Jan 7, 2013


Night of Dec. 31 2012 - Jan 1st 2013 (New Year's)

The dream I had been waiting for. A response about what I might expect when our galactic ancestors make full contact with us for world change. It came in two parts.

First sequence: In a house that is not familiar, but my mom lives there. I am telling her a storm is here and we need to evacuate. She is stubbornly refusing to acknowledge a need to evacuate. I keep looking out the back bedroom window at the creek outside. The creek is familiar. I have been on that creek before and looked out this very window to see this view before in some other dream. My cousin is there, refusing to talk to her mother. They are fighting about something and my cousin is giving her the cold shoulder. I step outside the door to evaluate the rising of the water from the pouring rain. It is already just below the door step. Again, I emphasize the reality of the approaching flood into the house. She believes it won't come any further than the doorstep. I insist my cousin speak to her mom so she is updated on the flood and can get out herself, otherwise she is distracted by her daughter not wanting to speak to her. I pick up the hanging phone and headset and asks my aunt how she is, what the condition of her house is. I tell her to update me regularly and to keep watch for flooding. I look outside the window again, it rose significantly high, some five feet maybe in just the few minutes its felt like. I check outside the front door, water is three feet up the door. Now we were stuck or would have to wade through fast rising waters. My mother was arranging the furniture in front of windows and doors. There is a downstairs cordoned off with an rope. It will get a lot of water damage. I envision the water coming into the house and draining right down the stairs. At least now my mother is no longer denying there is an issue, but she seems to believe we should just stay here. I check a map that appears on a wall in the bedroom specifically for Oregon, looking for evacuation routes. This clued me into the storm going to be hitting the West.

Another scene that doesn't fall within the sequence very well but takes place in same setting: I am with a small group of people sitting on blankets in that bedroom, waiting out the flood, trying to survive. There are toys scattered on the blankets for a couple children. I am playing with trucks and cars, trying to amuse the kids. One truck is interesting, it will crush or eat entire other cars. I put one in the back, press the top down and the car is gone. The workings of this little toy baffled me. Where were the other cars going? Could they possibly have been crushed so small we can't see what's left? Or were they disappearing? Or was the truck absorbing them and making it seem like it was crushing them?

Second sequence: Taking either my younger sister, or perhaps my daughter? (I don't have a daughter) out for some bonding time doing four wheeling in a soppy valley floor with mud divots caused by another truck's tires. I am using my hatchback car without four wheel capability. She is worried I am being reckless, I trust we'll be fine and I want to show her a little risk and fun.

We enjoy ourselves and stop at this make shift town of parked trailers and trucks in a grassy space in the valley between surrounding hills and mountains. [My partner points out to me this would be the ideal place to run from a tsunami or flooding storm from in this area because the mountains would dissipate it and an ocean tsunami wave would never reach it.] I ask one lady something as she steps out onto her makeshift plank patio added onto her trailer. I get a call from my older sister in England. She tells me the media is calling it Uranus, but its not, you have to look for it. "What? What are you talking about?" "Look for it in the sky!" I scan the skies looking for something that would stick out and make sense of what she's saying. "I don't see anything." "Where are you facing?... It will be in (cardinal direction I can't remember and don't want to guess)." When I turned it became obvious. There, pulsing in the daytime, clear sky was a large round object with a light blue tint. Others started noticing it. "What is that?" People hummed. A man in a black suit nearby me I have a knowing to be CIA. Before he could answer them I say "Media says it Uranus!" with an emphasis on the planet's name. He says "How did you know that?" The fact that this man's intelligence also believed it to be Uranus, when I knew it not to be from my sister [how'd she know?], made me feel the CIA were useless in knowing about the entirety of the alien agenda. I have been wondering lately (at the time of this dream) if joining the CIA would put my abilities to use, if they might have more insight into what's expected, what's going on between the galactics and humanity, and what's going on with me as well I suppose. This single moment shot that down. They likely aren't the ones who deal with that sort of issue, probably a more specialized group like MJ12.

The object let out a burst of light that made two downward angled white paths that traced down to the earth and then rose over the mountain on our horizon and toward our area. The ground started shaking and a large crack formed in the middle of this camp. I became excited that some event was actually happening, but worried where my sister/daughter was as the two sides were being separated by this crevice. Logically I realized we wouldn't be separated for too long, that both sides were fine. My aunt (who was suddenly there as well) leapt back and forth across the expanding crack saying "This is just how I dreamt it!" I repeated her confirmation saying "I dreamt about this too!" [Referring to a dream where I shepherd a group of people to a bunker away from the cracking ground heating from beneath the surface.]

A small ship with a clear window in lands bringing transport containers to the people of this camp. We start out trying to cram ourselves in a fetal position into this foam insulated container. How are we supposed to fit in those? What if a person isn't flexible? I suspected they would expand to accommodate a person's size or ability. We unfold out of these odd containers onto a square transport ship where we are sat in rows, with the walking paths at either end of the rows like a theatre instead of a plane. We are given a manual of sorts explaining what is happening, why their arrival happened now and not earlier. I was enthralled. Our stewards/esses were kind and calmly organizing people into their seats. The manuals were brightly colored like a children's book, and showed pictures. Were they just paper? It was explained we would all choose assignments with the branches listed in the manual. There were five main branches, nine smaller branches as well, but the five were best to start with being most generalized. We would receive training through our chosen branch to do our work. The work would be appeal to our interests and skills. The branches were all color coded. I highlighted for myself the black branch almost immediately which dealt with space travel and exploration, as well as astronomy. I also liked the purple branch, which was psychological skills usage in field work like persuasion and relating to people, communicating to dissolve disagreements. And one other... not sure which one it was.

Next we were on smaller transports with five passenger seats in the back and here is actually where we are given pamphlets that explain the different branches. Black was listed first on the front, with the others inside. An old high school friend I haven't seen in years is in a seat at the opposite side of mine, both facing forward at a slant. Our pilot is a lovely woman with pulled back blonde hair and blue eyes. She is explaining things to us while she pilots. I set the pamphlet down and boldly ask "Are you an alien?" The other five passengers look at each other curiously then up at her for an answer. She paused to consider her answer, looked back at me to convey her shock. Then looks forward and answers "I am a combination of many races, including your own." I smack my knee. "I knew it. You're a hybrid! She's an alien." Everyone is stunned. "I am like you." I knew that humans themselves could be hybrids of different higher ET races watching over man, but it was important that we have admittance that our watchers do exist. She confirmed those theories by her mere existence, before we had even reached wherever we were going.

Those white paths led from Earth up to a mothership. Transports, like our own, followed the path like a light rail. They were invisible until now, or not turned on or something. The path was marked by what looked like torches all the way up to the ship. We traveled along it like a roller coaster. It was rather exhilarating.

There was another ship we were on, where there were two columns of rows. Rows were slanted inward. Each row held two people min. I was seated in the front left row on the inside. Door was at the front right. Our transport was stopping. Human like people came aboard. A lovely woman in a skirt and blouse suit and brown hair to the middle of her back walked toward and behind us looking directly at my seat mate (a gal friend of mine in real life). First thing the woman said as she was walking was "I'd be frustrated to if my dad treated me like that." A thin man with stylish, reddish, spiked hair, a unique style of fashionable dress, interesting trinkets on cord as accessories came toward me saying "She told me herself she thought you were great in bed." They were empaths. These were our personalized mentors. We each introduced ourselves and shook hands. [Telling that gal friend about this dream, she agreed if she were to have a personal mentor that she'd probably respond best to that kind of person. Although I had never considered the kind of person who was my mentor, it makes sense. That would be the best for me. He was sentimental, but adventurous and smart, fun and silly at times but also confident and firm when necessary. He is someone I could respect and not be threatened by. Someone I could learn from and be relaxed with. My friend's mentor would have been very wrong for me. I would be reserved, self-conscious and distracted by her attractiveness. I believe she was put there to help me understand the assignment of our mentors was individually considerate.]

Stewardesses were walking up and down the aisles with clipboards explaining that we would each be given a choice between three assignments. I thought they meant a small paper assignment. The only option I heard that she gave me was poetry. Figured I could whip that one out easily, just describe the amazingness of what has happened. "Okay, that puts you in the White branch." Oh, these were our job assignments? White? There wasn't a white branch. I flipped back through the pamphlet. Main colors, then sub colors... at the end of the list was the last primary branch: White. What was it though? Wasn't listed. Felt cheated. I had wanted to choose between the three colors I decided earlier (black, purple, and blue maybe or red?).  Transferring branches was possible, there was no intent to put us somewhere we didn't want to be. But I wanted to be somewhere I was sure I wanted to start.

Fast forward. Experiences and gained knowledge is rushing into my memory at light speed. We have been doing training in our respective branches. We earn credits for doing our work, and with those we buy food and clothes and whatever luxuries. There is no wage, no money whatsoever. Your credits are attached to your identity. I am eating lunch with a group of humans. We are discussing our time so far. One woman next to me is describing her training in sexual ops. A machine race called the Ulum (or Unum?) conducted the training, presumably because they do not run the risk of physical intimacy with a trainer. She was describing how her guide (name started with a G- Garjen?), in teaching her, would matter of factly bend her over and position himself at her backside. "Don't get me wrong, they are very sweet. It is just unorthodox that they are so nonchalant about sex." This machine race is made sentient by being controlled by a consciousness elsewhere, or a soul is placed in the machine to operate it. They are robots, like a cross between I, Robot look and clone droids from Star Wars. Their chests are made out of the same glowing white, cloudy hard material used as walls in the corridor of this eating room, as well as in another dream I had.

She also mentioned a difficult aspect of her training was the dream spell they used. There was a name for it she used... "What is that?" She gave me a pamphlet showing a distraught woman screaming having woken up in her sleep. "You don't know about it?" Apparently it was a trademark of this branch's training, remarked about by other workers. "It's where they program you with the same dream where your lover is nonreceptive to your touch. The dissatisfaction and feeling unappreciated is real and hurts." It was a way of building their sexual frustration to be used in the field when needed. Although it seemed cruel, it was voluntary, part of the training. It would become a useful tool. My interest in this was that I may have found an answer to my own dreams in my waking reality. Are my dreams conditioning?! Dream conditioning! How in the hell would that be possible? What kind of technology or understanding of the forces of the universe must someone know to pull that kind of distant manipulation off? "Wait, this is the Green branch?" The pamphlet's front stated in green letters its title. "Yeah." She replied. "I thought the sex ops was red." "No." How odd. What was red then? I thought green was science and technology. I'm confused what all the branches were, but am very curious to know.

Analysis: This was a rescue mission. Humans were being rescued, and taken up to live within the society of these multiple race, a diverse society with open-minded tolerance of basic need, honesty about its operations. A system without money, where all basic needs are met, and people work to earn their keep doing challenging jobs. We are not mindless drones, we are assigned according to our passions and skills and any missing skills are filled in during individualized training. People feel useful and special. Maybe not paradise, but a step in the right direction.

UPDATE (May 20th, 2013): "As with Mayan tradition, Hopi prophecy also talks of us having Four Worlds, with the Fifth World about to emerge from the ashes of the Fourth, the timing signified by Nine Signs:
The coming of white-skinned men, who take land that is not theirs and who strike their enemies with thunder (guns)
The coming of spinning wheels filled with voices (covered wagons)
A strange beast like a buffalo but with long horns that overruns the land in large numbers (cattle)
The land is crossed by snakes of iron (railroad tracks)
The land is crossed by a giant spider’s web (power lines)
The land is crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun (mirages on asphalt and concrete roads)
The sea turns black, killing many living things (oil spills)
Many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come to the tribal nations to learn our ways and wisdom (hippies)
A dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, falls with a great crash, appearing as a blue star (future demise of a space station?)."

From http://people.tribe.net/djapollo2k/blog/cb560161-7f87-48c8-b22b-8135c5d672d9 on Hopi prophecy about The Great Purification.

Immediately when I read that last step of a dwelling place in the heavens falling as a blue star, I knew it was the 'Uranus' object from this dream that pulsed and gave the impression of something catastrophic.

Then, the speaker, a Hopi Elder, talks from his people's long held prophecies about wars:
"The first shaking occurs when man tosses bugs into the air (airplanes, first used in World War I). The second world-shaking occurs when man uses the Hopi migration symbol in war (swastika adopted by Hitler in World War II). The third shaking will be recognized by a red cover or cloak..."

I saw large red curtains surrounding the rehearsal stage in my dream and was asked to fill the role of "girl in red." People arguring and waging war, I walk through them quietly singing, but the song permeates and distracts them from their fighting, mesmerized by my presence and sound. I saw a false revealing of ET presence by two presidents, one in blue, one in red with the Hitler band, with UFO's in the sky that were all staged. They removed their UFO costumes and exited the stage laughing with each other.

The Hopi elders outlines the signs leading up to the third shaking: " The trees die (acid rain or destruction of the rainforest).

• Man builds a house in the sky (space stations).

• Cold places become hot, and hot places will become cold (extreme weather).

• Lands sink into the ocean, and lands will rise out of the sea.

• The Blue Star Kachina appears." 

I see desert of California turn to arctic landscape, floods and rainstorms overwhelm the Northwestern states. These events of course have been related to magnetic pole shifts of Earth, something that occurs on a cycle of millenia, whereas the Sun's poles shift positive to negative (and sometimes to quadripolar regions) every 11 years.

In this dream, we were transported on rails in the sky made of light (holographic perhaps, but not hollow, rather solid for our ship to move up it) which we followed up and down like a roller coaster. An eyewitness reported to MUFON seeing a series of lights that moved in the sky like an exaggerated roller coaster.

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