Sep 28, 2015

Bismuth/Magnesium Layered Alloy Video

Summary: Tying in findings from lecture by Linda Moulton Howe on bismuth/magnesium layered metal with my last two years of dream channeling and data gathering on antigravitic technology theories; Shared dream downloads with fellow dreamer on the importance and use of bismuth in antigravity craft.


I have been chatting with a reader and fellow dreamer about my old Bismuth posts after he himself reported having a dream download drawing importance to bismuth. Here is his original comment:

"Hi Jen, I recently had a dream (nightmare). I also think is has something to do with Bismuth. The dream I had was about a world like ours I was in a large city there was a thunderstorm the sky was grey and a large ship floated over the city. The city fell into kaos but was I remember mostly was the shape of the ship It was a long square cylinder.

When I woke I was interested in this ship so I started searching google to objects or images that was similar to the shape of this ship. It also made a noise im not sure if you have seen the movie Transcendence but the sound towards the end as the particles are rising up from the ground around the solar panels is the same sound this ship made in my dream.

Looking further into the shape of the ship though I found the ship looked exactly like a bismuth crystal. Its the one thing that stood out in my dream. The last few weeks I have been intrigued in this element and have been reading articles and searching for more info on the metal. I also read an article mentioning Bismuth having anti-gravity properties and low thermal conductivity. Could alien ships be made out of this stuff? Even though it has a low price value and is considered "tin" or a bi product of mixing copper and the family member of magnesium.

I don't know if you read the article where a couple of scientists made a ribbon 1km long of bismuth and coiled it up with a copper lining also coiled up. They sent a high electrical charge into it and it shot the bismuth ribbon through the roof at about the speed of mach 8!

I would really like to know if you have any more incite on this metal or have had any more dreams relating to it. :)


In my original post back in January 2013, I simply noted some key properties about bismuth, being unfamiliar with it before that download.

"Trusty Wikipedia describes Bismuth as a dense metal comparable to lead. Key facts that stood out to me as potentially significant (what I was meant to learn about it as background for an upcoming message) is that it has the lowest toxicity of any other metal, its pharmaceutically used as a base (think Pepto-Bismol), it is twice as abundant as gold on our planet, it's lustre is that of silver, white, pink hue, artificially grown as crystal with stair-like symmetrical pattern, with an oxidized surface creates a beautiful rainbow effect, low value of thermal conductivity, and perhaps most importantly as far as its use, it is the most naturally diamagnetic (creating a magnetic field naturally)."

One month later, phosphate was added to the investigation, which is a salt of phosphoric acid: 

"Teacher was showing a video that I focused in on for a minute. Erected building in a shielding in a desolate looking environment. Narrator of the film said something about the next step in replenishing the livability of the settlement was a mass sweeping of phosphate. The vision that came to me was of a dust cloud-like storm of phosphate deliberately swept across the barren land to the left of the large complex." Part of dream February 2013, one month after bismuth word appeared in my mind before waking. I wish to point out there was also a shower scene in this dream, which may become clear later why water is a key ingredient.

Confused about their relationship, I inquired further in my typical 'call and response' dream fashion. Just prior to waking I again had a vision (not immersive enough to be a dream, a new phenomenon I am gaining familiarity with where I get a sleeping vision just before waking up, making it fresh and present in my memory once awake) where a mud mixture of one or both of the elements is smeared across my entire body. It's purpose was for that of healing, but I believe it's overall application is to improve conductivity or interact somehow with the natural electromagnetic field of a body.

He later recommended to me a video from XCon 2004 featuring a lecture by Linda Moulton Howe. Howe received a set of metal fragments from the grandchild of someone who had access to a UFO crash site at Roswell.

Linda Moulton Howe lectures at the 2004 XCon on her findings and inquiries into the functions and production of a bismuth/magnesium layered metal that came into her possession.

In her research she learns the metal is composed of bismuth, magnesium, and zinc layers. Each bismuth layer is a thin film of 1-4 microns. Metallurgists, chemical engineering and manufacturing companies, top names in the field that would be working with such a material had no idea how it was made or what it was used for. There were no documents or references from studies, testing, or products using this particular layering in such thin alternations. What's more, experiments she instigated found additional anomalous properties and interactions, most notably, when submerged in water for a period of a few minutes the metal produces continuous hydrogen gas release with no discernible by-product. None of the elements present in the material are supposed to react with water. The alternating layers of these particular elements compliment each other in such a way as to create a steady supply of energy when introduced to water. The gas bubbles up to the surface vigorously, like boiling, a common phenomenon reported to precede a UFO rising out of a body of water. 

For those of you already familiar with Howe's research on the metal found at the Roswell crash, this might not be new information. For my fellow dreamer and I however, just barely in our 30's, we are only now learning of Howe's past research on these objects. We each are fascinated by unidentified crafts, antigravitic technology, and the recreation of what we see in sightings. I got heavily into magnetism and had two other elements appear to me in the same way. Boron, which I forgot soon after, and then palladium, which I thought was a made up element using my personal affiliation with the word 'paladin.' I asked my husband immediately upon waking if it was a real element and he wasn't sure. I found out soon enough it was.

Palladium is in a group of elements similar to platinum, except palladium "has the lowest melting point and is the least dense of them." Courtesy Wikipedia: Palladium. Recommend reading "Correlations on zero-point energy from Dr. Greer's lectures"

Levitation and antigravity aren't necessarily the same thing. If your goal is to essentially suspend an object in the air without traditional propulsion, we already are aware of many means of doing so. Skydiving simulators use air current and pressure to generate lift.

There is also by way of magnetic field using say a neodymium iron boron rare earth magnet between two bismuth blocks.

Bismuth crystals holding a magnetic cube in air.

Adam and I both have bought some bismuth, mine is lab grown, his is a melted brick. At the atomic weight of 83, one greater than lead, bismuth is heavy for its size. It also has an incredible natural structure. 

My lab grown bismuth bought at a local rock museum.

Adam's bismuth ingot ordered online.

He is going to try to recreate the bismuth as it appeared in his dream. I offer space on this site to report on his progress and results. 

Zinc, the other element in the metal samples Howe received, is very similar to magnesium, and in fact was combined in the magnesium layers. But why? What does zinc have that magnesium does not?

For so long I have felt on the cusp of understanding how this technology works. Then Dr. Greer came along and declared, from collected works and research by shy and threatened scientists and engineers, he and his groups on disclosure have known how it works for some time. He explained in a lecture at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. 2014 that in a high-resonance field, crystalline structures become massless. They achieve lift, infinite, nonlinear velocity (sideways, backwards, vertical, forward). What is required is the application of a high voltage (1000s to millions of volts) + specific resonant frequency (very specific cycles per sec. depending on material)* + crystalline substrate material. 

I suppose there are kinks in designing a craft feasible for human occupation though. What generates the voltage and resonant frequency? Where are the location of those generators in the craft design? What is the fuel source for those generators? Can the voltage and resonance be created more naturally by the interaction of the materials present rather than by an energy cell (battery)? If the bismuth/magnesium metal can produce hydrogen in water, can that gas be its fuel? 

What determines its movement within its levitating state? The magnet would have to be surrounded by the diamagnetic material and then fixed to the shell as well (possible in a toroid shape). Perhaps it is also surrounded in a container of water and the hydrogen is channeled to the generators via tubing. The outer shell would rotate though. How do you suspend the inner living shell (where the occupants are) to protect from rotational and nonlinear velocities? What if between the inner toroid and outer shell is the water! Never seen that in the craft schematics.
The bottom two diagrams are other concepts for how the outer shell is fixed or unfixed to the inner plane where the occupants would be operating from. Sketch by Jennifer B. October 1st 2015.


  1. Interesting diagrams and concepts Jennifer on craft layout and material layering. Would be exciting to do some testing in a lab on a smaller scale to experiment. Will post up pictures and how I created my crystal when I melt the ingot down, hopefully it turns out good. Also want to post more up here on Bismuth and what people have found experimenting with this element.......

  2. Any updates on this Jen? I'm still at a loose end on this no more dreams on bismuth

  3. Hay!!! I found out a lot about this. Like a lot - a lot........ would you like help?
    Joy and health to your thoughts!!!!

  4. Superb friends.But for propulsion,I have learnt that a specific compound of mercury (an amalgam),acts as a fuel with no conventional engines , also the flying objects were somewhere between pyramidal and quadrilateral.With regards,Balaji Kuppu -contact no +919884173052

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    1. Thanks Adam. I am deleting these spam comments. Appreciate the assist. Maintenance is an ongoing thing.

  6. No worries. I am still very interested in this subject and hope more people can come forward with relevant information 👌

  7. Hello. I have come to consider myself claresientient. Most of these insights have been to human consciousness, conduct, and our effects on reality (Manifesting). I believe in the power of many objects that our sciences can not yet prove; i.e. the mind, and bismuth. My curiosity with bismuth has been peaked and with a little research it has landed me here. A further curiosity, to cut to the point, I believe you. But....

    If this was the haul of a ship wouldnt “we” (The US Gov) have lots of this from a crash since it would have coated the complete outside? If they agreed to do tests that probably means one of two things. 1 they are comparing it to all of the other pounds of this stuff they have, or. 2 They have no idea what it is either. Now if they have no idea how could it be the haul of the ship if this is the only remaining fragment.

    Now what seems true and logical to me is that it is in fact a smaller device, say anti grav, propulsion, or just generator. What Im more curious about than a haul is if you make a small sphere or pyramid out of this stuff that is hollow. Now do some tests when you run energy through it or drop it in water.

  8. Apparently a couple of scientists had a thin spiral coil of bismuth and out a charge through it and it almost went through the roof of the lab. Can’t remember where I read this but it’s always stuck in my mind. Not sure about in water but it is also the only metal that fluctuates I’m falling speed when dropped from a height. Crazy stuff....

    1. *put a charge through it

    2. I also read that. I came across bismuth because I read somewhere that it was the closest material to something that was given to us by “ET”, that is not inherent to earth. Of course none of us will ever get our hands on that substance but that the closest thing to it is bismuth. The drive device that was made out of the other material was a cylindrical pyrimad made up of stacked discs with a hole drilled down the center. Not sure where I got that but probably from a Dr.Greer.