Jan 19, 2013

Evidence of Portal

As promised, an update on what I have suspected to be more than stars in my skies. After months of trying to borrow, use, of buy a telescope, I settled for a cheap one to start with (Bushnell 18-1561) that I negotiated its owner down more than half its price because its magnification is so limited and its general construction its poor.

Took my family to the highest hill within a twenty mile radius to decrease the distance between my telescope and one of these star-like objects in the sky that shift colors more significantly than just twinkling, as everyone kept dismissing the color changes to be. Watching the Berlin videos (here, here, and here) many times led me to believe they were more than twinkling stars.

Had a lot of trouble getting the line of sight right because the telescope had poor stability and locking. But sure enough I managed to get preliminary observations that strongly resemble the Berlin star. It seemed to be in flux, changing through the spectrum of light and emitting a great deal more light than any other star its size. It's beautiful! The movement of the flux is like nothing I've ever seen. Looks magical.

I became giddy and whooped my victory after trying for so long to find the means and circumstances to be able to check my hypothesis for myself. "That is not a star!" I shouted. As I was celebrating in a gasping fit of inhaling laughter, a beautiful shooting star streaked in my field of vision (naked eye) just to the bottom right of the object and lingered as it dissipated as if to make sure I saw it. "Ahh!" I said in wonder, adding to the already ecstatic joy I felt. There are no meteor showers today. What a random event as a bonus pairing with what I had just found. It was as if something was saying "Congratulations! You found it."

I really needed this win today. My theory is that it's a portal.

Next, I plan on upgrading to a better telescope so I can see it more clearly and take video of it.

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