Sep 3, 2013

Dwindling Resources and the Hard Choices our Galactic Neighbors will have

"There is a great cycle of climate that began 2.8 million years ago and has resulted in the fundamental destabilization of your world's weather system"
-Mysterious Stranger in conversation with Author Whitley Streiber

The Dream
Weekend night either late July or early August 2013

Traveling in country roads as hitchhiker in my local valley with my two year old son. Stumble across a town I never knew was there. Bustling with people and little shops. Some old buildings are vacant and closed up. People are friendly. What is this place? I had to ride a bike to get through the path entrance covered in rubble from an old bridge over the main thorough fare. The central town is no more than a couple blocks with the main street curving around the outside of it. Along the left is a river with lush growth. A favorite playing spot for the locals. Given its proximity to the road, it feels to be part of the town.

I expected there to be a connecting road back to the main country highway that would go into Alansville (town names changed). I ask people where another highway is. They answer that the only road is the way we got in. Someone asks where I'm headed. I say Alansville. They point in the direction of Alansville, very off from where I figured it to be. They said I'd have to go through Georgeland first, but the layout they are talking about, considering I came from Brittsburg don't make sense. Where is this place? How come I've never heard of it or seen it before? I follow the road around again as it turns along the top edge, now 180 degrees from the direction I started. At the end of this road is parking at the edge of a strange ocean. Its water is crystal clear without waves. How is an ocean without waves? It also seems to be an overlapping reality on the land-locked location of where this town supposedly is. The ocean looks both endless over the horizon, yet it only goes out a certain way and fades. I can see the country side of the farm-lands I am used to seeing beneath it.The water is flooded on the parking lot. Cars are parked in feet of water. I try to draw people's attention, but it seems this is typical and of no concern since the water level doesn't change. I walk along the rim of the raised parking hill only a few feet from the water's edge (an inconsistency, how is the water raised onto the hill in some places, but low in others?). A couple kids are playing at the shoreline that looks more like a lake shore. My son wants to play and I allow him for a few minutes while I look out.

We stay with his grandmother, an outdoorsy woman, only about fifty years old who is living in a house outside this little town (she actually lives up North in physical reality). She is annoyed that we entertained ourselves by painting with her nailpolish and shifting the precisely laid bedding of her bed. Nothing was hurt, I explained we can easily remake the bed and put her polish away. This may have been me reconciling my updated image of her as someone particular about her house being in it's proper order.

Scene change: I am in a closed house from the rest of the world with a small population of others (hundred or less). We are secured in this house for survival reasons. Our rations are low and we have no means of finding more food. As part of a sad response to our situation, I guide everyone up the stairs. "This is the only way to deal with the food supply we have left." At the top of the stairs is an area with four blind slides. Two lead to death, two are safe. Everyone must make a trip down a slide. The line descends down the stairs, with children at the front and adults at the bottom. Only the first few can see the slides. Some watching force that worked together with the few adults of us that chose to implement this plan is asking me throughout this event "How do we choose who lives and dies?" Conveying the dilemma of such an unfortunate reality.

One by one, each child must go down a slide. The first one has the worst. "You have to go down one if you want to continue playing." They were anxious to play downstairs again. I urged them to pay attention, explaining that two of these slides lead to a horrible death.

Before we begin, a group of cows manifest and are sent down the far right slide. We hear a terrifying slicing of guillotines and machetes that shred the cattle in the middle of the enclosed slide. This was significant. This was meant as assistance, a warning in two ways. First, it gave us an edge on our odds as to which slides are which. Second, it had a message relating to our reality and what is being represented here. Somehow, the cattle mutilations can help us or are meant to help us. It also gave us more meat, but still I am urged to carry on with the selection.

Sad, I send the first child. They make it through the close right one. We listen for the sound of the machetes. Nothing. The child is safe and now the other ones after her just need to keep watching and following that one.

The third one in is misbehaving, teasing and tormenting the children around him. I tell him to pay attention, angry that he doesn't seem to understand the danger of the situation he will face. He didn't watch. He goes to the far right one the cows went down. I feel some kind of light affecting the resonance of the situation, leading the boy down the rigged slide. Did other factors affect this selection process? It was faint, and not as sadistic as it sounds, but something let some good children 'know' which slide to choose. But this was only in extremes. Lovely children who didn't pay attention had random chance to go down a rigged one or safe one.

A sweet little girl's turn came up next. She didn't pay attention. She went down a left slide. I caught my breath. One of the coordinating adults helping me maintain the structure of the plan looked at me in panic and asked if I knew if that was the right one. I close my mouth tight and slowly shake my head 'no' in helplessness. We hear the slicing of the blades. I explode inward with grief and then outward, yelling at the line of children and adults that now we know which slides are which, pay attention to the one in front of you and you will survive. 

I did appreciate, though it a terrible situation, that the selection process was done in slides, so the children would think it fun, and would be gone before they realize it wasn't. It was a mercy somehow that they wouldn't have to be led with fear to their end.

I quickly became numb to which slide was being chosen. I focused on reminding those in line. Once they left my care by walking towards the slides, I had to let go of their choice. I put my energy in where it could make a difference, but they had to listen and watch. It was against my designated role in this plan to affect their decision once they left the line.

One girl who had already gone down came up to talk to one of the other children still in line. My fury exploded. "Why did you come back up? Now you have to go down again? Oh why did you do such a stupid thing." Her turn came. I whispered hotly in her ear "Just go down the same one you did before. Remember which one you went down." As she ran ahead, I yelled after her in pleading to remember. She remembered, and easily went down the same one. I wondered if I would be disciplined in some way for trying to affect a decision after they left my care. Someone did question it, but I defended the outcome as having already been her choice. She was already sure. I was not. I had seen so many go down the wrong one, and it tortured me to see her burdened with the challenge twice over.

The end of the line was approaching. I would also have to go down a slide. I debated with myself. Is it fair that I was included in the setup and know which slides they designed to be the rigged ones? Should I instead choose to sacrifice myself for having that knowledge? I leave the line for a moment to be alone with my loved one in a nearby room. This significant other served at first as a lover, whom I discuss my dilemma with. Then they become my sister and we imagine a better time. I tell her I did see such a place she is describing, a place hidden in the physical space of the valley I live in:  the lovely little town I came across with one road in or out, and friendly people, and beautiful natural boundaries.

We apparently weren't supposed to be intimate in this place, and someone was spying on us. But I didn't care. I think I had made up my mind that I would be sacrificing myself. The only question that remained was how honest my sacrifice would be. What if I go down the one I know to be trapped and am spared because of my intent? Would they switch the slides on me? If i were to go down a safe one, would they have made it a trapped one because of my selfishness? Does it matter? If I go down a safe one, expecting it would have been switched because I want to make sure I am sacrificed, would I find that they were not switched at all and I had overcomplicated their judgement on my privilege?

The dream ends before I fulfill any decision.

Dwindling Resources and the Coming Ice Age

Author Whitley Streiber, an abductee who recounted his terrifying experiences in the book "Communion" that has come to represent the foundation of the abduction phenomenon, wrote also "The Key" about a strange conversation he had with a man in 1998 in his hotel room in the middle of the night, who claimed to be both God, Canadian, Archangel Michael, evil omnipresence Legion, and honored to be called human.

During the conversation, Streiber asked "What is our future?"

The stranger answered:
"The future of mankind is either to ascend or go extinct. The future of life on earth is, in either case, to evolve new intelligent creatures. Species of birds will become intelligent. Then, eons later, a species of insect. Like you, the insect species will have hands. They will remake the earth as you have, but never find the least evidence of your existence, nor will any memory of you, or history of you, persist in that time. They will walk the earth in a billion in a half years, at a time when it still has two billion years to live. For mankind, the matter will be decided in this century, however."

Streiber asked next, "How will it be decided?"

The stranger explained in astonishing detail the coming changes as we are seeing and understanding happening now:
"The climate will begin to change in 2000, and this process will accelerate over the next decades. There is a great cycle of climate that began 2.8 million years ago and has resulted in the fundamental destabilization of your world's weather system. You evolved intelligence in order to survive the sudden shifts back and forth from ice ages to temperate periods. In fact, this planetary instability has been the engine of your evolution. The cycle is about to change, and to challenge you again."

Streiber: "Why will this happen?"

Stranger: "Warmth being retained near the surface by greenhouse elements results in cooling aloft. A massive and extremely powerful convection can arise that results in a storm so great that it changes the climate permanently.... The next ice age will begin soon, and this will lead to the extinction of mankind, or to a massive reduction in population, given your inability to expand off the planet. This planet is at present a death trap."

Streiber: "Why will this happen?"

Stranger: "Because air at the surface is getting warmer, the north polar ice is melting, reducing the salinity of the Larentian sea. At some point, winds crossing the sea due to the increasing difference between lower and higher atmospheric pressures will warm the northern ocean so much that the temperature differential needed to pump the North Atlantic Current will not be sufficient, and the current will slow down, stop, or stop flowing so far north. This same mechanism always triggers ice ages, and would happen within a few thousand years no matter what. However, human activity has sped up the process of atmospheric warming, so the change will be sooner and stronger. The greater part of human industry and culture, along with the species' most educated populations, will be destroyed in a single season. This will happen suddenly and without warning, or rather, the warning will not be recognized for what it is."

[  "The jet stream, the river of air high above Earth that generally dictates the weather, usually rushes rapidly from west to east in a mostly straight direction.
But lately it seems to be wobbling and weaving like a drunken driver, wreaking havoc as it goes." ....
"'The fact that the jet stream is unusual could be an indicator of something. I'm not saying we know what it is.'" -Jeff Masters, meteorology director at Weather Underground
Article Links 1, 2, emphasis added.]

Streiber: "What will it be?"

Stranger: " First, the surface features of the currents will slow down. This will result in violent storms in Europe. At some point, arctic temperatures will rise forty or more points above normal during a spring or summer season. Then the currents themselves will change their routes or stop. Cold air trapped above the arctic will plunge down and collide with the warm tropical air present at the surface. It will create the most powerful storms in ten thousand years, storms unlike any you have seen or imagined. They will bring about the end of the northern civilization and the climate change that follows will lead to the starvation of billions."

["Dramatic and unprecedented plumes of methane - a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide - have been seen bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean by scientists undertaking an extensive survey of the region."
Article link, emphasis added.]

I don't subscribe to doomsday events without proper cause. Still I feel the need to report the combination of signs that seem to be attracting toward me in my dreams for the last nine months, Paranoia is I am not saying there is enough cause to hide in a hole with stockpiled supplies right now, however,
(Except from pages 130-33, paperback published edition 2011 by Jeremy P. Tarcher from Penguin Group. All rights to this material are Mr. Streiber's.)

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