I am currently investigating two physical phenomena, conducting one ongoing experiment, exploring one scientific , and compiling the connections from an array of related themes in one correlated dream series.

1) The Red Grid Marks Phenomenon (RGMP) Investigation.
See Selected Archive posts:
Summary of Symptoms and Phenomenon History
New RGMP Case Studies #1: Jordon (previously "Michael")
Jordon's Case Study continued, Part 2
Jordon's Case Study, Part 3
Case Reported to Mufon
Case #2 Reported to Mufon
RGMP Case Study #2: "Antal"
Speculations on Blood Aspect
Lightworker Connection
Comparison Analysis of 3 Cases
My RGMP Case Study #3: Jennifer (website author/editor)
Why are we being Harrassed by Unknown Visitors?
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Dream Experiment... Part 2
Dream Experiment... Part 3
Leading Theory
Welcoming a New Agent: Jordon!
Moving Past Fear: Jordon's Evolution
RGMP Case Study #4: Jessie
RGMP Case Study #5: Jacob
RGMP Case Study #5: Jacob's Recurrence
RGMP Case Study #6: 'Ruby' (Removed at request of correspondent)
What the Red Grid Marks ARE NOT
RGMP Case Study #7: Gabriel
RGMP Case Report #8: Bruno
RGMP Case Report #9: Elaina
Elaina, A Follow-Up
RGMP Case Report #10, Part 1: Jillian 
RGMP Case Report #10, Part 2: Jillian 
RGMP Case Report #11: Nicole
French Investigator on the Target/Symbol Mark Phenomenon
Correspondence with a French Investigator
RGMP Case Report #12: Jim V.
RGMP Case Report #13: Kayla
RGMP Case Report #14: Julia
RGMP Case Report #15: 'Jodie' - A new kind of mark

RGMP Case Report #16, Part 1: Brian's History with the RGMP
RGMP Case Report #16, Part 2: 2015 Recurrence
Welcoming a New Member to the Team: Brian!
Found Case
How to Photograph Your RGM
RGMP Case Report #17: Amber
RGMP Case Report #18: Leon
RGMP Case Report #18: Leon, Update
RGMP Case Report #19: James
Found Cases around the Internet
Announcing: RGMP Dossier Release 

2a) Dream series indicating wide-spread feeding on human souls by a parasitic species, with connections to cow mutilations, the Red Grid Marks phenomenon, population control and mass starvation due to overpopulation, reptilian and amphibious races, with a heavy sexual component. 
See selected Archive Posts:
Quenching a Thirst 
Sexual Hunger, Part 1
The Other Side of Reptilian, Part 2
Dwindling Resources and Hard Choices, Part 1
Snakes, Frogs, Dragons: Part 2
(Dream #6 on) Snake, Frog, and Dragon Head
Why are we being Harrassed...
Blood Survival
(Virus aspects of) Dreams as Communication dream
When Snakes and Worms Attack, and their Queen ("Learning to Sing in Harmony")
Worm Connection
Clever Larvae ("Lost Love")
Worms Again Connected to RGMP 
A Mother's Plea
Zombies and Souls, Vodoun practice and Alien races

2b) Extended Archive list of Reptile dreams:
Three Races (Ancient Pyramid)
Exploitation of Large, Precious Reptilian Eggs
Snake Attack
Turtle races by warring lords
Reptiles revisted
Reptile Zoo
Brief Interview of Remote Viewing - scroll to end of post

3) Observational study into the beautiful fluctuating color patterns of stars in our sky. Are these just stars displaying an effect of atmospheric distortion?
Preparing for Viewing and reports
Viewing with Local Astonomer - [Viewed wrong object]
Dreaming of Unknown Device - Triangular device come to send message through portal
Multiple Portals
Other Dreams with Portals 
Evidence of Portal - Viewing of star in question and amazing surprise
Viewing #2 with video

4) Experiments in communication methods with extra-dimensional or cloaked entities, with Dream information downloads as my guide in the science.
Dreams As Communication
Communication Device from Dream #1
Consciousness Abduction Contact 
More Ponderings on Device #1
Dousing Rod Usage? 
Communication Method and Instruments from Dream #2 
Human Initiated Contact
Bio-implant Communication Device from Dream #3
Sound Field Theory
Plan for Communication Experiment
Results of Communication Experiment
Drawings of Com. Devices and Astrophysics Connection
Channeling Experience with Spiritual Guide
What is Telepathy 
Marine Creatures and Humanoid Eagle Shapeshifter Returns
I Dated a Shapeshifter (Dream)
Communication with Other Realms

5) Cumulative Analyses on most prevalent theme of my dreaming - The Many Faces of Water (Bodies of water as analogy of 'ocean/realm of non-locality', or the realm of pure consciousness where alien entities interact with our physical world undetected):
Mentorship Begins in quantum mechanics
Water, Water, Everywhere
Empathy with Seals
Quenching a Thirst
Lego Land on Water
Hidden Town on quiet Ocean
Spirit Walking
Tainted Waters
Ancient site overlooking Ocean
Swimming with Fish
Existence in Solid state and Non-localized State
Marine Creatures with Thermal Burns 
Underwater Base 
Polar Shift, Travel by Rivers

For more posts with water present, though I don't talk directly about the application of the ocean of non-locality because the theory was not yet devised, see posts tagged with labels 'water' or 'ocean'  in keyword search.

6) Exploring the science of antigravitic technology toward a vehicle model.
Anti-gravitic Exploration - summary and reiterating dream
Bismuth-Magnesium Layered Alloy Video 
Mounds and Harmonics
Math of Love - another math dream with a twist
Math Test and Zero-point Science
Correlations from Dr. Greer's Lectures on ZPE
Magnets and Salt Water
Development toward Antigravitic Craft
Natural Methods
Add Phosphate to the Equation

7) Compiling research in the telepathic download capability of dreaming.
Investigation #4 above is also closely tied to this list.
Disable the Paranoia:  Consciousness as Vector Point into ZPE
Synchronicities: Meditative Download 1
Synchronicities: Channeling Cats


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  2. I found the red grid pattern marks on my back as well.

  3. April 3 rd. I woke up with grid marks on my back that looked like a honeycomb shapes in center of my back

  4. Someone please help me I'm from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago this has been happening for years and it's no medical reason it comes once or twice per year only