Oct 21, 2015

RGMP Case Report #18: Leon G. (Case File #49)

Leon is a lifelong dream walker, encountering many other worldly races and beings, witnessing strange phenomena and technology, events and inexplicable episodes of time bending. As a means of documenting his experiences and understanding of the multiverse he's come to know for public consumption, he wrote a science fiction novel titled "Universal Constance: The Haunted Shadow". Using the character Constance, he depicts his bizarre episodes through life dealing with these phenomena.

Unusual events began for Leon at an early age, with his earliest one happening at age 6. Leon and his family went for a day trip to the beach. He and his siblings played on a hill before reaching the shore, rolling up and down with glee. At the shore, they lingered to watch the water before continuing their walk along the beach. It was then that his brothers noticed blood dripping down his leg...

They pulled up his pant leg to reveal a gash on the inside of his left thigh. "I could see the bone" he said, describing the depth of the wound that he had no memory of getting and no accompanying pain to have signaled its occurrence. The blood covered his leg from the thigh down. "It was as if I had stepped in blood up to my mid section." His brother took off a sock and tied it around the wound until they could return home.

Once home, Leon sat on the edge of the bathtub to clean the wound under the running water. Upon closer examination, he witnessed something unbelievable happening in the gash. "I watched the meat grow/stitch together, it was like watching fiber grow I guess, or watching crystals at high speed." Leon saw white fibers stitch the sides of the wound together and produce new tissue and muscle in the empty space. Unnerved by what he was seeing, he wiped at the new growth until the bone was again exposed, suggesting the new tissue wasn't firmly set. "I washed away the healing process a few times but it was healing faster than I could wash it." Eventually what resulted, despite his efforts to the contrary, was a fully healed wound with only a small scab to show. The scab peeled off soon after, leaving a scar, which remains there to this day some 37 years later.

Photo of Leon's scar, located on left outer thigh, taken Oct 2nd, 2015, age 43.

Along with this suspicious wound, he realized he had a memory from the beach that didn't fit. He and his family saw a UFO over the water. "...[It] appeared to be sucking up large volumes of water, though as an adult now looking back it may have been a blue light. In the water (or blue light) were dolphins, several dolphins being drawn up into the ship." Such a sighting on a clear day seemed worth telling, but his family didn't share the memory of what he recalled. Instead, he tried to tell his teacher at school later in the week. He drew a picture of the UFO over the water pulling up dolphins and water, but his teacher dismissed the image with stock praise.

Leon stated in an email he doesn't believe the craft or aliens hurt him, that he received the wound from playing on the hill, but that doesn't explain the presence of the advanced technology that allowed his wound to heal in a fraction of the time it should have taken.


The incident on the beach wasn't his last encounter with the unusual. Grids of red dots also appeared on his body from time to time. In its first appearance, the grid covered the entire right side of his body. "I was very young and it was after I had an 'alien dream' with spaceships and lasers. When the ship I was on got hit, I woke up."

JENN: "Like in the middle of a war? Space battle?"

LEON: "Yeah."

JENN: "And you woke up with a grid mark?"

LEON: "A dot always followed an ET dream, but not all ET dreams produced dots."

JENN: "You've probably seen a variety of alien races then. Did you see any details about them? Any impressions about their intentions?"

LEON: "Many have just benign curiosity, and all have their own form of contacting. Many were extradimensional. Some terrestrial beings have an extra dimensional--"

JENN: "...self? Ability?"

LEON: "I've contacted many other people [in my dreams] with similar [dream walking] ability."

The following was his answer to the survey question RGMP experiencers are encouraged to fill out about their mark and personal profile about what he may have dreamed the night before his mark appeared:

"Dream of waiting area, like a common room for an office. there were travel magazines or brochures on a small coffee table. the people were all white, skin, hair, clothes. I felt I'd been there many times before. In the dream I was not myself, I was about 30kg heavier and slightly shorter."

He described his most recent grid mark, dated May 4th, 2015, to be consisting of:

"perfectly round small dots, approx. 3mm in diameter forming an equilateral triangle. [T]wo locations, one on upper arm, the other on chest."

I asked, both in the survey and again in a different way during our Skype interview what he thought it all meant, why do the marks appear? This was his answer:

"I believe they are a physical manifestation of mind over matter, caused by the brain as a reaction to non-physical interactions, a phantom response to a mental or spiritual based technology." 

This explanation was quite similar to a theory I've also come to in that these marks are the result of a psychosomatic reaction between visions of experience in altered consciousness and the body, induced either by what the avatar is seeing in a dream or OBE, or unknowningly induced without memory by an imposing force/being. 

Some people have reported attacks where by the mark appears on the opposite end or side of the body as the contact point. It was thought they were so motivated to escape or reject the aggressive act that they shot out of their body, leaving a grid mark as their sudden exit point.  

Just as many people though, recall nothing, slept unusually well and deep, and yet woke up with grid marks. A handful in that category woke up with cold sweats from having overheated in the night. Still, others experienced nothing at all unusual. This disparity might suggest, if this theory holds true, that those who remembered nothing had an unnoteworthy extension out of their body without significant event. In other words, it wasn't forced or induced, it was natural. On the other hand, given the obvious twisting of memory people like Leon experienced about the beach incident, it's possible they didn't remember any significant event because the event simply wasn't encoded to memory. It's a common symptom of dreaming to not believe you had a dream at all, even though it's popularly known that everyone dreams. Most people don't remember their dreams at all and would swear they don't dream period. Dreaming is more about learning to remember the dreams you have rather than trying to induce a dream to occur.


Leon referred me to a scientific release of a product called Vetigel, an algae based coagulant that mimics the stitching and growth effect on his gash. Vetigel was created by a 17 year old in his grandfather's lab, and five years later (2015) is beginning its sales to veterinary hospitals around the US. 

"Once it hits the damaged tissue, whether it's open skin or a biopsied soft organ — livers, kidneys, spleens — the gel instantly forms a mesh-like structure." The gel serves as an adhesive between the exposed edges of skin, and stimulates growth of new tissue. "Within a few minutes of application, the gel can be safely removed."

This, and other similar products, are expected to revolutionize trauma care. Vetigel's creators, CEO Joe Landolina and CFO Isaac Miller, hope to make it available for human treatment in the near future.

Leon was surprised to learn about this medical advancement decades after his experience at the beach. This gel's healing speed was the closest thing he's come across to mimicking what he saw. Algae does not perform in this way in its raw form, there was of course a process to create the gel product. But, it seemed more than coincidence that an algae based product would behave similarly to the healing process he saw from the beach.

He wasn't suggesting he simply got 'beach slime' in his wound, and the slime clotted his wound. There was no visible clotting agent or barrier in his wound, it bled freely. What he saw was accelerated growth of tissue. Without directly saying say, Leon seems to believe the process he witnessed was an advanced technology, not applied by random coincidence, but deliberate as a gesture of good will.


Among the many other marks he's found on his body, including multiple grid marks, and scoop marks, Leon has also had some direct correlations between interactions in the dream state and his waking body.

A creature took a bite out of his ear in a dream once. He woke up with a missing section of his ear and stated with certainty that his ears had always been of the same size with no visible scarring the rest of his life.

In another instance, Leon had a dream that something tried to grab at him on the left side of his chest. He woke up with scratches on that same spot. Wanting to protect himself from future attacks, he got a tattoo of his own design over the spot.

Tattoo to ward off unfriendly spirits and protect against further attack.
"In retrospect I would say these occurrences happen more often just before I change career or move house. My lifestyle has mirrored that of a gypsy even though I aim for stability."
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