Sep 28, 2015

RGMP Case Report #17: Amber H.

Just months after the birth of her second child, 28 year old Amber began experiencing a series of terrifying dreams. They were similar in nature to vivid dreams she had 8 years ago after the birth of her daughter, only this time they were much more frightening.

I had been having extremely terrifying nightmares of some man kidnapping me and my son, holding us captive, torturing, starving, and raping me over the course of five years. My son would escape and the captor would catch him and shoot him in the head and kill him.”
That whole dream happened over 3 nights. First it was the abduction. Then it was the being held captive and the last night was the escape. I always picked up where I left off the night before. That's never happened to me before and I thought it was really weird.”

A few days after these dreams, in the early evening of August 13th, she noticed a pattern of red marks on her upper right shoulder while washing her face in the mirror. Approximately 35 small red dots were arranged in a diamond shaped grid. She thinks they may have been there a while, as the marks were toward the back of her shoulder and not easily visible.
As is common with the Red Grid Mark Phenomenon, these marks or dots weren't raised bumps, they didn't itch or burn, and appeared to be just under the skin. She says she wouldn't have noticed them if she hadn't spotted them in the mirror.

She took a photo of the marks and sent it to us. By August 19th the marks had faded away completely.

Red grid mark pattern of dots on her right shoulder,
as photographed by Amber Herrin on August 13, 2015.

I asked about her surroundings, whether anything in her living environment could account for the marks. She examined her favorite chair where she had been sitting, as well as her bedding and clothing, but nothing she could find would account for their presence. 

She was “pretty freaked out” by their appearance. After conducting a Google search for information about the marks, found this website.

Amber is very open minded about what may have caused these marks. She is aware of the connection many people have made to possible interactions with UFO's or aliens. However, she has no conscious recollection of anything like that, and is quick to point out that she doesn't feel as though she's been abducted. Amber admits that anything may be a possible cause of these marks but doesn't believe they are extraterrestrial in origin. 

Although she has no definitive feelings about why the marks may have appeared, she says they seem to me to happen to a certain 'type' of person. If that makes sense. A person who is open minded, had experience with the paranormal and spiritual.
In the family home she's lived in for over 20 years, there's a history of paranormal events. Doors open and close by themselves, books fly off bookshelves, and everyone in the family has seen the same apparition of a man. Amber is convinced that her home is haunted, and as a single mother raising two small children, she is becoming concerned for her family's safety. She feels there is more than one spirit in the home, but doesn't want to engage them or try to cleanse the house in any way for fear of antagonizing any energies that may be there.
It's almost like a form of mental terrorism, she says. Lately more and more I feel threatened by them.”
She doesn't believe ghosts are responsible for her grid marks, but thinks the various events may have some connection that hasn't been discovered yet. She's somewhat comforted to see there are other cases of people who have experienced similarly patterned marks, but because of her terrifying dreams she still feels uneasy.

Several other out-of-the-ordinary things happened to Amber around the time the marks appeared, which she felt were significant enough to report. The most disturbing has been her sudden and extreme forgetfulness which began the day she noticed the marks. She would find herself in a room and not be aware of how she got there, having no memory of traveling from one room to another in her house. Additionally, she would not remember why she went into a room. Although she is quite young to be experiencing moments of forgetfulness, the extreme hormonal and chemical changes taking place in her body after childbirth could be a cause. When I asked whether she had ever experienced anything like this before she answered affirmatively, I have had periods of missing time here and there throughout my life.”
Another detail that Amber shared was that sometimes she experiences what's known medically as sleep paralysis. In that state the mind seems to be completely awake and aware, but the body is unable to move, except usually the eyes. Naturally this can be disconcerting. It occurs either just before falling asleep or immediately upon waking. This state is mentioned occasionally by others who have had grid marks, and it's sometimes known to be a precursor to out-of-body experiences.

She explains a series of events before discovering the marks that, upon reflection, also seemed odd:
In the two weeks leading up to me finding the marks the weirdest things happened. A whole lot of baby animals started coming up to me! First I had an orphaned baby raccoon come up to me. I took it in and took care of it until I could get it to a raccoon rescue. Then just two days later I had a frog hop from my yard, into my garage where I was sitting and then tried to follow me into my house. A few days after that I was sitting in my garage and a baby bird landed on my lap. I released it and it flew back onto the shelf next to where I was sitting and hung around me until I went inside. Then a few days after that I had a baby hummingbird fly up to me about a foot away from my face and hovered there until I raised my hand to see if he'd let me touch him, then he flew away. It was to the point that my friends and family started calling me snow white!”

All of these occurrences have made Amber very curious as to what they may be, and if they are in fact related to her red mark patterns. She isn't afraid of what caused the marks nor is she willing at this point to attach any specific meaning or reason to them. An honest willingness to examine and investigate the phenomenon is her main response to them. 
She believes that trying to understand what these marks are is an ongoing process, that somehow she has become a participant in that process, and that answers will be forthcoming with more research and comparison of cases. 
When I asked if she would like them to someday reappear on her body, she responded by saying “maybe”. As she says when referring to her marks, “It almost makes you feel special.”

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