Jul 25, 2015

Case Report #15 "Jodie": A New Kind of Mark: Puncture Wounds on the Back

Everyone that I've written about so far is a relative stranger: they're people that I very likely wouldn't have normally met and we communicate through the somewhat distanced, etheric medium of the internet. I normally first see these the marks in a picture but these came to me in person. I didn't expect anyone that I know personally to tell me that they had found something unexplainable on their body.  These are like nothing I've ever seen before and they are certainly nothing like the marks we've been reporting on.

"Jodie" is a close friend of mine and prefers to remain anonymous. She is a very intuitive, creative person who accepts the existence of other realities but also is quite grounded in everyday life. She is well-educated and of above-average intelligence. I've known her for about a year and a half and we've had plenty of time to share our various strange adventures and dreams and we keep each other updated as new things happen. In getting to know her I've become aware of various themes in her dream life and an impressive catalog of paranormal experiences but this event shocked both of us as it was so obviously physically and forcefully induced.
Right Shoulder Area, June 11th
Jodie, who lives alone, awoke on June 11th of this year with her tanktop sticking to her back having bled from these wounds during the night. There were no holes in the tanktop. She's not clear on when exactly they occurred but it was definitely during the night of the 10th into the 11th. In subsequent days her skin felt "tight" across her back and the wounds itched even weeks after. It would not be unusual for wounds such as these to itch as part of the healing process but I suppose this could also indicate the presence of some exogenous chemical. She did not apply anything to the wounds and let them heal naturally.
Right Shoulder Area, June 11th
An initial thought when first seeing these marks might be something like, "She rolled over an object in bed or slept on something or an insect bit her" but there was nothing in or around her bed that could have done this and insects simply don't leave coordinated marks like this. Also, any normal person would have woken up when receiving such a painful bodily intrusion. In the picture below you can clearly see that this was a forceful event leaving what look like impact craters.
June 11th
The implication here is that Jodie had to have been put into an altered state for this to have happened. Given some of her life experiences, she is a light and sometimes anxious sleeper and even suspicious noises would have likely woken her up. How could someone have eight holes punched in their back and not remember it?
I am currently considering two possibilities: 1. This came from outside and was perpetrated by entities with some sort of plans for her or 2. This came from inner factors related more to her as an individual and her spiritual life and connections. I want to consider multiple possibilities and hear from you, the reader, if you have some idea or impression about this case.
Let's consider the first possibility--that of a primarily external event. This is reminiscent of the many well-documented accounts of what is known as the alien abduction phenomena and possibly even the current widespread, multi-decade "secret" nonconsensual experimentation and behavior modification being perpetrated by the Military/Intelligence Industrial Complex. The latter phenomena includes activities known as gang-stalking and electronic harassment and is multifaceted and seems to have all different kinds of objectives. It often involves the use of ranged Extremely Low Frequency weapons that can transmit auditory sensations and thoughts as well as significant changes in behavior and loss of control. The victims are often female and are sometimes physically assaulted in various ways. This is not the place to try to prove the existence of these phenomena but I will leave a reading/watching list at the bottom of this article if you wish to go down those dizzying rabbit holes. 
There have been tantalizing clues that Jodie has been targeted for harassment. Her residence has been broken into several times and non-valuable objects were removed so that she would know that someone was toying with her. A nondescript t-shirt was also left after one incident. These events seem directionless given their isolation and rarity though. It's very difficult to make sense of them. Jodie is an overall normal and healthy person who exhibits no sings of paranoia and doesn't believe she is the target of some conspiracy. She is puzzled by all of this, to the point of it being overwhelming for her to process and so she might push it to the side so she can go on with life--an understandable reaction! I mainly mention these incidents because they point to someone having the ability to enter her residence at will (though she recalls that her door/window alarm system was on that night), a possible factor in this case.
She also frequently wakes up with bruises on her arms and legs, something experienced by Case Report #14, Julia. This phenomena has also been experienced by people under the aforementioned electronic harassment. On the surface, these bruises seem pretty unremarkable but when they appear night after night with no available explanation they become yet one more unsettling phenomena. They often appear on the inner thighs were she would be unlikely to hit anything. If anyone knows of a good medical explanation, please let me know. Obviously there are medical disorders where bruising occurs more easily or even spontaneously but I can't connect any of these to what I know of her medical profile. Interestingly, Julia and Jodie both have a history of encounters with the dead.
These marks also seem comparable to the scoop marks found by numerous alien abduction victims. However, from what I know, abduction-related scoop marks are often healed the morning after and are not as severe as these punctures.
Source: http://www.noufors.com/physical_evidence_in_alien_abduction_cases.html
Jodie has some of the peripheral markers of abductees, namely various paranormal phenomena such as psychokinetic activity and poltergeist-like phenomena in her home environment. She has had at least one instance of objects flying across the room for no reason as well as electric switches being flipped on their own. Another one of our cases, Elaina has experienced similar things with electronics. 
On to option number 2, the possibility that these marks are more the result of something going on within and throught Jodie, ie something like stigmata. To be more clear, I am positing that these have to do with her interactions in the astral and psychic realms. Obviously it could also be a combination of factors both within (astral, psychological, etc) and without (physical world), there isn't necessarily a clear line between the two. I keep astral experiences in the "within" category because the portal to those realms seems to be within the mind.
In the week previous to her marks appearing, Jodie went to see a local masseuse and Reiki Master. I have visited this same masseuse many times and he is exceptionally talented in both fields. He mainly worked on her back since that was where her muscles were most bound up. When Jodie first showed me her marks I almost immediately thought of her recent visit to the masseuse. Had something changed in her body's energy field that helped precipitate this event? I quickly emailed him and here is part of what he said: "I was just meditating on it and it seems that they were continuing to help her to open up her heart chakra. I had mentioned to her that it was strange her heart chakra was so blocked..." He also referred me to this site: http://www.kheper.net/topics/chakras/Shoulder-blades.htm It says:
While on the higher subtle and causal levels, this is the Angel-chakra, the centre that governs the angel-wings that enable spiritual travel and also protect the traveller [Mantak Chia, Awaken Healing Light, p.210]. This symbolic reference to wings and to spiritual flight links also to the Egyptian representation of the Ba or Soul as a human-headed bird, as well as winged deities such as Isis and Maat, and to the symbolic association in both Tantra and Kabbalah of the Anahata or Tifaret (respectively) with the element Air.
So, here we have another possibility that is apart from the others that I've mentioned. In an odd way, the marks do look like attachment points. Four on each side indicates an archetypal completeness and solidity.
On the night of the marks Jodie had the following dream:
"A little black girl with braids and beads told me she was scared because she was dead but the place (the in-between) was falling apart and she was afraid she would not be able to visit her grandmother anymore. Then I watched as a bright white light surrounded her and a darkness fell and she screamed and was dragged backwards into the darkness."
Some weeks earlier Jodie had another dream that seemed to involve contact with the dead in another realm. As a child she also had sightings of people and an animal who were already dead. We also can't ignore the obvious possibility that this dream relates to her own personal trauma and is mainly psychological in nature. The dream could relate to several realms, psyche and other dimensions, though, it's hard to say. It's also interesting to note that the marks appeared around where she had gotten tattoos years earlier. These tattoos are very important and symbolic for her. As you can see in these photos taken on July 16th, the tattoos suffered permanent damage. No one has showed up to pay for repairs!
July 16th

Interestingly, when gathering information for this write-up, I asked Jodie how long it was before the marks appeared that she had gone to see the masseuse. She responded that it was about a month. This didn't sound right and as I traced back over the electronic record I figured out that it had only been during the previous week. Given that she normally has a good memory, it might be telling that she put the two events so far apart. Does part of her not want to realize the connection or has her unconscious deliberately scrambled events around this time because something very traumatic happened? I have no way of knowing at this time--the crux of this investigation must reside somewhere in her memory. Surely, some part of her remembers receiving these wounds and somehow that can be brought to the surface. I will likely analyze this all further in a subsequent post and hopefully get more of Jodie's personal thoughts but this is my rough sketch of speculations for now. I will appreciate any experiences, speculation, or relevant research that people can leave in the comments.

Possible relevant information in no particular order:
Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control

Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment
Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed
Books by Dr. Karla Turner
Communion by Whitley Strieber
The Controllers A new hypothesis of Alien Abduction by Martin Cannon
Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall 
Army Yanks 'Voice to Skull' Devices Site 
José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado 

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