Jan 16, 2013

Dreams as Transmitted Communication

 (Continued exploration based on Jan. 15/16th dream)

There is a disconnect between the Fifth dimensional perception of the brain and the two dimensional descriptive limitations of verbal speech. When I dream about a virus for instance, as in Jan. 15/16th dream, you may analyze this in context of findings patterns and say that the recent mention of a mind virus from the game I played and wrote about "Ingress" was the implanted idea that created the use of a virus in my dream. But when I experience a dream, there are knowings built into the scenes I am being shown. And I phrase it like that "being shown" on purpose. The supposed random firings taking tidbits of data and somehow molding it into a complex experience of visuals, multi-perceptive scenes (or scenes overlapping and being experienced simultaneously by my single perception), all physical senses (taste, touch, sound, smell, sight), traversing seamlessly in time and space (having an experience to represent the transitioning between scenes, not just a black in and out, but a fluid motion back and forth like a fast forward through light that whizzes by and is experienced while in a state of half consciousness, so I do not linger there seeing and fully experiencing the travel through light, it feels more like how you might perceive the physical world around you when you are in a meditative state. That being said, understand the contrast I am making between the vivid dream experiences and how we label dreams as being experienced in half-consciousness. Dreams like mine are deeper, more complete experiences engaging the mind's eye in feeling and sensation and thought just as real-like as the physical world is felt to the waking body. What a irony. Our minds are what run this body, this physical world, is it not logical that we would take experience of the mind more seriously? It engages the body with sensation, but as a secondary system of experience with thought, time, knowing, planning, organizing, emotion, empathy, learning as the primary area of experiencing. In our physical 3D universe, the sensations of the body run primary, with the mind secondary. This is a contradiction because the mind is essential for interpreting and managing the experiences of the body. The mass we call our brain is not the entirety of our consciousness, it is merely a vessel still for the soul workings to enter and effect this physical realm. There is a whole other realm of experience we visit every night.

Now imagine how difficult it must be for purely spirit energy beings to puncture through the veil of this physical realm and be seen in the limited spectrum by which humans can see. They are no more than wind to us, a constant tornado encompassing the world as the underlying network of calculations. What if fate, luck, karma, the workings of the universe are all calculations where each volt of electricity that carries a piece of information for the calculation to be completed is a living spirit? The complex setup of circumstances designed to present challenges we each need to develop are put in place by millions of spirit workers. How wrong we are to ever assume we were alone.

Language is a rudimentary form of communication, it is usually ineffective and inefficient. In the dream world thoughts are transferred between individuals like waves, received and recognized as being someone else's, not created from oneself. It is a free exchange of information and feeling. The link between all persons in the dream world is so taut that language is not necessary except to emphasize, or clarify when a soul living mainly on the physical plane has trouble sifting through the interference of barriers created by living in a plane where doubt and fear run rampant. Answers are provided within the experience as soon as they are asked if there is someone present to provide one. The trouble is trusting who is providing that answer. Evil is still evil, it cannot hide from the heightened abilities of our dream selves, unless you give them validation in their seeds of doubt and uncertainty. If we are seeking answers, we need only trust the right answer will be provided and it will. So easy right? If only seeing through our fear and confusion calmly were so easy. Calm trust, along with  excited curiosity, really are the keys here to opening the way to the knowledge we seek.

The connection of "Oh well you talked about a virus from a game before and so that must be the material that created your dream" is based on two problems: 1) that because an idea is seen elsewhere in reality it cannot be truly inspired or have any prophetic or profound meaning in the real world (also assuming the physical world is separate from the realm of thought and imaginings), and 2) that verbal words can capture and thus connect the complexity of the experience of dreams. On the second note, the word virus can mean many things: a computer virus, a metaphorical virus of a society, a bodily virus; and each of these can be broken down into many subcategories. In the dream world, everything has its own fingerprint, which words will never be able to accurately represent the multitudinal coding of. When I see or hear 'virus' in a dream, it is more like I am receiving a unique mathematical code associated only to that particularly virus and surrounding circumstances. Each image complete with the feelings, happenings, thoughts, intentions of the people involved is experienced like a unique mathematical code. In a sense, my consciousness is a receiver, like on a television or radio, that pulls a string of codes on a frequency from the air that was transmitted to it, or is always available in the air, and translates it into the experience we call dreaming. How does a phone work? You call someone, sending your voice out into the air to a tower and switchboard that relays it to the phone ID which you are calling. Now do this without the devices. This is what dreaming is. Dreaming is communication. And dream transmission messages have got to be one of the most complex and dense of all wave transmissions. Communicating with whom or what, is a puzzle. Divinity? Aliens? Each other, human to human sharing experiences by simply picking up on the experience waves the other puts out constantly? Our inner selves? Maybe all the above. Number one similarity of all alien/craft encounter experiences is telepathic communication. At the very least, just by reading the thousands of testimonies of personal encounters, we can conclude scientifically advanced species are also communicatively more developed. An eventual step for humanity is the telepathic abilities we are given clues to in our dreams!

Back to beginning - was the virus mentioned in the Jan 15/16 dream derived or expanding upon the mind virus of the "Ingress" game? Not that I felt. There was a physical component and a showing of sores on the arms, as I have seen before in a previous dream. It was a virus affecting the physical body, and again like the other dream, it had the attributes of a retro-virus: fast incubation, wide spreading, death of host in a matter of hours. A terrorist attack, more likely. The person was the human version of one of the dark aliens I saw in Jan 14/15's dream. This was a continuation of the story from that dream. Episodic dreams with coss-over story? That's a new one.

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