Sep 19, 2013

Quenching a Thirst

Summary: Symbiosis with a sexual spirit;  Awkward intimate encounter set-up; Surface of water as an intermediary between dimensions; Obsession with water; Quest to learn how to travel inter-dimensionally with body and soul joined; Cattle mutilations supplying evacuation planets for Earth's people.

I'm carrying around an attachment to a sexual spirit that I may have invited as a type of walk-in to teach and explore with me this body's sexual impulses, needs, and nature. It is called regularly when my hormonal cycle reaches a certain stage, and it demands I yield to let it settle the built up energy. It very well could be feeding on it in a symbiotic relationship. I once dreamed I was a vampire starving myself because I didn't morally approve of my biological nature to feed on humans. In a desperate act that overtook me, I fed on a human I was supposed to be in cooperation with. The act was sexually pleasurable feeding on the muscle above his collar bone. I was abhorred with myself when my higher brain functions returned. Worried I killed the last human I ran to the upper floor, only to be greeted by zombified humans. Not wanting to be infected, I fell out a window. I was redeemed, able to to join the survivors in a peaceful, post-apocalyptic society by the ocean. In this respect, it would seem I fought this demon before, and now am able to carry it around in cooperation. Is this the dragon I fought and have absorbed in successive lifetimes?

Couple nights ago, I dreamed I had intimate relations with someone from my elementary school that I knew of up and out of highschool, whom I never had interest for, so it was awkward at first. But we still connected and found we had an appreciation for each other that allowed us to express it, though we didn't ever really interact throughout our school careers together. But what's more interesting that highlighted this scene of the dream in my memory is that we met in a boat on a dock to be together. We just lay down in the boat. And I had the sense that some other figure was present who was facilitating the exchange, like the figure led me to this boat to be with this old acquaintance. It felt setup; there was a pressure or expectation that we were to lay with each other.

The boat on the water is significant to me because I know it is a metaphor about how the spiritual world and physical world connect and how to cross between them. I haven't been able to dream about being under water, and when I do its about fear. But the ocean of water has been shown to represent the free flow of soul energy to travel and connect magnetically to people and events across time and space. I am always depicted swimming or floating on the surface. The only times I am underwater even slightly are in fearful situations. Though I submerged myself halfway underwater once to recharge from a fearful sight. Water is my element. And believe me when I say water is the most important theme of my dreaming. Check my label archive and you will see it has the most posts with that tag.

When I see a body of water or flowing water I have a full body desire to not just drink water or be submerged, but literally to BE water, to be made of water. What is that about? What is appealing to my inner psychi about being water (more than 70%, I mean being like a jellyfish, like a gelatinous outline of water to my original shape)? The free moving, shape-changing, mermaid swimming appeal. I want to be part of the great body, filled with it. I want to lose my solidity. I don't want to become the underwater, I want to be part of scene, flowing down the stream. I want to be the stream, not any one part, but embody the whole. According to my theory, to phase in and out of the higher vibrational realms and the solid state you have to merge with the ocean of consciousness, like getting on and off of the jet-stream, a highway within the ocean. It is a turning of degrees toward off and on of connection to the whole that is linked within that ocean. Like going online and offline.

When I fought a zombie in a waterfall pool the answer I channeled as a final trial to determine an answer to that mystery, was that it represented the same gene pool. That the zombies I saw were the abandoned spirit bodies of humans. Ingenius right? I know its something equally amazing about being on the surface of the water.

The surface... well, its an in-between, the point where two mediums meet, the water and the air, ocean and sky. The solid world is in-between two mediums? Why does every conclusion I come to amount to a "Duh" in what most spiritual teachings already recognize to be true? I always expect to be innovative, and instead end up repeating things already known and available in the public forum. There's got to be more. My quest is to fade the veil, thin the line and open the channels of connections between the different realms. I want to discover how a human body and soul can cooperatively cross into the higher vibrational realms without death of the body or abduction. To independently perform this feat.

 Though I don't know how yet, in a roundabout way, this all stemmed from, and relates to, the cow mutilation phenomenon. Ruth Montgomery in her book "Aliens Among Us" ["sent down to us, from somewhere up above. They come to you and me, in our darkest hour..."] wrote the reply she received from an Arcturian "guide" she channeled about one farmer's experience "'Ruth, we sometimes use spaceships because of the gear that they can transport, to take people aboard, and also to take samplings of earth life, for we do not want it all to be destroyed when the shift of the earth on its axis occurs. These samples are reseeded on other planets.... Pat McGuire did not need that one animal as much as we needed for it to be preserved, by stocking another planet. We are not thieves, but preservers of earth life in other spheres." (p 44).

I once dreamed I was in a familiar parking lot back home, and I was naked except for some bunched and ripped plastic wrap around my thigh and torso, like I was fresh from my packaging. I was learning to move in a very unusual way. I wore clear high heels, but I could accelerate suddenly. I had trouble with the steering and slowing, veering way into the street at an intersection. Only one car was out; it was late at night and the streets were empty. It also didn't feel like the same parking lot from home, but a replica. I wonder how many other bodies I have.

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