Jul 30, 2015

Found RGMP Case


“About 11 months ago, my 18 year old son came to visit me for a few days from the lower mainland. A couple of days into the visit, he woke up in the morning and went to have his morning shower. As he was walking into the bathroom (wearing only shorts), I noticed to my horror that he had a perfect 4"x4"x4" triangular mark on his back, and inside this triangle were all these perfectly round red marks about the size of a pencil eraser. He said that he felt no pain, but that it was kind of itchy-burning feeling.

We went to the walk in clinic to have a doctor look at it, but the doctor did not have any idea what this could be, or what may have caused it. She had never seen anything like it before. It disappeared about 4 days later.“

My estimate is this occurred in 2002-03.

Found by Jordon, a report on sightings.com by Brian Vike.

Jul 25, 2015

Case Report #15 "Jodie": A New Kind of Mark: Puncture Wounds on the Back

Everyone that I've written about so far is a relative stranger: they're people that I very likely wouldn't have normally met and we communicate through the somewhat distanced, etheric medium of the internet. I normally first see these the marks in a picture but these came to me in person. I didn't expect anyone that I know personally to tell me that they had found something unexplainable on their body.  These are like nothing I've ever seen before and they are certainly nothing like the marks we've been reporting on.

Jul 5, 2015

RGMP Case Report #10: Jillian: Part 2

Jillian and Unicorn

         The paranormal doesn't really surprise me or freak me out. So much of it I can dismiss as my imagination, but when I found the marks on my arm, and stumbled into that mystery, it really blew my mind because it was tangible evidence, even though it was mostly faded by the next morning.