Jan 23, 2013

Fluctuating Star, Part 2

Originally posted 1/23/13

Regarding the star I reported on seeing through my shitty telescope before, I met with a local astronomer who borrowed his museum's (where he works) impressive digital-movement-controlled-by-a-remote telescope to observe more clearly and closely one of the objects I have been wondering about.

I can spot it in the sky easily now, being as prominent as it is. I show him the video I am basing my search on of the Berlin star. He immediately states the movement through the colors effect could be resultant from the filmographer's use of a digital camera that tries to digitally clarify a zoomed in object. He suggested it was trying to clarify a few pixels of data, creating the shifting colors. I do understand what he is talking about, but the object in the videos show odd behavior for only being an attempt by the computer to clarify the twinkling light of this object. There are times it looks like a grey and oval target beneath the colors and apparent lines of energy fluctuation (an observation which I posted a comment about on one of those videos).

Outside, when I pointed out the star, he easily identified it to be Sirius, one of the closest star systems to us. In the telescope there was no color spectrum, just black and white spectrum (something about our eyes not being sensitive enough to see the colors because of the way the rods and cones in our eyes are). I didn't say anything, but subconsciously took note that it looked like a ring that quivered like it was on fire, which was an obvious effect of atmospheric disturbance of the light. But it stood rather stationary, not shape shifting as much as the Berlin object was, like I thought it would be.

This astronomer was matter of fact, little thought to question what the books and general knowledge says something is. I felt rather put off by his lack of imagination, his quickness to discount my theory. I asked him many questions. Unexpectedly, he mentioned the strange mist that was setting in the area and implied that jets are dropping chemicals on the populations affecting their minds. Chem trail conspiracy theory is what its referred to in this area, and I had not given it much thought. "Well one conspiracy theory to the other, you consider mine and I'll consider yours? Take a closer analysis of the videos and you tell me, based on your experience and knowledge if that object on those videos is just an effect of digital zooming." He laughed, but I got his attention. I also have pondered over his idea more considering if maybe chem trails are even to help pull people out of the illusion, rather than the ill-intent opposite theory. Regardless, it was the saving grace for showing me even someone committed to only the physical world of observances had a trace of imagining and wonder.

He and his girlfriend were not the most social people. They were content just playing on their computers; I felt like a distraction more than a guest. So I made my leave. [I brought him a good beer, and her juice, soup and tea because she was sick as reciprocity for letting me come over and see through the nice telescope].

In the car, expecting my disappointment to be borderline erupting, I sat in silence letting the natural workings of my mind sort of the contrary information that threatened my constantly wavering ability to believe. I tried to do so without forceful thought, just sat patiently separate from the process. The feelings were both there and right. Yes it is Sirius. Yes it is a portal. How can it be both? Was that miraculous comet coincidental, not meant to encourage me? Am I wanting too hard to find something tangible? [Without that comet I would not have given this much other thought, but the promise it brought gave the event of me spotting it first with my telescope the weight I needed to keep debating.] Both could be right. It could be a portal and Sirius. Oh. It could be a portal to Sirius. Makes sense that a wormhole would be in direct line of sight between point A and B. NASA already announced the existence of micro wormholes, so conceivably we could already have full-fledged ones to nearby stars.

In this case, all those bright twinkling ones I see at each corner could be to the nearest stars to Earth. We see the portals, but behind them are the stars astronomy says they are. Its a possibility.

Synchronistic Comment

That same day, after a year of no one ever responding, some random person replies to my comment on that video "you are right." That's it. He joined earlier this month, no activity, no profile or photo, just the username "godsees thinkaboutit". Maybe I am being paranoid thinking someone is monitoring my progress [can God get on the internet? Is he my stalker?], but it just felt too coincidental yet again that this day of all days when I was most on the fence after seeing the astronomer earlier that night, that someone would say "you are right." I wrote him a message asking for his identity, questioning whether he was simply stating his agreement that there does look like a portal, or that he knows from privileged knowledge that indeed it is a portal and was giving me confirmation.

The same thing happened when I posted about being in the area and suggesting it would be a perfect place for a crop circle when the Washington one appeared. Some guy with no information simply says "So it was you..." I again tried to question him but no reply came back that I was notified of.

[If anyone has any info on this user, please let me know.]

Even if it is a portal, what can I do with this information? My astronomer friend made it clear traditional astronomy wouldn't believe me. I have no proof; I have no technical expertise to find proof. Frankly there are other things I would prefer to explore. Anything further with this portal idea will have to come later in time.

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