Nov 21, 2014

Correlations on Zero-Point Energy from Dr. Greer Lectures

Bismuth originally appeared to me as a word transmission just before I awoke one morning in Jan 2013. (See post). I was investigating possible antigravitic vessel schematics and communication with other dimensions.

Summary: Creating a pointing vector in the zero-point energy field; anti-gravitic science and technology; trans-dimensional communication; Comparing Dr. Greer's points with theories I reached through dream investigation; the black boxes harnessing ZPE; revisiting the elements; translating the math dreams; creating a working hypothesis with the ingredients so far assembled.

Dr. Steven Greer founded the CE-5 Initiative, group initiated contact with extra dimensional beings and vehicles. He is a key player in disclosure, briefing presidents, CIA Directors, congressmen, meeting with scientists, intelligence whistleblowers, company representatives, and names from the controlling wealth of our country.

In April and May of 2014, in Washington DC, he held a briefing on information his team has accumulated about the hidden agenda to restrict knowledge and information in the public domain. He discussed black shelving, where a front company buys out technology only to shelve it, thus keeping it from public knowledge and science, and slowing progress in areas that would be affected by such discoveries.

The most interesting subject he detailed was creating a pointing vector into the zero point energy field. The result of which is more power out than put in, and essentially indefinite source of free energy.

Stan Meyer worked at a radar plant where he observed that at certain frequencies and power voltages, water burned into vapor.

Greer explains that in a high-resonance field, crystalline structures become massless. They achieve lift, infinite, nonlinear velocity. A high voltage (1000s to millions of volts) + specific resonant frequency (very specific cycles per sec. depending on material)* + crystalline substrate material (air, water, coils)* = access to zero point energy. Use a material in a magnetically charged liquid in a toroid (donut) shape.

Previous documents I've read described the interior of some captured UFOs having a tube filled with a water-like liquid running the whole circumference of the ship's interior. It would seem its purpose was to provide a field for accessing the zero point field.

Disclosure Project tried to buy Meyer's portfolio, but lost to a Michigan corporation that he believes meant to hide it on a shelf.

Greer refers to this science as transdimensional physics, where technology has moved travel and communication beyond the light barrier.*

In the 1950's, secret groups had already achieved electronic remote viewing capability, and seeing into other dimensions like you would look through infrared goggles.* What the user sees is limited by his/her level of conscious awareness.

He, and the Blue Planet Project, identify human militaristic groups conducting abductions, not just alien beings, if they ever were.*

Non-locality in physics!* Explain to me how I determined that! This confirmation gives greater weight in my mind to the mentor on astrophysics in my dream a year ago and all the various related things since.

Of course, no sooner did my eyes pop out of my head at the mention of non-locality, did he discuss lucid dreaming as trans-dimensional travel in the world of light (11m 40s). Dreamland at Ellis Base is where experimentation in lucid dreaming occurs. Blue Planet Project document verifies this as well.

Science behind the Black Boxes

The black box contactees and abductees report on the belts of their alien encounters are aural thought communication devices. Greer refers to technology assisted consciousness, or TAC,* and the reverse, consciousness assisted technology, or CAT.

Edward Leedskalnin moved, cut, and shaped the stone blocks for his Coral Castle, a monument in Florida, by himself without modern tools. It was reported that he did so using only the contents of a small black box. He claimed he had discovered how the pyramids were built, dedicating 28 years of his life to the castle's construction. But, in 1951, he took the secret to his grave.

Abductees have reported a black box that pulled their soul from their body to be held and then transplanted into a replica body.

If the same technology is being employed to perform all these things, what Dr. Greer says about the zero-point field granting advancement in faster than light transportation, free energy, anti-gravity, and telecommunication may be spot on. How is it a man in the early 1900's discovered this science, and modern physicists have yet to? Dr. Greer discusses fervent, and deadly tactics to keep this a secret, a fact anyone in the alien/UFO community is familiar with.


Based on my early attempts to uncover how alien technology worked, and how, in the simplest forms, could someone communicate or travel to the dimensions our alien visitors are in, I may be able to put together some of what has been shown to me into a workable theory and model.

Bismuth has an incredible crystalline structure that mimics a staircase, or Escher painting.

Raw bismuth crystals and melted cube.

Artificially grown Bismuth to highlight its staircase-like crystal structure.
Bismuth originally appeared to me as a word transmission just before I awoke one morning in Jan 2013. (See post). I was investigating possible antigravitic vessel schematics and communication with other dimensions. I wanted to establish for myself some scientific way of manifested contact with the next dimension. I was shown two ideas, submerging myself in water, and encasing myself in a wet mud. I also explored creating a 'sound field' with a sustained tone or interval (alternating the two pitches). 

"I'm going to also experiment with the idea of a sound field. In dialogue with my dreams (and waking life when I heard two notes and a repeat of the last in the air of my bedroom), I believe I can communicate with another realm of beings through pure tone. The prevalence of my choir dreams tells me to recapture the enjoyment of song, feel confidence and joy in song. Along with the cage device I was shown, recently I was also shown holding a metal rod and with another thinner rod swirling it on the side of the larger one to create a constant resonating tone: a sound field that I believe will allow me to communicate with beings that vibrate on particular frequencies. Such frequencies may be joy, fear, hate, especially in focused song when the emotion is purest felt. The communication may only be tonal responses, like in Close Encounters, or it the generation of the field may allow them to appear easier. If they reside in that frequency, flooding the space around me with that frequency may allow me to see them. I wonder which race it is that has been giving me the clues to do this. Now I need to figure out what kind of tuning rods will do this." (From Communicating with Other Realms... April, 2013 post). 

I researched the theremin and resonance bowl (a technique Dr. Greer uses in his CE-5 contacts; archive post) as possible tone carriers, but I believe my vocal training is enough to hold a tone. The meditative 'om' may have a similar purpose. Dr. Greer described needing a particular resonance frequency for lift. I don't know if the same requirement applies to communication. 

Proper Element Mixture to Match Numerical Properties

Two night ago, I dreamed about rushing to complete a math test I thought I could do for homework (see post). I managed to record a few numbers from the reference table I saw, including G1, and G2, 2400+/-> (read as 2400 plus of minus is greater than...; I downloaded it as the mathematical symbols, not words), and 1552. Just now I'm noticing Bismuth's boiling point is 1564. 
In its liquified state, bismuth resembles the material I've seen beings wear in my dreams that shimmered with colorful tints over a base of silver that I couldn't explain. I said it just looked like fixed static, or threads that when weaved into a cloth looks like a screen of static. What purpose would bismuth serve in clothing? [Shielding properties apparently, see article here.]

Bismuth's boiling point is 1564 degrees Celsius.

Which element uses a number 1552 to describe a property of it? Palladium has a melting point of 1552. Palladium is important to me because I believe I downloaded it before in the same way I did bismuth and phosphate, but I thought it was a joke, a play on the word paladin, so I didn't record it at the time. I didn't think it was a real element, to be honest. [I'm not a chemist, I didn't learn all the elements in highschool. Though I wish I did.]

Interestingly, bi-pd (bismuth-palladium) is a superconductor. "Although BiPd is a noncentrosymmetric superconductor its influence on the superconducting properties is minimal presumably due to the smallness of the spin-orbit splitting of the electronic bands at the Fermi level." In other words, its superconductivity is limited. (Source article: "Superconductivity in Noncentrosymmetric BiPd System" by Bhanu Joshi, A. Thamizhavel, and S. Ramakrishnan; See also post on Quantum locking for more on superconductors.)

2400+/- (or 2.400+/-) could be a gravity range for a mixture or alloy containing a particular element, except alloys tend to have a much higher gravity number than 2.400. Palladium's specific gravity is 12.00, and bismuth's is 9.7-9.8.

Possible combinations for a specific gravity of 2.400 are potassium copper chloride, which at different mixtures lies within a reasonable range of 2.400, ammonium palladium chloride, and potassium sulphate. If I'm going with phosphates (the other element I received), there is potassium dihydrogen phosphate, bobierrite (a phosphatic fossil), variscite, or wavellite. (Data pulled from "A Table of Specific Gravity for Solids and Liquids, Vol. 32, Issue 1" by Frank Wigglesworth Clarke.)

Or 2400+/- could be a voltage range. (Searching...) Ho! What is neutral voltage? I saw the word 'neutral' in the second or third column of the table in my dream. "Neutral is a circuit conductor that carries current in normal operation, which is connected to ground (or earth)." (Wikipedia) I need an electrician, chemist, and physicist to put this all together, yeesh.

Are these specs for a power cell composed of a palladium alloy with an application or output of 2400 volts? That's reaching, right? More research...

"Over half of the supply of palladium and its congener platinum goes into catalytic converters, which convert up to 90% of harmful gases from auto exhaust (hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide) into less-harmful substances (nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor)."

"Palladium plays a key role in the technology used for fuel cells, which combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, heat, and water." (Wikipedia) 

I don't know where to go from here. 2400 volts is a common wattage for household electronics, which suggests to me that whatever kind of experiments I would want are possible with what I have in my own house. How to conduct such an experiment safely though prevents me from trying. I know very little about electricity, though I have dreams of circuitry and current. Sometimes I just feel like the messenger, a vector point into the zero-point energy field. That's what dream downloading is after all, output from the ZPE field. You, the conscious person, create the vector point with meditative inquiry.

Component List:
resonant tone or interval 
1552 degrees melting point 
meditative inquiry
* - points I've arrived at from my dreaming but had yet to be validated by another source.
On the formula to access zero point energy for communication purposes, I figured water and sound and substance had key roles, but I did not notice any clues about the application of electrical current. I was searching magnetic fields, material with magnetic properties and superconductors though.

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