Sep 29, 2014

The Enemy of Blind Conviction

Night of Sept 28/29th 2014

Returning home with family and friends, my attention is fixated on the skies. UFO's/Alien crafts of different sizes and types, as well as military flown crafts are flying by and no one else in my party seems to notice them. I don't care that they aren't watching the sky, I am enthralled at every sighting. My party knows what I'm doing, that I keep looking to catch a glimpse of the next one, or focus in on something in the sky toward the horizon. Jim seems annoyed as he asks me what I'm looking at.

"All the crafts in the air." The sky was abuzz. Something was happening that we the public weren't aware of. There was an urgency in the air from a collective extraterrestrial knowledge and I wanted to know.

I passed a room as we headed inside and noticed a wobbling circular craft in the corner of a man's garage. His hair was aging, and his skin was tanned and rough. I stopped in excitement and pointed to the small toy-like craft as it wobbled in a zipzag path toward the man.

"Oh its 'so-and-so' [I don't recall the name he referred to him by]."
"You know him?!"
"Yes. He's part of the 'so-and-so' [ET organizational name]."
I get a better look. A tiny alien is driving a kid's toy UFO. It's white plastic, with cutout sections where a windshield or window would be. Vibrant colored lights that seemed more for spectacle for a child than of use to the alien operator. He had animated a kid's toy into an operational vehicle somehow. I pondered the science he might be using to perform this, and magnetic field was the only answer I came up with in the dream. Imagine a remote control helicopter. Now imagine a humanoid alien small enough to fit inside it could control it by manipulating its remote capabilities and bringing those controls to its fingertips in the cockpit. He animated only a few levers, making immovable plastic functional.

The creature looked like a creature out of Star Wars. It had multiple eyes that protruded out of the head like a lobster, or the Gran species of the Star Wars
Universe. It's face was oval, and its skin was forest green like Gredo. 

My neighbor's alien friend was coming to warn his human correspondent of what was happening. This man, my neighbor, revealed himself to me as a member of an order that exchanges intelligence between humans and alien councils. My neighbor gave himself a title, like the 7th Sun/Son of the 11 Stars or something more grandeur and cosmological.

Channeled Language - Tracey Taylor Video

Jordon found this video about a young artist who channels patterns and symbols, and transcribes it into art.

Thank you Jordon for the relationship to my own brief symbol/pattern download.

Read post "Channeled Language?" here.

Sep 22, 2014

Average Recall - How often do we dream? How many do we remember?

The average person forgets 90% of their dreams within the first ten minutes of waking. If I have a gift, it is an increased capacity to remember dreams. To give a conservative estimate, let's say I recall an average of 4 dreams each week. After having tracked for nearly three years now, I can safely say I recall a dream every night, however, morning cycle dreams are easiest to remember. Four dreams a week is 16 dreams a month, and 192 dreams total. Humans dream every night. If all we ever dreamed was once a night, I would be at a 53% recall. The average person would recall only 36 and a half dreams of the year.

Except, we dream every time we enter in a REM cycle. A typical night's sleep will result in 4-5 sleep cycles of REM and NREM. One might argue we forget our dreams because they happen in deep REM sleep. I remember mine best in the third stage of NREM, which research has suggested is possible. Because of this, we can dream anywhere between 4-6 times a night. That's 1460-2190 dreams in a year. If 90% are forgotten, the average person recalls anywhere from 146 to 219 dreams. That still allows for about 3-5 dream recalls a week. Do you remember that many dreams on average? I know people who swear they don't dream because they can't recall even the vaguest sense that there was anything but unconscious silence and non-existence between night and morning.

Sep 3, 2014

Ways of Thought and Reptile Zoo

Summary: Theorums on the form which the content of dreams take based on how you thought of the topic in question; Reptile zoo and Gila monster hitch-hiker; Consignment store in familiar town and a terrorizing force; Playing pretend who is the terrorizing force we have to lock the greenhouse windows from getting in.

Night of Sept. 8th/9th 2014

Been awhile since I had a Reptile channeling dream. It starts just outside an elevator. Someone tells me there is an Arboretum...

Sep 1, 2014

Tooms and Toomy, Another X-Files:Fringe Crossover

Being on the lookout for any indication a science-fiction production (shows and movies) is trying to disseminate real information or events to the public under a fictional guise, makes me hyper aware when I watch Fringe and X-Files. As a vivid dreamer, I have a knack for finding connections not immediately apparent to others. It was my husband who noticed this one, though.

Episodes under review:

From Fringe (2008-2013)
"The Same Old Story" Season 1, Episode 2 
"The Abducted" Season 3, Episode 7

X-Files (1993-2002)
"Squeeze" Season 1, Episode 3,
"Tooms" Season 1, Episode 21

They share some surprising elements. And each show started with a story on this topic early on in their first season, though neither had much to do with either show's overarching story. They were cases the investigative teams were confronted with early on. Then Fringe seemed to reinforce the idea again in its third season, and wove the topic more intricately into the overarching plot of the season.