Jan 12, 2013

Night of Jan 10/11th 2013


Analysis: Helping me sort of the details of the message I bring with a caution. It might too easily lead to doing sexual acts for someone you do love and care for but do not wish to be that physically intimate with. There is a level of self gratification in it, of course there has to be. I must feel desire for them as much as they do, but with the edge that I am helping them out. Is it possible to be available for multiple partners in the paradise-like existence my dreams help me envision? Another point of clarification, that I must be careful who asks for help that they do not have other attachments that they may be involved in that are hurt by their seeking out someone else (me) for fulfillment of what they need where their partner failed. Also that I am not involving myself with old partners of friends and thus showing them up in a way.

Okay, so what does this code say about being with someone who does not have an attachment to any ... really what I am talking about is Polyandry. A rare and prohibited form of polygamy in most religions and countries. I mean the marital-like partnering (meaning not just sexual relations, but more committed and exclusive to only the two or more declared) of one female to two or more males. In my case, just the two. Of those cases that do exist are fraternal, in which the husbands belong to the same family and are brothers sharing the same wife. Not really what I have in mind.

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