Jun 14, 2015

RGMP Case Report #11: Nicole

Nicole read about my investigation back in May 2014 and left a comment on the History and Symptoms Summary post our readers are probably familiar with by now if you're following this series.

I tracked her down through social media and finally got a hit back some months later. My efforts managed to excite a brief dialogue with her about her marks appearance.

Her original comment was to the point, "woke up with this same shit today," which was made the morning she discovered "a perfect square of 16 dots" on her shoulder. Unfortunately she didn't think to take a picture at the time, and because it took us so long to touch base, the marks had disappeared before I could ask her to. "The dots looked like small bruises and faded with in a couple days."

She couldn't place the pattern to her bedding or anything around her that made sense. The last thing I got from her was that she considers herself a 'spiritual person' and hence maybe the mark's were spiritual in nature. I think if anything it was meant to highlight her curiosity and open-mindedness to whatever the truth might be.

That was all I was able to get from her. Her latest reply was Feb 10, 2015.

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