Jan 2, 2013


Why do we overlook the potential of our dreams? Such fantastical, unrealistic imaginings assumed to have no bearing on the physical world, at least not for the individual . The tunnel through which we perceive all aspects of our existence is merely an entrance to the larger spectrum of experience. There are clues within our dream experiences about humanity's hidden or repressed abilities and an infinite archive of free knowledge. Dreams are silently, yet incessantly, pointing us toward a deeper reality, which may be a previous existence in a forgotten dimension, or nightly experiences in an overlapping existence with our physical one.

I have always been an active dreamer, capable of recalling sequential details of my dreams every night for further analysis of the message or reason for the dream later. My dreams affect my waking life. When strange coincidences began to happen between my dreaming and waking world, I decided to try giving my dreams a closer look. Since my focus on remembering and analyzing, they have increased in the complexity of the images, feelings and sensations. Patterns emerged. They were responding to my efforts to understand them, expanding upon my daily research and exploration into their meaning. I simply can no longer deny their deliberateness. There is always a message or clue to be found. Too many times I bear witness to something I learn about or hear reference to later by some other source.

I believe our dreams hold the keys to . I explore the theory that dreams are a means of communication with other humans. I believe they are channels tuned into a subtle energy field that encompasses everything.

The following is a raw list of items my dreams have shown me, many of which are based on the fundamentally odd characteristics about the dream world that are too easily cast aside as merely a symptom of imagination, as if imagination has no bearing in affecting reality:

  • insight into underlying problems, barriers, and stressors from one's waking life and about one's character and actions
  • existence in a timeless dimension capable of fast forward and slow motion, both simultaneously even
  • teleportation or accelerated travel
  • holographic 
  • drone controlling
  • telepathy or empathy
  • familiarity of people, places, objects, situations never seen of heard of in one's waking world
  • training and testing ones skills and mental status
  • performing abilities beyond
  • remote viewing
  • astral projection
  • tapping into an infinite library of knowledge 
  • fulfillment of fantasy and need for psychological relief 
  • prophecy/intuition of upcoming events based on acute awareness and tracking of past and present intersecting events determining a predictable eventuality or outcome
  • heightened ability
  • unprecedented patterns or reoccurring themes that seem irrelevant to one's waking life and conscious memory
This blog will feature my ongoing autology into my dream experiences and the theories and ideas I have, up until now, privately experimented to prove, disprove, or adjust.

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