Nov 14, 2015

The Return of Geologic and Climate Phenomena Dreams

Summary: Three geologic and weather mentions of recent; Empathic downloads; Exploring my dream ability as it relates to interpersonal world events; My first inside look at the White Hats and Black Hats inter-relationship. Update below!

The external content, or content that appear to me to be channeled from events of the physical world outside my present situation, of my dreams has increased in recent days and weeks. Perhaps they are in sync with the seasons. Obviously. I see them more as forecasting, imminent or present events outside of my space. My area is not experiencing either of the following phenomena that I'm aware of.


1. I saw a series of sinkholes.

2. Severe snow returned for an appearance in one dream with a focus on disaster preparedness efforts. A community had established a training and response system with color coordinated categories. I was part of the (blue, green, pink?) shirt team, which identified me as a leader in training with some experience in disaster relief and planning. It was one step below the next color shirt which was given to those who were leaders in their respective units and had considerable experience in the field. There was limited to no power. We were living in a large lodge happily, I might add, despite the conditions outside. Myself and my spouse awoke with a chill, but we were still comfortable with the knowledge that we would all manage.

3. Serious downpours, the kind you want to stay trapped indoors for.

Do I believe these are suggestive of disasters? No, not really. Number 1 could suggest the ground becomes unstable as fall and winter come into full swing, which could hold the potential for sinkholes in roads. It could simply be me channeling something that has recently happened, which tends to be the case more often than prelude. Number 3 could just be preparing me for the drop in temperature and seasonality, which I've had before in Dec of 2012.

UPDATE, Nov. 22nd, 2015: Turns out there was a snow storm and cold snap coming that week. I was just now able to update this post.  Snow accumulated in the hills surrounding my valley, and it rained everyday, where this is usually a dry, sunny place compared to neighboring areas.


I'm always tracking my dreaming abilities and trying to understand them better, and not all of them are of my relationships, alien interests, technology, or disasters. I download silly things too. A few days ago I was clued in to a change to a particular card in the Hearthstone game my spouse and I play that the admins would be releasing. I saw the specific card, a warrior class only card called Warsong Commander except in the dream the image of the creature looked different, it was too aggressive from what I remember it looking like. A game situation was being shown of it's use, then the card text blurred and duplicated and shifted until only the word 'Charge' (a dynamic in the game allowing the minion to immediately attack after being placed on the field) was left in the text and it was no longer bolded. I knew in the dream as I looked at the card's text that it wasn't right, but I was comparing it against what I knew the real card to be. I didn't acknowledge in the dream that it was showing me it being changed, I thought I was just inaccurately remembering the card and the whole scene was a process of me trying to remember what it was, like a memory dream test. Turned out the game creator's reduced its ability, having deemed it broken when paired with another card. Players were abusing that combination and the admins believed it to be unfair. Many people were upset by the downgrade, so my spouse told me later the next day. It was only then that I remembered the dream. Convenient, I know, but its my truth. There's no way I could write about every synchronicity that happens in my day to day life relating to my dreaming. I've tried and I ask myself constantly if I should record this or that, but I'm relieved to simply enjoy those moments of connection to whatever universal force I'm in cooperation with. I smile and I like that it is mine, like a gift from the gods, a reminder that they're still there involved with all I try to do.

If there is anything I'm sure I can do with my dreaming its empathic download. I get clues to how people are feeling, what they're thinking, the challenges they're facing, despite having no direct contact or information to hint at what I receive. I'm best at downloading random shared experiences  as felt by a multitude at once (like Star Wars Releases, card game updates apparently, sports celebrations -- all these things interest my spouse more than me, also curious). It also happens to be technological capabilities, aliens, weather, and disasters or geologic events.

I've tried to track correlations between certain areas of my dream content to world events, particularly disasters or political upheaval, but have been largely unsuccessful in finding an accurate enough link for me to know for sure when something has happened. For instance, my spouse informed me of the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday. Being the kind of dreamer I am, I can't help but wonder why I didn't see anything in my dreams about it? Why didn't I hear the hostages or see their emotional situation at all? I did have one odd sequence last night that felt severely out of place (a scene relating to an unpredictable and terrible event involving a couple hundred people would appear as an out of place sequence because I would distinguish it from my everyday related matters and concerns), but  I couldn't begin to say whether it was related or not.


In this dream sequence I'm with a kind of student tour group on a field trip of sorts at the college level. We are in an old Boston building (never been to Boston, but believed it to be Boston during the dream) and I want to go straight to a room at the end of the hallway where a secret society is meeting and has met for a long time at that room. The room is a descending lecture hall style arrangement. The chairs are all facing the same way. The people in the room are divided by the middle walkway into their two respective groups, the White Hats, and the Black Hats (as they were referred to as), but you couldn't tell them apart by appearance. Instead of staring at a wall with a white board and podium, the front wall was nonexistent, they were looking out into sky and over the town at about second or third story height. There was nothing spectacular about their view or the street it overlooked, but the fact that they were looking out from this vantage point was eerie to me, like they could observe and debate and make decisions based on what they were witnessing outside of the room.

The teacher granted me unique permission to be the representative of our group, allowing me sole privilege to ask questions of the lecture room members. It was an opportunity and role I was welcome to accept and began to ask questions immediately of the two groups with what I already had rolling around my thoughts. What I was trying to understand was how it is that the two groups met in the same space communicating across with one another without shouting over one another and expression of disagreement. No one ever jumped across the isle to strangle another? The whole relationship seemed too calm, too friendly for what either side represented. They demonstrated such civility and it almost mocked the degree of desperation and chaos their two perspectives caused. I wasn't sure that either of them had the right in my mind to decide what was best for the people they looked down upon. Were they meddling or just observing an existing situation and watching it unfold? I wasn't sure.

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