Jan 30, 2013


While coming to from a dream state a couple weeks ago, not sure what day it was and forgot to write it down, the word "Bismuth" clearly sounded in my mind at least twice. I've come to recognize deliberate repetitions of words or images or phrases are the dream world's means of emphasizing something into my memory. There was no context for me to understand why this word came to my mind, perhaps it was a panicked summary, like I was waking before the entire message could get across and so the clue was summarized. Although, that morning I was waking up on my own accord, not be jolted awake by my environment. It was a weekend day. Jim had just walked in to notify me what time it was, but I was waking before he got to me. Could have been an anticipatory summarizing.

Regardless, it felt random. The word appeared in my consciousness without an image. I searched for an image, it just repeated the word. I acknowledged that I received the word, and immediately wondered why. What is the significance of this element? I didn't even know it was an element at first, just to show how unknown the name and substance was to me. Such an occurrence suggests to me a reception of outside messages, not subconsciously created.

Trusty Wikipedia describes Bismuth as a dense metal comparable to lead. Key facts that stood out to me as potentially significant (what I was meant to learn about it as background for an upcoming message) is that it has the lowest toxicity of any other metal, its pharmaceutically used as a base (think Pepto-Bismol), it is twice as abundant as gold on our planet, it's lustre is that of silver, white, pink hue, artificially grown as crystal with stair-like symmetrical pattern, with an oxidized surface creates a beautiful rainbow effect, low value of thermal conductivity, and perhaps most importantly as far as its use, it is the most naturally diamagnetic (creating a magnetic field naturally).

Is bismuth what alien crafts are made out of? Is it related to the portal I saw? The rainbow reflective appearance reminds me of the fluxing object from the Berlin video, the portal I suspect is in front of Sirius (and many other nearby stars). I await further insight and direction.

Update:  BTW, the star I viewed with that astronomer was not the same one in flux I see in my skies to the east (southeast?). Whoops. The apartment buildings were blocking the one I was referring to and mistook Sirius to be the one I was wanting to investigate. Not that Sirius couldn't have a stargate/portal along out line of sight, but I specifically wanted to view this other object.


  1. Hi Jen, I recently had a dream (nightmare). I also think is has something to do with Bismuth. The dream I had was about a world like ours I was in a large city there was a thunderstorm the sky was grey and a large ship floated over the city. The city fell into kaos but was I remember mostly was the shape of the ship It was a long square cylinder.

    When I woke I was interested in this ship so I started searching google to objects or images that was similar to the shape of this ship. It also made a noise im not sure if you have seen the movie Transcendence but the sound towards the end as the particles are rising up from the ground around the solar panels is the same sound this ship made in my dream.

    Looking further into the shape of the ship though I found the ship looked exactly like a bismuth crystal. Its the one thing that stood out in my dream. The last few weeks I have been intrigued in this element and have been reading articles and searching for more info on the metal. I also read an article mentioning Bismuth having anti-gravity properties and low thermal conductivity. Could alien ships be made out of this stuff? Even though it has a low price value and is considered "tin" or a bi product of mixing copper and the family member of magnesium.

    I don't know if you read the article where a couple of scientists made a ribbon 1km long of bismuth and coiled it up with a copper lining also coiled up. They sent a high electrical charge into it and it shot the bismuth ribbon through the roof at about the speed of mach 8!

    I would really like to know if you have any more incite on this metal or have had any more dreams relating to it. :)



  2. Adam, i would love to discuss your dream and research more, please send me your email in the contact form along the right side bar of this page or message me at experientialdreaming@gmail.com.

  3. I found this thread because I also had a dream about bismuth.

    I was following a man around an old industrial building. I dont remember exact details, but I know that I knew at the time that he an important stone in his pocket.

    He slowly came to a stop once we reached the end of the building, reached in his pocket, and pulled out a stone. To me, it looked like an opal. But I distinctly remember it being bismuth.

    I had taken chemistry, so maybe I had heard of it before? I'm not sure but I had definitely never seen it before.

    When I looked it up I was shocked to see what bismuth looked like, and it's unique properties.

    I'd love to hear some of the information the two of you have found on the element.


    1. Hi Emily, I recommend reading our other archived postings about this element and our explorations into its potential uses by using the keyword "bismuth" in the search bar above. Did this man do anything with the stone? Was this a dream experience?

  4. Hello, I also had dream about bismuth about a couple months ago or so. It was very similar in that I vaguely knew what bismuth was at the time of my dream. While I do actively use crystals in my daily work and activities, I don't have bismuth. In the dream I'm in a place that I don't recognize in waking life. There is a lot of white everywhere and bright light. I'm being made aware of bismuth. I wake up thinking I need to figure out what it is. Maybe it's a crystal that I need to work with (i've had a dream about black obsidian in the past but this dream was much more familiar with characters who I know IRL). After looking it up, I realize that bismuth is one of the man made crystal which leaves me very puzzled, because I would never choose to work with any man-made crystals. However, I've wondered since then on what the significance of bismuth was in my dream. Which led me to this post.

    1. Bismuth is naturally occurring. Most of the crystals you find for sale at gift shops or rock museums however are lab grown. See my follow up posts on this topic by typing Bismuth in the search bar. I discuss this further.