Dec 24, 2015

How to Photograph Your Red Grid Marks

      Many people write to us and include photos of their marks, but unfortunately, quite a few of them are blurry or low resolution. I want to make sure that both you and our investigation team have the best record possible of your mark, so here are some guidelines for taking the best possible photos. I will assume that most will be photographing with camera phones, but if you have multiple kinds of cameras, it is helpful if we can get a higher quality photo that might come from a more professional camera. We appreciate as many photos as we can get (within reason) so photos from multiple sources are helpful.
If you can't email large size photos you can easily upload them to and send us the link.

Dec 16, 2015

Found Cases from Around the Internet

The original poster named it alien.jpg. Source
      Periodically I search around the internet to see if people have posted more red grid mark cases. I'm sharing these to further show the complexity of this phenomena and highlight some very typical as well as insightful comments.

Dec 7, 2015

RGMP Case #18: Leon, Dream Update

Summary: Updated info on questions relating to his grid mark, including a recent dream about aliens teaching him and others how to 'remote control a UFO through atmosphere.'

Read Leon's original Case Report from Oct. 21, 2015 here.