Jan 27, 2013

Night of Jan. 26/27th 2013

In brief, because I don't remember much except one general scene that echoed in my memory as I awoke, I am showing a friend of mine that UFO's are very active in this desert-like area with odd flat-top hills that drop into cliffs. I said I've vacationed in Yosemite National Park before. As I exclaim to her my experiences here (this may have been a different area from Yosemite because I recall me regaling my adventure with my old girlfriend going to Yosemite during the winter when it was covered in snow), an alien craft swooshes down nearby us and almost takes our heads off, it flew so low. "See! See!" I said to her, so glad there was evidence.

Obviously my dreams are revealing my concerns about other people not taking me seriously. But they also always demonstrate an event where my suspicions are proven to that other party. My concern could have easily been demonstrated to me without the victories of visible sitings proving to those I want to share my excitement with in the dream. But I do strongly believe there is ET contact, that is no longer a question for me, even if it still is for others who do not try to explore available sources for answers. I am realizing I need to move past my concern for whether others will believe me.

On multiple occasions now, in doing this dream tracking and theorizing, I have opened up to people I've met while out having a drink with friends who happily report their dreams to me in hopes I might have an explanation for their odd or disturbing dreams. I am finding people are much more accepting and entranced by what I have to say regarding my research, no matter where it has taken me (Galactic Federation, soul being capable of light speed travel to distant stars where some experiences are occurring). I am inclined to understand their dreams from a stance of truth, from a perspective of the universe where thousands of alien intelligences exist and interact with us and where our souls can function at a higher vibration than possible for our physical bodies. My psychology background would regard dreams as primarily metaphors, not actual experiences with external stimuli creating the experience, but purely constructs of the brain's material. Metaphor is certainly a device of dreams, but more for the purpose of relaying a complex message to the person. Whether one's subconscious or an outside helping source that is linked into a collective communication network.

In my dream the night before, I helped out a woman similar to my Aunt Jill (a religious homemaker with five children) put two of her children down for bed with less fuss. I was acting nanny. My life recently has been filled with my attempts to do good deeds by helping other moms in whatever ways I can:  nights away while I babysit our children, grabbing items they need from the store and delivering to them, offering advice when asked, going out of my way to provide them with things they need that is within my resources and abilities to do so, checking in on them. From this active, helpful attitude, I may have been 'recruited' in a way, or rather permitted myself to help someone else (this Aunt in my dream) with her own children. Is there someone out there who had a dream of me where I was serving as a guide to them in their own motherly frustrations in their waking life? What force allowed us to connect, if so? Our actions in the physical world could have a potentially tremendous impact on others if this is the case. Some underlying force would be acting like a switchboard operator, plugging in persons with the necessary skill or attitude of recent to help someone else who is struggling on an issue that person has a particular ability to help with at that time. I was sure of my methods in the dream, it worked, if not merely for the fact that I was confident it would, which was a miracle for this mom walking the edge of her breaking point.

You might wonder "Well, what about all the other possibilities that this dream could be pointing to?" Truth is truth, it is one way, it will feel right when you know it and that is how it felt in that dream that I achieved a state of mind that was conducive to solving a particular problem a mother relative to myself was dealing with.Assessing other possibilities in this instance would by doubting the knowing I had in that dream during that sequence and we too often complicate the issue of interpretation of dream experiences by analyzing them from our physical perspectives that are not in comparable awareness and ability as our perspectives while in the dream world. It must remain in that context unless there is the feeling that it should be carried through to the physical world.

On that note, I have never been to Yosemite National Park, nor have I thought about it or heard about it recently, that I am aware of. Where did this come from? Because I randomly dreamt about driving to San Francisco during an arctic-like blizzard, and (after seeing a map) Yosemite is East of SF, I am going to approach this with the feeling that there is a connection trying to be made here. When I awoke, the park name echoed in my memory which is usually telling me "research time, find the missing information you need to understand to further this storyline." Yes, my dreams are definitely taking on a progressive story arch leading to some epiphany or revelation. Four months of tracking my dreams, this became apparent, and so I have followed this bizarre journey. I feel as though I am reading a book where I am immersed in the book, like a video game. I feel I am in the most personal video game ever created. Perhaps video games were the product of a deliberate push by spirit muses in that direction to give us a physical equivalent to what is happening in dreams. We are being taken on a story in which we have partial creative control and affect in dictating the direction of the story.

Update: Doing research on Yosemite to familiarize myself. Wow, what a beautiful park! Is this for real?! Looks like heaven. A strong pull is telling me this is the elevated valley-like area in a mountain range that I saw in the dream where Uranus pulsed down white paths to Earth, ground split open, we were all transported to motherships and given orientation into the society of the Federation. Is this perhaps a retreat for people in the surrounding area? I do not live near there, I am up North. But if some disaster does force people further inland or toward oasis, this park might be such a place.

Amazing to witness these puzzle pieces bring themselves together with barely any conscious effort on my part. I just saw pictures and knew. That has been the case with all my encouragements to research. I usually dont have to go far for the answer it was wanting to show me. It helps me that there is such deliberate involvement of my dream guides to connect what I see to the physical world around me. Fresh water jellyfish, fleur de lis gold coins, Thunderbirds,  , now Yosemite NP all were calls for research as a way to confirm what I was being shown has bearing in reality. When things have been aligned right, I receive my next pieces of information to the puzzle (or mission).

As a note, not yet sure if this is important, San Francisco has looked to pulling/diverting water from the Tuolumne River from Yosemite NP as drinking water for SF population in growing water crisis.

My ears have been hurting. I hope its because I will be hearing from a real voice and not that I am getting sick or have an ear infection of build up.

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