Jan 18, 2013


Imagine a physical existence:
  • without fear, anxiety, panic, confusion
  • without poverty, famine, war, disease;
  • the answers to all our questions are achievable and accessible as quickly as we can think them
  • the system of paper money is obsolete and unnecessary
    • loans/mortgage/necessary debts are forgiven
  • travel is easy, non-harmful to the environment, and requires no other vehicle besides your body
  • humans default to love, trust, compassion, selflessness, moderation, service for one another
  • clean, renewable, free, unlimited every is available to all
  • tedious chores that monopolize our time are not-required
  • jobs and assignments draw on the individuals true passions, interests, preferred skills and abilities
  • everyone is equal and all basic necessities are freely available
  • educational and experiential opportunities are freely available
What if this kind of new living on Earth is possible soon, and being included simply requires faith in this kind of existence and a shift in how you live now toward this eventuality? With divine intervention, this supposedly will happen, according to light workers of the Galactic Federation and some proponents of Ancient Alien theory. Our challenge toward becoming multi-dimensional beings is to first believe their are other realms of existence we can perceive, and explore what these are that we have been blinded to.

Do you dream? Trick question, we all dream, most of us just don't remember them. You have a clear link to achieving this.

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