Jan 15, 2013

Night of Jan 13/14th 2013

Finally got a telescope today! There are abnormally large twinkling stars at each corner of the sky in my area that I have been aching to investigate closer up. My channel friend Beth released a book about the Stargates all around Earth. Witnesses have reported 'star-like objects' in sky in Oregon that are not really stars on MUFON website. Are these fast shifting colored objects (cycling between red, green, blue, white) portals like the 'star' videoed in Berlin many times (find on YouTube)? Maybe now I can find out for myself. Will let you know what I find, if anything at all.

Dream: In an enclosed school-like facility complete with a cafeteria, and living quarters. Recognize teachers as authority, giving clue this is a school. Other students are around my age. At one point I am coordinating plans with various friends. I see Jim and we talk. I am shocked that he has many piercings. I ask about his piercings (some seven I counted) knowing where they were around his body without directly seeing them all. I am confused because I recognize him as someone who would never have gotten one piercing. What changed so that he got many? He looked very rebellious. [Where am I? What is this reality?] Some of the other students seem naive to me, young and being manipulated by this schooling system. Why do I feel this way? The facility seems to have their best interests in mind.

The majority of the latter half of the dream I am running from security. I have disobeyed the authority of the institution by trying to organize a resistance movement. It is late. Everyone else has gone to bed, the cafeteria is closed down. Lights are minimal, chairs are up. I was meeting someone when we were caught and had to run. Someone else is running with me. I hide in a locker or a stall by the cafeteria. Feel like a child avoiding punishment from her parents. Teacher opens the locker to find me. I am caught. She is disappointed and I know it, but I feel I had to work against her wishes. Feel a rush of adrenaline and determination to continue to pursue my mission. Burst out of the locker into a run, out the door. Students a couple years higher up than me acting as security try to dissuade me by pretending to include me in a frizbee game. I push the trick aside, grab the frizbee and send it right back. They continue by saying "Hey she's good. I want her on my team. You should play with us?" I continue on my goal to get out. The facility is surrounded by fencing with that same spiral barbed wire that I saw in previous fleeing dream. Why is a school fenced like a prison? That is quite poetic. We are imprisoned by what we were taught.

I escape, or believe I have. I never jumped the fence, the scene just blended into being on the outside. I Run into a resistance group leaving a diner. A black guy in urban clothes (like he's wearing everything he owns) asks me what I'm running from. I join him. He offers to feed me and hear what I know. He speaks on my behalf to the rest of his group, telling them to welcome me. Some of them seem hardened and not quick to earn their trust. He serves as a link to the rest of these people. [Who are these resistance people? This really confuses which side is resistance. The idea of resistance can be used to describe either side really. Those resisting the change to the illusion, and those resisting the illusion. What specifically did I believe warranted my resistance and escape from the school?]

The ocean or lake walking along the shore. Debris and flooding scattered on shore. Hopping from debris to debris just to maneuver the area. People are searching the debris for lost items, salvaging what they can find. Something odd in the water (no visual, just a feeling when searching off a fallen plank or part of a house), a valuable item. Someone asks what was over there. Nothing. I dismiss it as having been useless. But it could have been important and I would return for it later. Someone I feel to be my mother (but not my waking life mother) is panning the area with me to search.

While exploring a waterlogged area of fallen .. well I dont know what kind of plants they were. Cross between kelp and trees, large, that float on the water, bushy in areas. Hopping through the dense clusters by stepping on the trunks floating on their sides. Group of us are scattered around searching the forest in the water. Feel sense of danger lurking in the water. Something large with tendrils. Someone important to me went to explore another section of foliage and has disappeared in the water. I rush to locate them and feel the presence, or fear of a presence, in the water.

I have not made focused questions for my dream guides to answer, and thus my dreams have been more elusive to analyze any meaning. I recall scenes and feelings but not the purpose as I used to. I am not deterred by this because I know I have been sort of riding a calmness the last few days in my spirituality. But for the purpose of utilizing this gift as much as I can, if it could help, I will reestablish a focus of questions I wish answered. And one I am dying to know but have been nervous to ask: What will happen to those who resist the changes, who wish to keep the status quo, like my partner, who don't necessarily have poor intention, but are rather content in their own established place of familiarizing with the system? Will he be able to acknowledge the benefits of intervention? Many people will resist out of fear of deception (as I maintain to still be a possibility, but lean toward trusting in hope that those who are infiltrating the system for the benefit of us all are doing so without some dubious plan). Do you galactic beings have a plan for helping them see the light? I believe many of them are good people who believe they would be doing what they feel is best for humanity because they lack the knowledge of what is really happening, our history, and our purpose. What I am asking, is please help them to find the love and logic in what you and all light workers are doing. Help them to separate those parasites of evil that creep into the truth and distort the nature of love and your work.

Who is writing this? This is not me. I do not write like this. Somewhere along the line did I develop conviction, that which I have sought so determinedly my whole life?

Let's try an experiment I have only done once before. Implanted images for verification of messages received. I am thinking of two objects I have never before seen in my dreams to represent two opposites. Dream guides, if indeed you are showing me predictions of a future flooding event in the Western coastal United States, show me a clear image of a lovely, warm flower in my next dream. If I am misinterpreting the dreams which I have believed to be predictions of flooding, please show me a clear image of a cold, lonely rock to represent absence of life in the idea. You reader may wonder why I would choose a nice image to represent such a seemingly disastrous prediction, but indications said the changes would be worth celebrating (which is still unclear yet, but I do believe it will be a signal of good things to come), so the nice image is simply an affirmation of right. Like a hot or cold game. Sometimes playing with my dream world experiences is fun. Usually I wake up a little more unnerved or confused than I hope for, though. Constant open-mindedness for truth can be harsh.

Update: Ring of Fire is showing increased activity. Could this be prelude to disastrous events coming?
Update: Mangroves! Those tree-like plants with tentacles in a shallow water of about 3 ft deep were mangroves. I didn't know how to describe them before I saw them in a nature documentary about water and the destruction of mangroves on the Gulf Coast. I have had a dream before where I was running at night through what felt like a swamp but didn't look like a swamp as I understood one to be. There were large green trees and pools of water in divets from raised paths of green grass. Night and lanterns of blue light hanging in the air were dispersed around the maze of grass paths through trees and around natural pools. I was coming from a tavern with back room gambling that turned sour and was chased out of the bar.

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