Dec 7, 2015

RGMP Case #18: Leon, Dream Update

Summary: Updated info on questions relating to his grid mark, including a recent dream about aliens teaching him and others how to 'remote control a UFO through atmosphere.'

Read Leon's original Case Report from Oct. 21, 2015 here.

Leon's mark appeared on his upper right arm in May. I published his initial case report with a few extra questions still pending. He contacted me to satisfy those left over curiosities.

In his online submitted survey, he described a dream he had around the time of his mark appearance:

"Dream of waiting area, like a common room for an office. [T]here were travel magazines or brochures on a small coffee table. [T]he people were all white, skin, hair, clothes. I felt I'd been there many times before. In the dream I was not myself, I was about 30kg heavier and slightly shorter."

The following are our Q&A thru email correspondence in October after his report was posted:

1. What were your impressions as to why you were in that waiting room? Do you have any analysis or interpretation to add to the description of your dream? LEON: "I have no idea what the waiting room is for, in my stories I'm including it as a place where people pick up and drop off their temporary bodies when traveling between worlds via thought."

2. Have you ever been seriously injured since the beach incident?

"I've been hit in the head by a car, fallen from a roof onto my back, and done some pretty crazy things over the years. no broken bones. Now [that] you mention it, when I was in the security industry I had a lot of incidents that I got through without a scratch. [A]fter one event I had blood coming from [one] ear for 24 hrs non-stop, and the other ear needed to be stitched back on. [N]o scars from that. [O]nly scar I've really gotten was [one] on the face above my left eye from playing laser tag with my wife.

"I have been in situations where I should have broken a bone or two, but while the pain is there the doctor's x-ray show no break.

"On a similar note, my wife and I have observed that I rarely get sick, I do get sick but when a flue is going around and people are sick for a week, I'll feel sick for a few hours. lol when I watched the movie "Unbreakable" I really connected, I think there must be lots of people out there who are similar."

3. Did the dolphins seem to struggle in the water, were they fixed or stunned in place? Did they make any sound?

"[T]he Dolphins appeared to be swimming up, didn't hear anything."

4. If you can, I'd still like a sketch of your most recent mark, just a little diagram on an outline of a body or something, nothing fancy. 

Leon happened upon a crumbled up sketch in his filing cabinet of his mark, though a rough drawing, you can see the density of the number of dots.


He was trying to depict as accurately as possible the number and arrangement of the dots he could see, leaving a couple centric ones too invisible to denote.  


Leon described having serious insomnia for a long time now, so severe he is considering -per his wife's request- that he get it checked out by a doctor. Sometime in the week before I published his case report, he recalled a dream where:

"...a group of people were being taught by aliens how to remote control a ufo through atmosphere. [T]he control mechanism was a pen and we had to "creatively write" the ufo through the air. (this sort of thing happens in the alien dreams often, I suspect it's a lesson in the power of creative thinking.) [A]fter the lesson they provided us with meat. [W]e all introduced ourselves and one of the people explained that he wouldn't eat the meat as he was a criminal/killer on Earth and the meat was making him remember and wake up too soon. [T]he rest of us backed away and this surprised the aliens, they didn't think we'd mind sitting at the table with a bad person. [T]hey didn't even think we'd view murder as a crime."

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