Jun 28, 2015

RGMP Case Report #14: Julia Murray

Julia, 21, applies her part-time studies in Mortuary Sciences as a Funeral Director in Connecticut. "Work is my passion," she says. "If I'm not at work, I'm studying for school. Leaves me little time for real hobbies..." Life keeps her busy. But everything stopped in the afternoon of May 13th, 2015 during a restful check at the mirror; a surprise was about to demand some of her precious attention. Under her chin was a small grid of dots in a vaguely symmetrical pattern. This was not like her common bruising episodes, waking up with inexplicable sore spots, this was something altogether more specific, and it brought her back in time to when another unusual encounter with the unknown occurred.

When Julia was 14 years old, an unprecedented event happened to her and her family of 5 that left a lasting imprint on her, her mother, and her brother for years to come.

On a night in 2008, Julia's family, consisting of her two parents, 21 year old brother, two younger foster siblings, and herself were awoke by strange beings in the house. Each of the children's rooms experienced their own unique encounter that night.

Julia found herself in a paralyzed state. She could look down and see her feet, but her sight was hazy. "It was like there was gauze in front of my face." She grasped for the right descriptors, eventually landing on the way things look through an after-image affect of the eyes. "You know when you stare at a picture and then look at a wall... that's what it looked like."

In the after-image haze, a series of three images were projected to her:

1) A field with mountains and a UFO hovering in the sky.
2) Two aliens in the control room of a spaceship.
3) Close-up of one alien face from the shoulders up with their facial features blocked with a triangular screen.

Her list was concrete, unwavering. The series was clear in her mind. There was no hesitation in her recall. The memory of the event was so ingrained in her consciousness, not even the fact that this was her first time recounting the event since it occurred in 2008 hindered her recollection. The entirety of what happened affected her greatly enough to have a lasting affect.

After the three images, she blacked out and woke up the following morning. From what she could gather, her perception of the whole episode lasted no more than between 8 and 10 seconds, though its affect on her will endure a lifetime.

Fascinated by such a precise trilogy of images, I inquired about her reactions, intuitions, and details about her portion of the event.

JENN: "What did they look like?"

JULIA: "Big head, like you see on TV, short."

JENN: "Thin limbs?"

JULIA: "Thin limbs." She confirmed. "It had something triangular on it's head."

JENN: "The head itself was triangular, or it wore a triangular shaped headdress?"

JULIA: "I think it was something on its head."

JENN: "I ask because there are reports of beings with triangular heads."

She wasn't familiar with ufology until that incident at home occurred. She began to investigate possible theories, read up on other encounters, and find connections to others who might have ideas about what happened that night.


Turns out, Julia has always had a knack for sensing intelligent presence or "living energy" as she agreed in calling it. She often sensed the spirit of a dead human in a house she entered, and would ask her host if so-and-so was passed. It was uncanny how often she could feel the presence of the dead, but she lacked confidence in the gift. She kept her impressions to herself mostly.

Unlike many of the grid mark experiencers, Julia felt certain she is not empathic, which did surprise me given her apparent ability to sense the dead. She said she doesn't feel others emotions very well, and definitely doesn't absorb them to the point of experiencing them as her own. Nevertheless, her sensitivities for quanta seem to exist.

One month before the grid marks appeared, she felt a presence in her room unlike anything she'd sensed before.

JENN: "Would you say the reason it felt so different was... would you classify the presence as human or not?"

JULIA: "Not human, yes."

While living in the house of her youth, she had a vision of the site having once been a barn with cobblestone and a pentagram in the center. In the dream, she approached the symbol on the ground and as she did she passed by two young girls, who stared at her in disbelief at her presence. Outside the barn door, a portal released a demon upon the house. Julia and her mother yelled a religious banishment to ward off the demon (though in real life they recognize themselves to be agnostic). She believed that part of the dream reflected the spiritual reality of why so much trouble befell them while living in that house.

She later found out just how accurate her dream was. A local unveiled to her the house used to be a barn with cobblestone and that two young girls did indeed live there. The old cobblestones can still be found as broken pieces around the lot and beneath the overgrowth. She couldn't believe it.

Years later, when she finally worked up the courage to satisfy her wonder about what had become of the house, she found it foreclosed and abandoned. Nothing less would have brought her relief. She didn't want to see that space affect any one else. Her family suffered great unrest in that house, according to her interpretation of life events, behavior, and relationships from her adolescence. Looking back, she couldn't help wonder if her father's alcoholism and behavior was aggravated by leaking energies from that portal. Did something attach to her during her time there that continues to follow her? The concern of these possibilities was palpable and she had the physical evidence to support it.

Even to this day, she wakes up with bruises on her arms. At the time of our interview, she had a 3 day old bruise on her arm, and others that she described as "painful" and deep. A visit to the doctor for bloodwork showed no abnormalities to account for above average bruising. The physical phenomena reached a new paradigm for her when they began to appear on her boyfriend as well. She feared her medium side was attracting harm to those around her. It's affects were no longer contained within her mind and body.

Agitated by this losing combination of believing these events happened to her because of exposure to a bleeding portal during her youth, her physical manifestations, dreams, and her palpable concern, I offered an alternative analysis of her experiences. First and foremost of which was to help her identify that she has inherent abilities of higher consciousness and that these events may just as likely be the result of her perpetually doubting and denying the reality of her bursting affinities. Rather than reject or resist these inner and outer realities, perhaps she could instead try to understand them, explore them, and learn to employ them for reasons of her own choosing?

Just how reactive the other realm is to her, and not necessarily the other way around, would be highlighted by comparing her encounter against those of others, namely, her siblings.


Only the children were the target of the encounters that night in 2008. Her parents were asleep and were only awoke by the screaming of the two youngest, both 8, who claimed creatures were trying to come in through the window. The window was 7 feet off the ground and sealed shut.

Julia has been unable to reconnect with those two foster children because they live in another state, but she does wonder how much they remember about that event and how it has affected them since.

Her older brother, 21 at the time, "got the brunt of it." He lived in the converted space of the garage as his own room. He awoke to the sound of someone fiddling with the lock of his door --which Julia described to have a jiggling sound. It didn't take long for her brother to remember his door doesn't have a lock and ignite him alive. His eyes flew open. Three beings stood in the room, apparently startled by his waking up, because they immediately forced him to black out. Like his sister, he awoke the next morning confused by the night's events.

They all came together at breakfast to discuss the unusual 'dreams' they all had. When the combined events told an unsettling story of invasion in their home, the mother worked her best to calm the children and put the pieces together. This was not her first brush with the paranormal. Before her kids were born, Mrs. Murray observed a UFO in Germany for five hours straight.

Julia's brother also had other experiences, but he refuses to talk about them with her or anyone. I reinforced her approach to not probe him for details. Instead, I recommended she simply state that she talked with me as a personal declaration, something she's done for herself, but with no implication that he should as well. He should be allowed to deal with his experiences in his own way.


JENN: "The tone of the three encounters is rather different. What did you feel during the encounter? Were you afraid?"

JULIA: "No. I wasn't afraid."

JENN: "You weren't? Okay." I had to reiterate that fact to myself. I had assumed she felt fear during the paralysis, but I suppose the episode was too brief and directed for the chance to be afraid.

JULIA: "I had another episode 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks later with the same paralysis, but I resisted it and it went away."

Julia had just described to me what I understand from Jordon's encounters to have been a follow-up attempt by the responsible beings of the original episode. Except, in this case, Julia's panic against it managed to stave off the second encounter.

JENN: "This is a very different result from Jordon's beings. Either you were able to successfully reject a repeat 'attack', or this wasn't meant to be an attack at all. Have you had it since?"

JULIA: "No."

I proceeded to suggest that, for her at least, the encounter was meant as an introduction. The series of images she saw was a clear progression showing her that she is being contacted. First, a familiar earthly setting with the unknown object of focus. Next, zoomed in on the object to reveal two beings manning what is an intelligently controlled alien ship. Lastly, an even closer profile of one of the beings as if to say "It's me connecting with you." When they returned to tap her on the shoulder, so to speak, and she resisted, it was obvious to them that she was not ready for a repeat encounter. They may have ceased the attempt when it became apparent she would not be receptive. And that possibility suggests a very different temperament than what she and her family had feared all this time. Any other species that intended harm would not have cared if she was willing. Jordon's beings, for example, at times seemed to thrive on the fear and futility of his attempts to gain control over the situation.


However, when the grid marks appeared seven years later, her first instinct was "They're back." Seen as a result of yet another invasion, the marks suggested to her the same beings that had invaded their home in 2008 chose a less involved approach this time around.

 Faded series of dots that appeared on the underside of Julia Murray's chin sometime before May 13th, 2015. Dimensions: Square shaped, 8 dots in two columns, about 2 inches long, dots were each separated by half an inch.

"I slept extremely well the night before. Strangely well. I am the kind of person that gets up at least once to use the bathroom. I slept over 9 hours without a single disturbance." 


Julia was very unsure what to think about her various experiences. She was nervous about why they came to her. We returned to the topic of the non-human presence she sensed in her room a month before the marks appeared. We had already determined why this entity was so different from the other spirits of the dead she has always been able to sense throughout her life, but what about her reaction to its presence.

JENN: "You said your cat saw it too?"

JULIA: "My cat was looking at the same spot."

JENN: "Did the cat seem disturbed or upset about the spot it was fixated on?"

JULIA: "No. He was alert, his ears were up, but not in a defensive way."

JENN: "Did you get a sense of its intention at all? Do you think it meant to scare you?"

JULIA: "My first thought was that it was actually a relative."

Her father had died two months after the home invasion of 2008. She wondered for a moment if it had been him. 

With the way she initially described this encounter, I was again surprised to hear that she wasn't afraid during either event. Add to that her cat didn't perceive any clear threat as well pointed me again in a different direction. These beings don't seem to be trying to torment her, if anything they are trying to establish contact with her.

I encouraged her to take a leap of faith in her abilities and begin to explore how they work, what they can do, and where they can lead. It's clear to me her vivid dreaming offers her a way to download information in a memorable way for later analysis, it's possible it will also serve as her truth diviner, correcting any inaccurate ideas she lands on. I explained that her vivid dreaming is a buffer for her anxiety. She can ease up on the demand of herself to know what everything is right now by instead allowing herself to settle on one idea at a time and trust her abilities will reveal to her any kinks or inaccuracies. In other words, if she's wrong in her assumptions, her dreams will serve as an auto-correct. This will open up doors she was too nervous to peek through, including contact with these various entities.

If she begins to accept this aspect of her being, will the incidences of bruising disappear? Are her bruises manifestations of resistance to her innate ability to connect with higher dimensional beings and realms of thought?

She might try to offer an alternative to the way they've been trying to connect with her, a way she would be more receptive to. "Remember its a dialogue. If one way doesn't work for either party, try something else. It's okay to reinforce boundaries. Ask for validation of their presence, and be specific in how they can prove it to you. Fifth dimensional communication is not the same as 3rd and 4th dimensional communication. The language is immersive:  an experience of images and sensations and intuited information."

Finally, I recommended she play with the possibility her father is trying to reconnect with her by letting herself believe for a moment the things she senses are real. It will do a great deal to release you from the fear and doubt that constrict you.

(Edited July 30th, 2015)
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