Dec 16, 2015

Found Cases from Around the Internet

The original poster named it alien.jpg. Source
      Periodically I search around the internet to see if people have posted more red grid mark cases. I'm sharing these to further show the complexity of this phenomena and highlight some very typical as well as insightful comments.

      The photo at the beginning of this post was found at, a spiritually oriented forum. (I have archived the page here in case it ever disappears). The marks were originally self-discovered by the child who received them. The mother, "RunninL8", writes:

      It's very interesting that the mother's reaction is so visceral and frightened. Of course, I do not know her personally, but a quick perusal of her online presence shows her as a very hearty and adventurous Alaskan who loves the outdoors and embraces spiritual ideals. This reaction appears out of character for such a person.

      Other people have written to us feeling unnerved by the theoretical connections to aliens that are so easy to find when googling their marks. RunninL8's reaction is stronger than I have seen anywhere else though. Perhaps this is due to her motherly instincts being activated by an implicit idea that tends to come with these marks: we are not in full control of what happens to our bodies or those we love. Interestingly her marks appear to be in about the same place as one of our other cases, Jillian.

      Her daughter's dream carries some interesting symbolism. Water and DNA are two of the very basic components of being alive in this physical dimension. Water is symbolically connected to the maternal womb, the unconscious mind, and the force of life itself. Why would these parental figures be trying to inject her with something she already has? It is an oddly aggressive move. Freud might have had something to say about the injection bit!

      Is she being altered or augmented in some way? Is this part of a natural growth process, bringing her more into this realm, or a kind of spiritual water and DNA allowing her to be more connected and embodied into another realm? I can only speculate with questions.

The mother continues:

I will let several replies speak for themselves:

      I also managed to find several grid mark postings on reddit. This particular one had some prototypical reactions.

The below comment was essentially the first quasi-explanation I gave myself:     

      The above comment is one of the first speculations given to me when my marks were discovered. I have never had allergy testing though. By highlighting these comments, I'm not saying they're bad. I think it is healthy and rational to go to the most prosaic and simple explanations first, but, of course, Occam's Razor can only cut so deep.

      Another reddit posting is odd in that it refers to a quite different sort of mark as being part of the red grid mark phenomenon. I cannot put the below mark in the same category as the often more loosely arranged RGMP though. Also, Jennifer has already done a write-up on these sort of marks.
The comments, quite rightly, point out a similarity to the end of a hair dryer.

 Here are several similar hairdryers. The bottom one was linked in the reddit thread.


      I agree that there is remarkable similarity to the hairdryers but her mark seems smaller than a hairdryer would be. However, wording in the posting also comes across as a bit affectatious and theatrical. In searching google images I came across this:

And this burn deliberately done to a young child:
And this from instagram:
Source without direct link

Another reddit commenter in the aforementioned thread claimed that they had woken up with this mark on them:

      I cannot come to any conclusions from all of this but I tend to be more skeptical of phenomena that appears to be too neat and obvious like some of the recent UFO hoax videos and photos. RGMP falls somewhere in the middle of a spectrum for me--it often appears ordered and yet a little haphazard, like it was done in a hurry or came in at an odd angle. It appears to be less a branding like the circular target-like marks and more an after effect. It is a ripple in the pond, not the rock thrown in the pond. I want to find the rock.

      I'm still willing to accept a non-paranormal explanation for the RGMP and other marks appearing on people around the world but I tend towards preternatural explanations in my articles here. I admit that I have a bias in a certain direction. Perhaps I tend towards that explanation because it happened to me and it is not just theoretical. I have yet to find a satisfactory answer, even though some explanations resonate more than others. That keeps me searching though. I welcome any input from our readers on these matters.


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  2. I have the grid pattern of 5 across and three down underneath my chin (silular to a lady in March this year). Day 3 and still got the mark with no answers or explanations..

  3. My son has this pattern in his left chest and it is growing!!! please can you tell me what that can be...thank you!

  4. Someone send me an email I can link my photos too. Large cluster on bum

  5. I also have the Grid Marks just recently appear last night. Going to see a doctor. No reason I can think of I just slept in my soft bed not leaning on anything, with a deep sleep.

  6. I cannot explain the feelings I had while reading this blog. I was completely fascinated.
    Mason Soiza

    1. Thank you for you comment. We're glad you enjoyed reading, and we hope you continue to. Follow us on Instagram to see photos from our case files.