Sep 28, 2013

Indicators of Rough Winter Approaching?

(Originally published 9/28/13)

Further analysis from post "Communicating with Other Realms and Advancing our Technology"

In the above post, I discussed the entity's warnings from the CHANI project. He said to watch our Sun, and talked about a merging.

Contactees are familiar with the symbol of two triangles overlapping, one upside down, one upright, with the tips 'merged.' This symbol has been seen on the uniforms of many extraterrestrial/dimensional beings, and was explained to mean 'the merging of two worlds.' The merging may not be of two physical objects, but of two dimensional worlds, the physical plane with the higher vibrational one where our galactic neighbors move freely through, a sort of ocean of infinity.

Our sun (See heading "Dwindling Resources and the Coming Ice Age" in this post for further info.) has had the lowest maximum number of sun spots in 200 years (article link). The last time it was this low triggered a mini ice-age. Scientists warn about terrible weather and colder than usual winters. My dreams about an arctic wasteland where San Francisco once was and torrential rainfall with flooding in the Pacific Northwest didn't make sense to me until now. I thought it was related to an Earth's polar shift (which I'm still not ruling that out, but I don't know how to gauge that event). Much of the weather information I've been accumulating is beginning to come together. The erratic Jet Stream, the abnormal weather conditions in places not used to such extremes, the warnings about horrible storms and a cataclysmic event from various sources. Sensitives everywhere 'feel' a pressing urgency to prepare for catastrophe. I have never felt inclined to talk to people outside of this blog about it all until putting it together with the reports about the Sun's lack of activity this year. Again, I do not approve of doomsayers, and I am not trying to be. I have heard the change will be sudden, happening in the span of a season, particularly in a summer or spring season (though I don't know why). All I tell people in my circle is to prepare for a rough winter, just in case.

Coincidentally I joined a community emergency response team that handles first response in disasters. We learned triage and organizing relief effort, sandbagging, fire extinguishing, identifying potential chemical hazards, preparing for likely local hazards which are earthquakes, flooding, and forest fires (we don't get tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, or whatever else). I completed the training and have diligently put together a survival pack if deployed for disaster evaluation and relief. My father is Mormon, and their policy is to prepare with a year's supply of extra food and water. He has a pantry stocked with 50 lb bags of rice and essentials. I always found it a paranoid way to live. Then too many coincidences started coming together in the last few months. I figure its a good precaution to at least carry two weeks emergency rations. So each shopping trip we buy an extra item to put aside on a shelf that will be our emergency stores. When we finish off a juice container, I rinse and fill it with water to store on that shelf. I don't have much saved so far, but I feel more comfortable with what little I have assembled. My pack is still missing a compass and map, and my partner hasn't put one together for himself yet.

The chill of fall has come in rather suddenly to my area. It's already dipped down into freezing at night, and we just started fall. To give you a sense of typical cold weather, we are lucky to get even a night of snowfall during the dead of winter. For freezing temps to already be here is a little on the rare side. Still, this is no advance indication of what our winter will be like, I'm just gathering information.

It might be of interest to analyze the mass-die offs occurring around the world (mass die-offs have always happened, but usually because of disease, low food supply or sudden changes in environment and weather). When we can't determine causes is when it becomes more curious. The elk herd die offs in America are being attributed to a disease that still has not been publicly declared the cause or not, its all been under assumption. It's been months. Why haven't we heard yes or no from those test samples? (Article links here, and here).

I sent the following email to my father, who is a deer and elk hunter:

"Hi Dad,

Given your more intimate experience with Elk during your travels and hunting trips, can you think of any reasons how a healthy elk herd of 100 could suddenly and inexplicably die? Herds in New Mexico, Montana, and North Dakota have suddenly died. Biologists don't see that its food source/starvation related, or disease (that they are aware of). They just fell over.
Other mass die-offs have happened over the years, like hundreds of birds in Canada earlier this year, and dolphins, whales, and starfish. Those all connect with the planets magnetic field for direction. So the birds that fell from the sky (those that were still alive) seemed disoriented and confused. I can understand their sonar being disrupted, but I've never heard of it in a land-based species that can't be accounted for by other factors (like territory loss, starvation, disease, as mentioned).
I know many land-based animals can sense things we can't, like earthquakes. Could they have been 'scared to death?' Maybe that's farfetched. It's just so odd.
There's a lot of 'if's and 'maybe's about a disease EHD, "Late in many summers Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) or “blue tongue” kills deer and elk across the country. Whitetailed deer are the most commonly affected.  This viral disease is carried by biting midges that emerge in late summer." But no results have been announced, seems if it was that, a month after collecting samples they would know yes or no on that possibility.
Also, have you ever been to the Valles Caldera outside of Los Alamos? I had a strange dream with a vivid map of this area. I was trying to get to a visitor center outside of the little town of Cuba around the caldera. I saw a fossilized dinosaur-like creature who had been caught in lava flow trying to reach her eggs. It called itself (telepathically) a "thunderbird." Since this dream I have had another about strange ancient, large reptile eggs being exploited by humans as prizes, and other encounters with a lizard and turtle, snakes, dragons. I don't have any particular fascination with reptiles until these dreams. And they all stemmed from that initial one. Just wondering if that means anything to you, since you were in one of these dreams.
There's the infamous Taos hum, which is to the northeast of the caldera, and the elk die off was on a farm in Mora to the southeast. That caldera, I learned later, along with Los Alamos is a prime spot for strange UFO activity. Conspiracy theorists say one of the largest underground bases in under that mountain. Did I mention I rode a transport ship to get to the trail leading up to the caldera where I found the thunderbird frozen over the trail like an archway? I was guiding a tour of visitors to this craft. Ah! I just read there are guided tours around the rim. In the dream I was coming from the southwest, still miles away from the rim on a paved trail."

My father didn't have any specific ideas about what may be causing the die-offs, though he did mention other mass die-offs he was aware of happening that may or may not be related. There have also been mass die offs of star fish, fish, birds, and cattle. Many strange reports from China; see an activist's article listing die offs (a few not from this year). Be advised of the radiation still pouring out of Japan's nuclear facility that was hit by the tsunami. It may be related along the ecosystem chain to why so much water wildlife is dying.

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