Jan 5, 2013

Purpose in Prayer

I have tried to direct my prayers to the generic name 'God,' to Jehovah, to Isis after her name was mentioned to me about magic training [description of this dream to come], to the Galactics, to my spirit ancestors of different ET races, to my inner self as an independent entity from my physical self, to the benevolent or lost Reptilians (in the forms of a turtle, a lizard, a dragon, a prehistoric fossilized 'Thunderbird' all in separate dreams; to come as well, can only record and type so many at a time) calling to me, to my imaginary spirit guide, the bodyguards from my early mission dreams. What does it come down to? At this stage in your life, if you are struggling with faith, the name you pray to doesn't matter so much as your intentions and purity of heart. The message will get to whomever can properly execute the necessary responsive actions. Your guides will work to get your prayer to the right beings. Traveling the right channels is based more on your feelings, especially if they are clear.

My imaginary friend from childhood, the idea I depended upon and sought guidance from throughout my life is as good as any to direct my prayers to for changes. He is my spiritual agent. Coordinate to him what needs to be done on Earth, in your relationships, in your community of friends, family, and acquaintances. In taking a step toward exuding more confidence in your abilities, in showing yourself your dreams and your balance of logic and intuition are valid, shift your attitude of prayer requesting to that of giving instructions when you are sure of what needs to happen. Trust they are there to help us, and are working in cooperation with our efforts not as leaders, only if they need to be. But they are willing to receive clear orders on things you see and know to be necessary and take such caution in wording the order. They see and know things from their unique perspective, just as we do being in the physical realm with other physical beings. If I see someone suffering and know what they need to help them advance toward the greater mission, I will make a command and leave it in their hands how it they deem, based on their own insight, how to follow through. It is a partnership. They need us to point out problems that need help tending because of our unique position within this physical realm.

We are souls who were brave enough to forget bliss, easy living, joy, unhindered pursuit of our passions, and love so we could help bring Earth back to the higher plane with the rest of our galactic ancestral planets and races. We were bold in taking on this mission. We act in cognito/cold cover until we begin to awaken individually. Even without memory of what our mission is, most of us act out of intuitive/logical morality, which is a built in mechanism, a counter measure to the blindness we enter into by stepping into this lower physical dimension. With our built in sense of right and wrong we unknowingly perform our spiritual duties. If we became fully aware of our above mission, and our individual roles toward it, Earth's ascension would happen in an instant.

Have faith they are there waiting for instructions, muddling through the mess with us from beneath (spiritually) trying to clue us in to doing our parts. They are open to knowing from us how more directly they can help, not only to effect changes, but also to show us their presence and thus help to improve our faith. What if we are all potentially prophets and light warriors, not just a select few. We were all chosen to try and bring about ascension and combat the dark ones. I, myself, am happiest, most fulfilled when I can help and know what someone needs, when I am connecting to others. I offer free help to those around me as testament to my faith in the idea of selfless love and cooperative help. I know it will come back to me reciprocally when I truly need it, oft-times without asking, because I am on a path in-line with what they are also striving toward. I believe divine influence and communication to humanity never ended, as many religions suggest. It continues today if we are open-minded enough to listen and consider methods (such as dreaming) still not understood as of yet.

Give clear instructions only when you know what progressive things need to happen that would benefit from their manipulation. This demands you have confidence in your leadership judgment. I have always been one to doubt my abilities. So this is a major step for me. My whole life I have searched for conviction/belief in something. Seeing the wisdom and information of my dreams translate into the physical world has put me closest to that wish than ever before. My gifts are checks and balances of logic and intuition, empathy, clever problem solving, acute awareness,

[This is presumptuous and maybe even arrogant, but my mind went to the following space when I was writing this in my car.] I may soon become prepared to call upon all those I have ever shepherded to stand with me for the final fight for ascension. "If I have ever touched your life in a positive way, I call upon you to fulfill your mission by standing with me for love, connection, and truth. Shed your doubt, fear, hopelessness to control your surroundings or change the conditions humans are diseased with, stand against our oppressors to show them the strength of our resolve that love holds the cure to our ailments, the key to our freedom on this physical realm. My friends, we are the next army to bring the final ascension of New Earth. There is a peace, an ecstatic joy, unimaginable wonders which I am told are, and have always been, available for humans in this existence. Faith is no more than pure concentrated hope and knowing and want of a beautiful existence. Your spiritual guides, whatever you call them as long as your connection and partnership with them is pure and strong, are here to support our efforts. They are waiting for your instructions and have always been trying to guide you to your role. You each have an army of angels/galactic spiritual ancestors/ guides cheering you on. You are their heroes for having chosen the mission your conscious mind has forgotten; to endure the negativity and uncertainty of this lower vibration as a worker/knight/mage bringing about Earth's shift. However long it takes, however many generations come and go, the goal remains the same. We were given near timelessness to make this happen right. You are part of that ongoing work force to return this planet to a state of peace, compassion, and freedom, where we are healthy, education and exploration is freely available, where we are capable of performing abilities believed to be fictitious: telepathy, teleportation/quick travel, magic in healing, and more.

Everything has been coordinated in ongoing attempts to prepare us individually, to build our characters to that of people with greatest affect. You already know in your heart which side your soul chose to work in the name of.

Action from faith is stronger than action from telling. Them allowing the growth of faith in these bodies inherently respects your free will to choose. You are not mindless drones, do not expect to be treated as such by obvious, physical visitations or spoken instructions. You must surrender to the cause for that level of communication. Few are in the unique position to surrender their vessels to a higher spirit for more direct communication to the people of Earth. For the majority of us though, we are in cooperation with them, where occupation of our bodies is not necessary because it is our jobs to connect with other people, contribute to the shift in energy that will shift the conditions of the social system. Accept your calling to join the ranks of the most divine service you could ever offer this body's life, humanity, the world. Follow your inner self to know what you can do. The fight is against our internal demons and those intent on keeping us uncertain and depressed, perpetually struggling and kept in the dark. The status of living beings toward a better existence for the whole is priority, including animals, nature, and the planet as the battery that collects and fuels us all.

Ask your questions toward self-actualization believing you deserve answers. Each of us took a sacred duty to try to overcome the blinders of this physical form we agreed to be placed in, which was designed to teach us and bring us back to a workable state. Most of us make incremental changes to raising our energy each day. Some, unfortunately, collapse and give up the work altogether, submitting to the blinders with a belief that they cannot change anything and that there is no point to this intricately weaving existence.

Raise your ability to believe, to find faith, regardless what deity you pray to, as long as you uphold the fundamental goals of love, truth, connection, universal sense of justice, then you won't be far from what is right. You each will have different needs; do not judge one another's path. Refer to your inner self, pray to your guides for guidance, but be ready and aware to hear their redirection. Sort it our however you can at your own pace, but put adequate priority on reaching a working status so you can do your main task of contributing to the greater mission. Help others in their own struggles if you can, toward their own working status.

We have all fallen. Stand up and help others up so we can evaluate the truth of our situation. Our mission is to spread real love however we find possible in the personalities, bodies, and conditions we were given.

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