Jan 16, 2013

Empathy with a Tiger

I did not receive any image of a flower or rock. I have two options now. I can either assume my questions are not actually being answered by my dreams, despite the evidence to the contrary with the many other times they have been, and I am just seeing answers where no deliberate, other consciousness influencing my dreams exists. OR, I am not asking the right questions, and thus not understanding the dreams surrounding the coming storm in the right context. In other words, there is truth and inaccuracy. We are like children to the spirit beings, I imagine. We complain we are hungry impatiently while our parents are preparing the meal. It does not help the parent to whine, so it does not help for me to ask questions not ready to be answered for me.

Night of Jan. 14th/15th 2013 
Dream,: Lying still and sleepily on a raised cushion by a large window that looks out on natural green scenery in a cabin that has elements of being a store or stopping place for visitors as well as being a place to relax. I am hugging a full-grown freaking tiger who is laying on the cushion with me staring out the window very peaceably. I am on my side wrapped against the tiger with an arm and leg over its body. It does not seem bothered by my closeness. It is sharing with me an experience, or through the power of something else, by touch, its experience is transferring to me for view.

While I am with the tiger, another vision overlaps my consciousness. I am merely an observer in this overlapping vision. A narrator speaks over the image. "The faction that splintered from the rest of the group wanted to engage in illicit sex..." A group of alien beings unlike anything I have ever seen before walk along a beautiful ocean shoreline of calm seas and a beautiful day. They are portrayed as undisciplined, rowdy. In appearance, they each looked differently. It was a group of different species or different races of the same species maybe. I just knew they were individuals and unique in their appearances. Skeletal armor-like skin, like an exoskeleton, not skin. Varying shades of blue with pale blue on the outermost ridges of skeleton and dark blue in the crevices. One creature had large shoulders protruding beyond its head. They stood upright. Both land and water capable. Seem athletic (consider alien being in "The Watch" movie). Eyes.. no pupil or white, just solid orbs without color, a greyish emptiness.

They are splashing around teasing one another as they head into the surf. "...and kill, and torment." An invisible cage releases a tiger at their command, the tiger I am hugging while I watch from a separate time and place. They are taunting the tiger. It struggles to keep above water, trying pitifully to find shore but is halted by a couple of them swimming through the water cutting it off by the constant movement, establishing a barrier that forces the tiger to turn back within reach of the others.

My perspective shifts back to my body hugging the tiger because I have built up such helpless empathy I had to verbalize my emotion with a whine. I am still, like I am in a meditative sleep [dream within a dream]. I feel such sadness that this creature I am embracing endured such torture. My perspective returns to the scene on the beach.

One of them has a long, dragon-like tail with sharp scythes at the end, and is slashing it at the tiger's back. They intend to kill it, but toy with it first for amusement. They are doing enough superficial damage it could die from blood loss.

Perspective again reverts back to me with the tiger because again of the release of built up helpless frustration at seeing this happen. The tiger remains silently looking out the window, perhaps unaware that this experience is being shared to me. I am offering my love and compassion to it with a snuggle closer into its fur. I am drawing comfort by being near it because I know I am helping to heal it. But to do so I had to witness the event of its abuse.

Again, back to the beach scene. I am feeling I am going to witness its death, that there is no escaping. Somehow though, perhaps with my thought, it does manage to escape in a random stroke of luck. This is very unclear. Perhaps I was spared the reality of seeing it die? But here it is beside me in the room. I nuzzle it and think "I am so sorry that such an awful thing happened to you. Please take my love. You are such an amazing creature for having survived that."

Two people who are my guides or guardians, dressed in hiking clothes and gear approach the window outside. The male says to his female companion "Didn't you tell her not to get too close to the tiger?" "Yes." She replies back as she catches up to him staring at us through the window. They were worried the tiger would be sensitive and lash out if someone tried to get as close as I was. I snuggled it even deeper privileged the tiger was allowing me to be this close because I was compassionate and willing to share the memory of its abuse.

[I asked a couple weeks ago one night why I dream of lizards, why had I never dreamed of non-domesticated animals? I see random people from my past, including those who are dead, old pets included. Where is my grandmother in all this? Why hadn't I seen her? ]

Next scene:  Temporary living with my grandma and aunt as guardians. We are traveling around together. Cabin we are staying at is for people passing through, but people can stay for extended periods of time. The place doesn't belong to us, but it feels like home. Best I can do to describe that feeling. Perhaps it's our time-share home while we are in that area. Nope, doesn't quite explain it.

I am loading the laundry into washer while conversing with my grandma who I sense to be talking about something she has opinions on which I do not agree with. I think she's being narrow-minded in her judgments, but I don't question her, just let her believe I agree with her. Her pushiness on the subject is however distracting me from my chore.

Analysis: People who were abused often fall into the same behavior patterns of their abuser. The use of the tiger was in part to convey the level of control and abuse of power the alien group had that a leading predator on our world today doesn't compare. What if, they were the original perpetrators of the cycle of abuse that continues to plague our world. Orca's toss their meal of seal pups out of the water in grotesque play, as do tigers even. A cat playing with a mouse. Could the tiger have learned to be cruel, bloodthirsty, taunting, predatorial by the original predators of our planet? The world was a pristine and beautiful place of harmony and peace, where even tigers were meek. The Bible says in the second coming the lion will lay down with the lamb and will no longer hunt or need meat to survive, but will eat grasses like the cow. How is this logically possible? What will Jesus do that will create this effect? Will the genes of cruelty and selfish amusement at the expense of another be wiped from our DNA? Is this possible? Are you saying animals were corrupted by this deviant group? Will we someday be able to sit amongst wild animals like I did? What an amazing idea to indulge in.

Did this deviant group originate from the oceans? Do they live in the oceans? Where were they from, how did they slip into evil doings? Are they Satan's followers? Or were these a different group that fell into the same abyss? Where are they now? Is there any animal representation of them on our world, like a kind of crustacean or insect? Do we have an animal that was derived from their DNA? Please be clear when this connection is made so I do not assume any animal in my dream is answer to this question when it really was showing something unrelated.

About the second part of the dream - My grandmother hasn't been a guide in my dreams because we would not agree on the issues I am asking to learn.

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