question in my body that challenges the idea of the same disaster striking each dimension. I don't know if the same disaster will happen/happens to each dimension. We had the mission goal of wanting to help our other dimensions however we could in whatever present challenge they faced, if they were willing. The one commonality between all of the time-lines was that each one had the potential to arrive at the same advanced state as we had, that is, the ability to dimension jump, and the firmness of home society to be confident and calm in doing dimensional travel to help others. Each one developed its own time period and path toward development, however they viewed that. We would not impose our outcome on any of them, but we hoped to see them all happier and matured to the capability we had reached.

How did I know about the subtleties of their cultures in visiting each dimension? Information about the dimension was downloaded automatically upon arriving, like tuning to the dimension immediately without effort. As though being in the dimension provided full knowledge about itself, as far it concerned our presence and state compared to our own dimension. I don't remember any debriefing or info brochure we had to study beforehand. We moved from dimension to dimension without any time elapsed or detour in between, like walking from grass onto gravel.  I almost want to say that each dimension was its own entity, wanting our help, but its inhabitants dictated whether we could or not. Otherwise, I don't know what established which dimension we went to next.

Given this new perspective, I think one of our sister dimensions IS going through an apocalyptic shift, and that's the one I keep visiting. Perhaps many have been going through their shift.

To travel between dimensions one must be able to achieve non-locality. Fixating your energy in a particularly attractive place (not attractive in the sense of beautiful or desirable, but to fulfill curiosity or respond to a call of help or information you can provide) refines the space in which the energy vibrates so it is not traveling in the ether of infinite possibility, but localizing to a place. All humans, because of our attachments to our physical bodies, must bi-locate, that is, when they displace their consciousness to another space-time, they are dividing where they vibrate between that visiting space and the one where they body resides. For us to manifest more completely in other space-times, we would need to achieve spirit-body unification. Our physical bodies must be included in the phasing process which requires a much higher level of skill to be able to convert the fixed mass of our bodies in and out of the energy state. Imagine how much 'force' is applied to the physical world for it to be fixed. We must exceed that 'force' by vibrating our electrons faster and out into the cosmos (expand their realm of reach) to travel as body and spirit. When interdimensional beings and crafts land in our realm, they are fixating their vibration to this solid state. It has often been described as "uncomfortable" for other beings to do so. Instead of dragging them to us, I want to understand how to go to them with my body intact. What would that look like? I suppose, if I understand the quantum mechanics of it (theoretically speaking), my meditative body would maybe glow and maybe change in degrees of translucency. I would also then be translucent in whatever other realm I was bilocating to. Sounds like a ghost. Disembodied spirits cannot be solid, but they can fix their vibrations to appear in the solid world.

Still, I feel I'm missing some essential software to make this body-soul cooperative travel as energy easier.

Ruth Montgomery consulted her "Guides" who provide her detailed information on accounts she researches. She wanted to understand if a truck driver's experience piloting a craft on a mission in accordance with extradimensional efforts and technology had done so in the physicality of the third dimension or in a dream state or what. They replied "'It was a physical experience, and the spacecraft existed in the third dimension, having been recreated in earth's atmosphere after leaving the mothership aloft." (pg 74). They explain that he was 'dissolved' for transport and then carried out his mission in physical form. "'It is a matter of altered state that spacelings thoroughly understand, for since all is energy they know how to alter the vibrational patterns and manipulate the atoms.'" 

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