Jun 16, 2015

RGMP Case Report #13: Kayla in Texas

Kayla is 19 years old and wrote us in late May. In her words, she was "sort of scared." Her marks appeared in a rectangular shape to the left of her right shoulder blade and she counted 19 dots, describing them as looking like mini hickeys. As is typical, there was no pain or sensation associated with them and she could not be exactly sure as to the date when they appeared, though she assumes it was in the early morning hours around May 26th, a little after 2am.
Oddly, her boyfriend took the picture, forgot, and then told her 2 days later.

She herself is a nursing student and asked an aunt who is an RN about them and the aunt was "dumbfounded". Kayla is also overall pretty healthy and can attribute no natural causes to this happening. One night around the time her marks appeared she says she had trouble sleeping and was "very uncomfortable but never woke up or opened eyes." This an odd combination of factors, perhaps indicating some exogenous alteration of her sleep cycle.
Many people who write in to us have found other sites claiming that these marks indicate alien abduction and Kayla was no exception to this. I think all of this (understandable) speculation is part of what freaked her out. She had trouble imagining herself being a part of that phenomena. She does remember having a vivid dream at around age 8 about extraterrestrials, green and blue lights, and a portal. She had watched an ET movie not too long beforehand so there's a possibility that this was a factor in the dream. Kayla believes in God but doesn't put much energy towards spirituality or religion though she does keep an open mind to various perspectives. I think she's wise to cautiously approach any conclusions about where this phenomena is coming from although the preponderance of tantalizing clues in these cases makes it easy to imagine the strangest of possibilities.
Taken 3 days after discovery

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