Jun 14, 2015

RGMP Case Report #12: Jim V.

See 9/30/15 update below.

June 6th, 2015 - A year of intermittent contact is finally ready to produce a brief report on Jim's incidence of grid marks. He contacted me back in June of 2014, with spotty emails bleeding out a few more details about what happened around the 15th of that month to lead him to me.

What immediately caught my attention at the time was that he was the first, besides myself, to report profuse sweating the night his marks appeared.

 Jim's marks appeared on his mid-back around June 15th, 2014, captured here in the upper half of the frame, on his left side.

One night after he was awoke by the dampness of having sweated profusely while he slept, his wife noticed the marks on his back. His only clue as to what might have caused them was the unusual sweat the night before.

When a heat or sweat is recalled as an unusual occurrence coinciding with the appearance of these grid marks, I oblige myself to check if he was in a warm enough room to explain why he may have overheated. He countered that thought. "...[W]e always sleep with a fan blowing over us." However, in the heat of summer, even at night, the body can still overheat. It was Jim's, and his wife's, attention to the sweating he experienced as being abnormal that confirms to me the two symptoms were indeed related. A conclusion I'm all too familiar with.

When I awoke from the sleep that produced my marks, I was laying in a cool dampness from having sweat while I slept. I felt groggy, like I had been in a sauna for longer than I should have and was finally laying down in a cooler environment. But I wasn't still sweating, I was significantly cooler. So I was just laying in what I had sweat out, which meant that my body temperature had spiked and then cooled by the time I awoke. Perhaps I overheated while I was sleeping and my body simply sweat to reduce it's core. Makes sense. Except I always wake up if I'm too hot. In this instance, I slept so hard, unusually hard, that I slept right through the heat wave. But the fact that I also recalled a mild burning sensation on my palms while I slept was too much of a coincidence to not put the two together. How they go together at a cellular level though is what I don't understand. How can heat being forced out of the body produce a grid pattern?

Much of the information I have gathered about Jim's case comes directly from the picture itself. He said he tends to sleep on his sides and that he did recall a vivid dream that night, though he hasn't described yet what it was.

If indeed something (pressure, suction) interacted with his skin that night, I would guess he was on his right side with his body pointed down and in toward the bed. Why this matters to me is how it might correspond with other cases whose dream encounters (contact with an energy or force either from the self or other in the dream state) resulted in a grid mark on the opposite side or end of the body.

Say for instance he saw a light come at his chest or was shot there in a dream, could the shock of living that scenario have been believable enough to the body to result in a psychosomatic affect?  of the mind believing so strongly in what is happening in the dream state that it can trigger the rest of the body's cells to respond, specifically blood cells to create the forced-to-the-surface look of the grid mark? This is only speculation. I don't know what Jim's dreams consisted of that night, but I continue to see a correlation between how the person slept and where the marks appeared that makes me consider this possibility.

I held off reporting on his case for so long because I was hoping for more details, but with the recent flux of new cases, I decided we just need to get out what we have acquired on old cases.

UPDATE:  Jim, 53, contacted us from Ohio, USA. As expected given his brief and spotty responses, Jim describes himself as shy and introverted. He says the dots only lasted 3-4 days before fading completely, fairly typical of these marks. He had very little else to add to my original report (above). He isn't predisposed to dreams, hasn't had any unusual experiences he can recall at the time of filing his form, and doesn't remember any dreams or events that stuck out to him leading up the appearance of the mark. In fact, for the most part, he forgot about it and went on with his daily life, as many cases do. If there is anything to be learned from Jim's case, other than the afore mentioned notch on the list of those who experienced heat and sweating around the time of the occurrence, its that most experiencers are not adversely affected by the event, and so move on, only having just been made aware of the phenomenon and made to wonder in passing or the back of their mind what it was.

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