Jun 14, 2015

RGMP Case Report #10: Jillian, Part 1 Introduction

   "I've had a lot of paranormal activity in my life, actually. I've always had a very active imagination and I feel there is a certain power to manifest reality through thoughts and writing, and much of my existence I pretty much wrote up myself. Some pockets of my life seem more enchanted than others. There was one period that lasted for about a week where everything I dreamed, even though they were small, mundane occurrences, showed up on my waking life immediately upon waking." --Jillian

   All different kinds of people write in to Jennifer and I. They come from a fairly wide demographic spectrum (though the majority are female) and from around the world. A few stand out as seeming to have more of a connection into "the other side". These sorts of cases make it difficult for me to think that these marks are a mere physical or psychosomatic reaction. Jillian is one such case. Her email to us had somehow slipped through the cracks and I was weeks late in responding to her but she was still eager to share her remarkable story with us.
   Jillian is 27, college educated (music and psychology), and performs in a psychedelic glam rock band known as Fruit Juice. Jillian moved to the northwest a few years ago due to a series of synchronicities and feels at home in this band where all of the members are similarly "infatuated" with space. If you watch the linked music video, there's a point in the song where our subject speaks about having an alien put messages in her head, a common occurrence for abductees and contactees. She is also very interested in both Eastern spirituality and Western psychology and seems to put a lot of what she knows into practice by engaging in frequent mediation and ecstatic yoga. She feels that there are "forces" that regularly help her in life. From hearing a few of her stories, I can understand why.
   Her first marks appeared in early April of 2015 and were discovered by her significant other. She had just recovered from what she describes as a "strange case of vertigo". The picture at the head of the article shows them and here are the other two pictures she sent us:

   Again the marks appeared about a month later in May:

   These are not as severe as some of the marks we've seen but they fit the pattern. It's interesting that they appeared in roughly the same place. Predictably, there was no pain or sensation associated with the marks. "It reminds me of a crop circle, so I imagine the presence of some object. I have felt increased awareness and energy since the occurrence, so I imagine it is a positive experience," she writes. Something resonated with me when she pointed out the similarity to crop circles. I'm surprised I hadn't made the connection before! Perhaps there is some similar telos involved, although there is no real evidence to suggest that these marks or the crop circle phenomenon are monolithic in their origins.
   When asked if anything unusual had occurred around the times her marks appeared, she wrote:
My roommate had just told me he'd experienced a frightening state of sleep paralysis, where he was being dragged across his room. He said he woke up and went to use the bathroom when he heard me gasp in my room (late at night while sleeping). It struck his attention because of what he'd just experienced. I'm not sure if it was the same night, as I know I found the dots on Monday though they could have been there before. I just know it was the conversation we had right before my partner noticed the pattern on my shoulder.
Nothing conclusive here, but interesting nonetheless. Jillian also floats the possibility that the marks are related to two different full moons where she had very powerful healing and creative experiences.
   Like several other of our cases, Jillian appears to have a profound connection to the dead. Of course, "passed on" or "switched dimensions" might be better terms, given the finality that the word "death" often carries and the mounting evidence that death is an end, not the end. She writes:
I think communicating with the dead is kind of my thing. I have a very strong affinity with death, though I'm not necessarily a dark person. My dad died when I was eighteen, and I kind of chased him into another dimension to reach closure, which I received through dream visitations. I also lost a very dear friend of mine who had helped me cope with the loss of my father when it happened. I moved to Washington from the midwest, and he happened to die as I was packing my bag to fly home for the first time in a year. The reason I was going home was to write a thirty page paper for the college class I was taking at the time about the voodoo roots of blues music. Upon going home, and studying the blues, I found myself in actual mourning, using music and magic to cope with my circumstances and longing. I was able to attend Abe's funeral, and was lost in the fantasy of his presence the whole time I was home. He came to me while I was taking a nap one afternoon. I was halfway between waking and dream, and I could see him in the room I was in. I was struggling to keep my focus on him, and his image seemed to be weakly transmitted between two dimensions.
Clearly Jillian leads an interdimensional life, a life not bound by the materialist milieu. A skeptic (perhaps cynic) reading this and our other stories could likely easily bend these happenings into a pre-existing psychological or neurological paradigm but I wonder if that is an act of anxiety, a superstitious defense against what is an ever-present mystery for many of us. Many who experience what we call the paranormal also have to keep a keen eye on all factors: the psychological, the neurological, the philosophical, personal history, experiential, etc, but no one lens can fully explain the various visitations and stigmata that appear. It's also important to remember that many experiencers themselves have a running inner conflict when trying to reconcile high strangeness with the rational, logical part of their self that helps them operate and succeed in our world. Part of what we're looking for by researching these marks is a higher vantage point to see how all of this fits together, both in our individual lives and in the collective.

In Part Two we will look further into the Jillian's story, a story that includes synchronistic cats and Kurt Cobain.

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