Jan 2, 2013

What Are Dreams?

Introduction Summary of Experiences

Some features of my dreams I bypass mentioning as I list more and more, because they go without saying. Manipulation of time, for instance, is a law of nature in the dream world. Perspective jumps to different scenes seamlessly, or instantaneously. Point of view seems to fast forward through uneventful parts, at least what the dream guides deem unimportant.

If you are trying to send an abstract message in an immersive way, like playing a video game or reading through a book, there are many factors that contribute to illustrating the entire message. It cannot always be simply stated, it must be shown for it to be believed by the dreamer. The message must make it across the bridge between the dream world and into waking thought if it is to have any hope of lasting effect. Hence the dreamt series of experiences must be worth remembering. If equal focus is given to you walking from destination A to B as an event where you are fighting a mechanical race of vehicular animals, then both those experiences will be perceived as such, and one may serve to diminish the importance of the other. Rather, time can be fast forwarded through and any relevant information is quickly input into your knowing, like a download of information to provide with the necessary background to understand the next scene (sometimes, this is the case, anyway).

What better way to convey a message than through the very network of the brain?

Dreams may be implanted ideas directly into the brain using whatever experiences and images the person has to draw from. Using the dreamer's waking experience and memory puts the message in a context they can conceive of. This tactic, however, also is why dreams are given little consideration, because they seem to just be random firings of the brain creating bizarre juxtapositions. This is still a leading theory, and I do not discount it could very well be random firings, but simply stopping there is scientifically ignorant. There is so much more that cannot be explained if they were merely random.
Items from my distant childhood pop up in my dreams that I never would have remembered otherwise. I swear my dreams imitate shock therapy in how they can stimulate dormant pathways.

I can't escape them; whenever I try to they decrease in vividness or significance of content (because I'm not listening to them, why bother to send a message I won't receive), then, as if those lost nights where I could have been dreaming fueled one intensely more vivid dream than when I was paying attention, as if to slap me in the face and say "Pay attention!" We grossly underestimate the relevance of our dreams to our waking lives.

Unlike Edward Cayce, my repeated attempts to gain insight into secrets about our world is very limited. My key lies in pure concern and selfishness. When I make a request for something I must be emotionally involved in that which I am referring to. Requests for selfless acts for others,  almost always manifest in reality for those people. But I must be strongly empathic toward their condition (not incredibly hard for me). Selfless requests to improve the status of those we have intimate insight into the condition of is prioritized by the powers that be (not sure as of yet what these powers are, but I explore and experiment with different theories, to be explained in another post). 

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