Jan 5, 2013

Night of Jan. 4/5th 2013

The thought of an approaching storm so torrential it posed a serious flooding threat to states on the West Coast concerned me. Anxiously I tossed and turned in bed. All my dreams about water and earth shaking that led to me navigating people to safe places [dream I will get around to describing eventually in new post] and alien rescues [dream from a week ago which I will explain in next post] made sense to me. But I was overcome with fear. 'If this is true, how can I help?' I prayed. This night's dream wasn't what I expected, but was extremely important for me to understand what is coming [assuming my dream experiences are correct in predicting this event, I of course always keep a skeptical bone in my body].

Dream: Partying. A crowd of people in a common's area [of a dorm I believe] are dancing and drinking and celebrating. There are strobe lights, very noisy with music and chatter. I am confused why everyone is celebrating. What is the event? The knowing enters my thoughts that it is some national holiday that people don't generally celebrate in this way, but had cause this time to do so. Something I adjusted to understand as President's day. When is president's day? [My partner, in helping me research aspects of my dreams because he is just that awesome and supportive and curious, listed the next few strange holidays that match what I described and came up with MLK, Washington's Bday, Memorial Day. Washington's bday? That one maybe? "Aka President's day." "Yes, okay that explains why it was adjusted in my mind from being about some important person to a generic day to celebrate president's. When is that?" "Third week in February." "Oh... Well then maybe that is the first day of the rain."]. Instead of celebrating, because I was confused still, I joined a game of poker with various old friends of mine (two from college, one from high school I haven't thought about in forever, one current life friend) and a couple people I felt I knew but can't recall who they were. Many times I scanned over or had to move my money in front of me. We each had three large 3" x 3" round gold coins with a single symbol on them all [again with my partner's help we identified this as the Fleur de lis... not sure what this means yet]. Then we had many little red, plastic chips without markings and also little black ones without markings. We mainly used the black and red chips. The gold ones represented how well an individual was doing. You had to cash one in when low on smaller chips.

I was quoting a funny video to the table that my current friend searched for on her phone to show, having never seen it (she has in real life, but not in the dream to just represent a sharing of good things and laughter). She had trouble finding the right things. First time it was some metal band performing live, then a sci-fi episode of .like Babylon 5 or Deep Space Nine or BattleStar Galactica. The high school friend beside me was stressed about picking a university to attend [she is my age, why is she now choosing? Did education become free and people who couldn't afford it before are now able to?]. I gave her tips how to choose, what things to look for, if she wanted to be in state or out, base it in part on locale if she wanted mountains or desert. She had a clearer approach after we talked. I kissed her, trying to calm her, but she [I was never attracted to this person, it was more a strange attempt on my part to comfort her]. She reacted with surprise and resisted the attempt, but feeling inspired to figure out which college to choose, she left the table.

Next scene, we are outside in a parking lot at night. There is torrential rain, but rather than reacting to this with knowing that the rain is a prelude to flooding, I felt daring. We all clung to wires tied around racks and handles around the backside of a beige van that a middle eastern friend was driving. He was yelling "Are you ready?" He would drive while we hung on. "Wait, wait!" I yelled, before hopping onto the fender and gripping the colored wire bent around the top handle above the back doors, which were not securely shut and swung around, adding to the danger. "Okay, go!" Our driver took off. We hooped and hollered, trusting our grips. The rain poured down, beating into our faces. I yelled to stop after a while, losing my nerve. I hopped off.

There was a scene earlier when we had arrived to the dorm we left to do the stunt from. When we pulled into the parking lot we thought we saw my choir director standing outside. We felt we would be in trouble, but weren't afraid of being busted. We chuckled amongst ourselves. Upon more careful inspection of his face, it became apparent he was not my director. Not sure what the significance of this was, if any.

Analysis: Poker, Daring stunts? The dream guides were explaining to me the torrential rain would be part of a cause for celebration that would require some daring and risk. The water survival training is in line with this. I was never afraid during those scenarios, I was sometimes saddened. In the warehouse dream where my team is trying to reach safety by hopping across massive sinking platforms, I did lose people. Will people be lost? But in the flood dream with my mom, only because she wouldn't heed my direction to evacuate before the flooding trapped us did the situation get serious. My cousin wouldn't communicate to her mom and so I explained to my aunt what was happening and to call me with updates on her situation (she was alone and too concerned about why her daughter wasn't speaking to her more than she was about the disaster outside).

My next questions: How will the rest of the world, the people celebrating in the dream, how will they recognize something is happening? What will be their cue to celebrate? Will they need to make preparations as well? How will they know what to do or prepare for without regular clues like I am given, again assuming my interpretation of my dreams is accurate? Guides thank you for trying to be clear in your messages. Please give me a boost in recall because I feel my memory is waning lately with the last few dreams. Though I trust you will reiterate poignant scenes and ideas. If there is a near disaster scheduled for ours and surrounding regions, please look out for us and warn us. Help me have conviction of what is to come so that I may be a force of guidance and assistance to those around me who are trapped in oblivion, fear, or denial. Otherwise, if nothing is coming, help me realize that instead. I seek truth.

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